Childhood poem about symbiont life

Little Ms. Muppet, sat on a Tupper (toilet) eating her curds (poo) and way (wee) along came a spider (symbiont) that jump right inside her the rest is turelliea!!

This is an ancient poem that isn’t unique to earth it is found anywhere there is a species with a real appendix ( this is a unique part of the host where the symbiont enters the body attaches and also excrete’s faeces, it contains a first bite meal which is the enzymes basis of the host and cursor instructions ).

Don’t worry is you have had an appendicectumy as the unique part of this body is diversions and will come back in the effect of two timelines adjoining to fill the appendix to a person as two individuals.

A Tupper is a toilet that has a water basim for the symbiont to wait in before they host join, it also has a treated form of rose quartz that is a beacon from the sewers there is one from the 1920’s at my mate water Cahill in Enmore near one of the Invader tallest standard stickers across from the pub.


Internal Network Linear Convulsion have ceased the time for “Acting Up!” has ended!


Like most of the Chronolabs Fellows have been aware for awhile external to earths solar linear eclipse has been causing convulsion of real applied space time; this has been consciously acknowledged by repeated concussive notation of history from around 1998 sometimes in reflection of real time others in black spots.

Everyone who got the “heads up” would have been acting up and behaving outside the normal acceptable parameters like being late, not turning up at all; going in the completely wrong direction; temporal dieing; ordering the wrong hot drink; eating what they distaste; going to a pop concert; listening to Brittany spears, meeting in the wrong designated area and so on.

Partly this is done so the action of whatever this dweeb was doing observing a large mass of space at a subatomic layering only to see and develop a predominance determined strategy of control of the eigen of applied space time in conquest; would have left it at least within our own scope with no way of determining outcome or procedures and policy of both Chronolabs and hopefully 3rd parties.

It is very important though if your in a petroleum wheel based metric though to avoid the early forms of this as the dweeb living component will be able to use this physical tariff with for example what an early motorcar normally always run’s on alcohol to develop a predetermined outcome through basically bugging people with motor mouth and foot and motor disease.

Although Chronolabs has never had a web presence normally operating under classified communication systems, with the military and renderment support groups; we now have a domain called — if you are one of our fellows and you all will still have your security implant for the labs which are in a state of flux so we have to wait before the security systems let us back into our high energy portal labs, you can blog at it using the physicality and abstraction layering of which we have always held at least for email services on realms on a sub-domains, I suggest you set your blog up on and with the 17.95 USD per year to associate a domain with it we can point a cname at your address from (alias) — email is also available from or complementary at; these are private systems outsidal of normal confined of recommendation engines or physical tolling, DJ’ing etc.

How to Soda Pop Gradient Colours with CSS3

Soda Pop or gradients that are diffused within a very small margin colourisation is the way to go, you can do multiple objects in the similar soda pop like the background of google in soda pop white gradients.

html  {
	background: -moz-linear-gradient(-45deg, rgba(112, 178, 96, 1.3137254901961) 127.49896551724%, rgba(121, 175, 105, 1.5526315789474) 73.9494%, rgba(130, 95, 104, 1.3829787234043) 21.341818181818%, rgba(114, 87, 134, 0.94117647058824) 64.369677419355%, rgba(117, 181, 99, 1.3617021276596) 66.02625%) !important; /* FF3.6+ */
	background: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, right bottom, color-stop(127.49896551724%, rgba(112, 178, 96, 1.3137254901961)), color-stop(73.9494%, rgba(121, 175, 105, 1.5526315789474)), color-stop(21.341818181818%, rgba(130, 95, 104, 1.3829787234043)), color-stop(64.369677419355%, rgba(114, 87, 134, 0.94117647058824)), color-stop(66.02625%, rgba(117, 181, 99, 1.3617021276596))) !important; /* Chrome,Safari4+ */
	background: -webkit-linear-gradient(-45deg, rgba(112, 178, 96, 1.3137254901961) 127.49896551724%, rgba(121, 175, 105, 1.5526315789474) 73.9494%, rgba(130, 95, 104, 1.3829787234043) 21.341818181818%, rgba(114, 87, 134, 0.94117647058824) 64.369677419355%, rgba(117, 181, 99, 1.3617021276596) 66.02625%) !important;  /* Chrome10+,Safari5.1+ */
	background: -o-linear-gradient(-45deg, rgba(112, 178, 96, 1.3137254901961) 127.49896551724%, rgba(121, 175, 105, 1.5526315789474) 73.9494%, rgba(130, 95, 104, 1.3829787234043) 21.341818181818%, rgba(114, 87, 134, 0.94117647058824) 64.369677419355%, rgba(117, 181, 99, 1.3617021276596) 66.02625%) !important; /* Opera 11.10+ */
	background: -ms-linear-gradient(-45deg, rgba(112, 178, 96, 1.3137254901961) 127.49896551724%, rgba(121, 175, 105, 1.5526315789474) 73.9494%, rgba(130, 95, 104, 1.3829787234043) 21.341818181818%, rgba(114, 87, 134, 0.94117647058824) 64.369677419355%, rgba(117, 181, 99, 1.3617021276596) 66.02625%) !important; /* IE10+ */
	background: linear-gradient(135deg, rgba(112, 178, 96, 1.3137254901961) 127.49896551724%, rgba(121, 175, 105, 1.5526315789474) 73.9494%, rgba(130, 95, 104, 1.3829787234043) 21.341818181818%, rgba(114, 87, 134, 0.94117647058824) 64.369677419355%, rgba(117, 181, 99, 1.3617021276596) 66.02625%) !important; /* W3C */

This is an example of soda pop background in CSS, I have a feed you can use securely to get soda pop from a typical ranges for soda pop white is 253-355, 252-255, 251-254 and this colour ranges for red, green and blue.

You will be able to use this feed and provide it with a style sheet HTML Element to apply.

Malcolm Turnbull it is the 22nd Century after the early 21st century! @breakfastnews @turnbullmalcolm

A mate you don’t pass the know the date check, you probably hearing voices and suffer from stereographic delusions we have just had the early 21st century that finished in sound on 31-12-1999 this is now in the Gregorian calendar which you can see from the Haloumie farm at would now sound as:- 2nd 22nd Century

2nd 22nd Century
23rd 3rd Century
4th 24th Century
25th 5th Century

This is how a calendar happens when you have an ‘early’ sessioning of history, we eradicated the dinosaurs, hence the children ancient animals pencil erasers. It all came down to convenience who needed it and demanded the best conveniences, this has happen external of this solar system as well.

This is what happens with dates when one get to go for a ride like that. Just thought I would bring this up cause your saying you have a 21st Century Government on the current breakfast news identity tag advert on ABC News 24; which is past historical; you don’t know todays date and are not well.

Well if you ask me I am pooped; after having to make a replica 21st Century at the dawn of walkable terrafirm here on earth, how did you go CMFEU? Those cave paintings are done by the same individual who might just be getting about all indigenous like around you now still knowing we picked them up on the way…


For William Windsor a statures note about ivory, critters and @ClarenceHouse

You know William, I know if there is one thing after hearing your address to the Chinese about Critters and the importance of them in life to keep forestry and living elements that we are all a part of in the sanctity of life on earth is partly us but also the animals that keep us alive.

I have no problem with Harry or yourself or that jam filled lammington a Middleton from the bakery section, however I will note for a second even complement not putting your other houses there in the War Crimes Court for monstrosities of the middle ages and modern era. The communist wealth is a unification of the “common wealth” of a nation or nations that is equality is divided into the population, the commonwealth is the true stature of the sponsors to Nazi dictatorship and the porosities of the WW1 + WW2 with the amount of butchering at the hands too the recipients of the blade Stalin and Adolf Hitler.

It just shows how self conceited the old generation on your house stand; they like to view themselves with a manor of which they are seen as objective open and generous; but it comes down to harboring self mortified religious aristocratic (Aristocratic the physical representation of it is a company that install all the slot poker machines in Australia). Especially when you view is the most valued and valid one being least sheltered in the harbors of war and crime.

I will lend you a book you will have to point at and ask for a translation in PDF it will appear in your email from my address called the “Passenger of Kings” (Look on your dresser, don’t let this out of your sight); there is only 3 known copies in existence, it will outline too you why not only is the best for public life view to have a fresh face of the British you and Mrs Middleton at the next inauguration for both having a young youthful and bashful face of England. But it is your right you will find believe it or not Charles Windsor has succeeded the throne as your mother is dead. It is that simple; no matter if he has married or not and would have had to have sired offspring with that dragon to instate rightful heir.

With something like the Grace of myself and my identical twin being here and we have our own creed to nobility (Actually should we be receiving a salary on your land; not being put to work and left on the street); in the inauguration process the septre and crown will certainly cause Charles, the whole cathedral the guard and any basis of formicated measure in the Charles to instantaneously vent their internal organs, we have for-seen this and intend to cut Charles big toes and thumbs off for the carnage that was on Interstellar broadcast this time coming again for within-him to face prosecution in the Haugen.

There is a small video blanket for you to pass around immediate guest on my you-tube ( to tell you have and how to save the staff, harry your sister and immediate guest, but be selective, the bloody mary we don’t want a repeat of her is Australian + Dutch!! You will be fine so will Kate as you are the rightful heir to the thrown of england.

Don’t worry you will get rid of that ivory it is incredibly tacky stuff you know; not really worth a cent to the dollar and hold no intrinsic value of wealth; what the older family trying to claim they have an archaeological dig. Just shows you have and hold how self conceited rather than the moral they claim to have are and have be shown in your argument… Remember also to change your equipment to Ubuntu, and with the up down power button flash your mobile and make your first real call with a none dumb mobile computing OS with Ubuntu Touch!

Unequivocal doubt proven & round-de-vue

It is the extent we have gone to as a family of grace to prove with any unequivocal doubt that we have nothing to do with another side of our family investment strategy into a mapping name called: The Milkyway. Like going without our wait staff, living in a small united, paying rent, going without any of the luxury we normally have, or even family times..

See Angel met her round-de-vue with mark with precision motion so did Darcy from the garage of Trafalgar st. Which where made even though they where linear 18 years before where arranged in a previous junction and corridor of time some many eons ago in repeated convolution of applied space time.

Darcy like the way I found him at our pre-arrange round-de-vue looked like he had been hobo’ed for making and instrument I did fix for him from a Z80; at one of the liquid lab (perran costi) party at a film studio.

We would like to play you a song now the words go little bit like this: It’s the 2nd 22nd Century, your entire society just suicided by me.

Anyway Darcy if you done with Queensland under my identification, there is a room here if you want it; or for my grandson mark who got stuck in a bed sitter; looking for della!

You know if you look at the code for formulair 3.3 for example then look at my refactorised version of it X-Quiz; you wouldn’t for existences sake be able to believe I suffer from schizophrenia or any mental illness; in fact you would look really rather the fool for thinking any of my code which has no references to illness in XOOPS cause as you know mental illness produces itself in languages; and you know I learnt PHP while receiving inhuman torturous treatment.

Looks like you where on the spot angel, we need a new duck!

I am really virial and have more kids


I am a sperm donor; and when I was last tested like I am now completely clean of any STD; in fact I am really viril with seamen that test’s as 27Kv high voltage sperm most men only test as around 4Kv. In fact I had cladmidia one point infected by a rapest Jodie Coleman but that like all those kind of things now have antibodies for and can’t catch again…

I do this donation at Fertility First in Hurstville; the shower reminds me and I can sometime feel the sponsor girl going through child birth; there is this sound that I get at count and the last count I had around 97 children right now.

Of course cryogenic store couldn’t be hard to refuse high voltage sperm and when Epiniki has breast surgery they got some overies as well which I asked hem to flag that requirement and we have around apparent 18 direct children on the way now.

Personally I think these people attempting to engineer a childless Cipherhouse look like zealot fools; as we have 20:1 out bred them with their potentially chip & gravy baby; where our kids as scientist prefer are mixed in a peetree dish and at over 5k a pop we know they will have more resources than we did as children as well as being feed and schooled.

My cum is still it pearly whites and I still like I know cause I don’t often stray from my partner’s elpiniki but I was binded with Alesha who also test as one of their mother; and I don’t share needles as well as always use a condom. So the people that say no elpiniki and simon have no children which is completely wrong we have some quite directly with each other and other people…

The Blame Game & Passing the Blame!!!

Something that was noted in dealing with this senorita in a previous other side of the same coin was the way it would pass wealth through blame, known as the blame game into intrinsic investment in blame.

In the blame game we pass the blame we are handed to the wrong individuals; leaving them with the intrinsic investment reaching the wrong destination and mirthfully leaving the party’s that would have the blame normally free of blame, this is part of the purpose of making clear cut definitional space through blame.

This has been seen and known to work, so whenever you seem to be getting the blame for no reason just accept it will make investment into you cause of chasing the blame in physically; for everyone to know most of the blame is being passed to EQ so backs to EQ, tails held as a stance!

Wishcaft: all my family and friends are wishes not witches


This normally for use of conducting new flows of traffic is a wisheshat; for wishing the traffic not to drive in a place on the qos (road). WE have nothing to do with the commonwealth bank or witch/which bank slogon, we would live in a chronowealth seeming that timeless statement about; “Time is money” so all tyuie rebadge like witchs and warlocks are all in wishcraft like my and you know about usernames on sourceforge is not witchcraft.


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