These people have #sfa about how badly from this letter they are garrenteed corpses! @USArmy

I have bought some ink so I can now scan the letter that came in the post from Marrickville Community health; today that is a correctly laid our double space addressed British hand typed letter. I will remind you that I am the commanding officer of my platoon, and in senior rank in the MMMMM your passport sais I am in the Military M8747409 + my twin sister M8747410 (Pooty).

Here is that current passport with my alias:- Simon Antony Roberts which is really DOB: Unknown cause it is not possible in this region of space or really any, that actual date to be carbon stamped; I am older than the dinosaurs!


The number I gave him to call was +61343341151 – sound like a 51 Area of some sort; the Ballarat Treasury and Mint mother-loading department; @Cipherhouse

the letter is as follows:-


Okey sean, when you have MMMM M on your passport your in active service in the military, this is what the M is there to show, it is called a military passport, notice how even as an alien I am indigenous to space itself and a living form of the enliving and quite omnipotent and immortal like, in fact I do stuff where as a solider people keep shooting their own personell cause I take over their physicality and can produce multiple instances of myself in any near infinite copies all armed and dangerous; of myself source; here at this blog, see in an instance I am here as well as multiple highly classified military bases all right now; same eyes, same ears, same brain.

Here is a sign from the entrance i passed over to myself; are you conducting a legal search to do with my international citizen status?



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