Using Physical Routing rather than networking & the internet

Header to set for physical mechanism routing off world + outlands + wiers

There is a TCP header you have to set for the none terrestrial via the road and physics routing, which is the following, earth is operating on a development closed network where this HTTP Header for the networking is set to stop any external traffic, you need to set it; remember the general rules of the meter-maid, which is you only see the traffic in the gravity well your in, that is any external to the solar system is not visible unless you view your statistics from open space as a route and presence.

This is how it is done in .htaccess (normally mod_headers.c is on by default):-

<IfModule mod_headers.c>
       Header set Origin *
       Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin *

This can also be set by this method in PHP and similar languages but will not include flat data files unlike the .htaccess method which in your root public_html path does the entire folder structure:-

       header("Origin: *");
       header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *");

Headers are in interesting thing some are for TCP some are for IP and other for all sorts of functions that are set on the IP packets.

Earth being part of the development cycle of the transgalatic internet operates on a closed circuit so people can have their experimental websites until they want to broadcast on all channels which this header being set this way does.

Nout!: The Finest Neck Tattoo!!

I still think the finest tattoo in the magick of tattooing I have gotten is the symbol of notify the tallest of an invasion starting from invader zim, in the act of self consumption, that is the inability to it means on nout; you can’t be invaded upon it looks like:-


It means under all self consumption any invasiveness is myself and my owned, and no one can impressive any invasiveness on me my neck tattoo of this military standard for vampires, the vampire crown and symbiont looks like:-



Prangga verse Gabba and maturity in sound + performances!

At the moment there is a disturbing trend in the doof scene which is the only dance community in (Seeming I did a take over in getting to what normally describes and omnipedic sound for an explosion back in 1997, but I got too it just a few days before the original scribe!) to play what is loud beats and constant screaming that sounds like children being thrown into meat processing while still alive to a cold raving luntic beat not the warm beats we have in the doof like a hot plate of food; something from ex. raving like gabba is inconstant and not our form, firm or inways.

There is a type of music called Prangga that is similar and it is called this as it causes accidents like car accidents and so on which is when you remix the sounds of porn online and just imagine how many accidents are waiting to happen just on or

See interpolating screaming is childish and poor form, it holds not any reflection of taste of style or threat but sexual sounds are always taken in a personal contextual basis and hap hazard problems for even the seasoned listener.

Often in most conditions it is not the scene or the subculture in it that has the accidents, sometimes it comes even as a train wreck but rarely in flight; it is the general commuters and pedestrians that have the ptang prang ~ accidents


Unequivocal doubt proven & round-de-vue

It is the extent we have gone to as a family of grace to prove with any unequivocal doubt that we have nothing to do with another side of our family investment strategy into a mapping name called: The Milkyway. Like going without our wait staff, living in a small united, paying rent, going without any of the luxury we normally have, or even family times..

See Angel met her round-de-vue with mark with precision motion so did Darcy from the garage of Trafalgar st. Which where made even though they where linear 18 years before where arranged in a previous junction and corridor of time some many eons ago in repeated convolution of applied space time.

Darcy like the way I found him at our pre-arrange round-de-vue looked like he had been hobo’ed for making and instrument I did fix for him from a Z80; at one of the liquid lab (perran costi) party at a film studio.

We would like to play you a song now the words go little bit like this: It’s the 2nd 22nd Century, your entire society just suicided by me.

Anyway Darcy if you done with Queensland under my identification, there is a room here if you want it; or for my grandson mark who got stuck in a bed sitter; looking for della!

You know if you look at the code for formulair 3.3 for example then look at my refactorised version of it X-Quiz; you wouldn’t for existences sake be able to believe I suffer from schizophrenia or any mental illness; in fact you would look really rather the fool for thinking any of my code which has no references to illness in XOOPS cause as you know mental illness produces itself in languages; and you know I learnt PHP while receiving inhuman torturous treatment.

Looks like you where on the spot angel, we need a new duck!

Act like a cave-person night or for lunch @JoeHockey


Have you ever experience in numeracy or had act like a cave-man or cave-girl night. This is when you get from the butchers and get some leg hock of your critter you normally eat, not with huge amount of meat on it; just chunks of it on the off cuts and bake them in the oven the bigger the bone the better; you might have to order this specially cut from the butchers!

You will have to wait for them to cool the bone; the bigger the bones the better up to dinosaur sizes of bones a giant boned is better for the effect and then eat with no utensil’s just straight from the bone like cave-people would have after this period in chronologistic’s we are in the 2nd 22nd Century of the New World!

Cause as well whatever the word for life (Cause I am eternally and ever enliving as an encarnate at least of my attributes;  enreal) is it started on the Internet in the Early 21st Century!

You know we are still attempting to instant message mortals so they don’t make themselves more mortal (For example recent births care of Dr. Jones in sydney where the obstetrician and family immediately burn up into dust from timely variances, or start going translucent and fade from existence) in death attempts of an immortal from things like:~

what I check in the vet’s mimes was a blue with white striped syringe last time in hospital injected in my arm multiple times; brightly coloured like all veterinarian injectable all self contained at 375ml of horse neurasthenia serum; which due to cusp in stolen money and bank fee’s you will never be able to turn off and will get worse and worse; cause of the fraud Elpiniki Iosif had done to her by apparent family and then sectioned too the Office of the Protective commission to mention also the stolen dowry of his at absolute maximum any-time her even opens a new paypal or fiscal any ledger or account!

@BarackObama on the #DailyShow and @OpenRend

You know barack obama on the main broadcast I get you comments but in a freeze frame like just the sound: “Chronolabs I love her!” or “Cipherhouse!” and that will be it; I do on my watch your talking and so on and I thought I would comment on the one last week on the daily show with Veteran Affairs; where I don’t even know my employee number or serial numbers and nobody can seem to give them too me for having an active Military Passport.

I don’t in any numeracy even remember when I last wore my fatigues; I don’t have any anymore cause they have been removed from my property and I know I am meant to wear them out once or twice a week too the shop; that was part of the provisions of me being lent down here. I don’t have a cent for my sources services! Not a cent I am living off disability allowances; in active service where there is not a line wrong in my code at all!!

In OpenRend the then ‘government’ like the department all have public API that you can access records on staff and people in there regardless with some form of security system that allow permissable further information and complete congruncies with the database; why this is it generates 3rd party industries that partly get kick backs from the Open Renderments and services but do all the paper work and administration; cutting staffing number cause all the pencil pushing is done’ by these 3rd party services.

OpenRend also uses the old ledger system it doesn’t have an up in smoke banking service attempt to say it isn’t an up in smoke branding:-


I feel really hard done by; I am having a man in the middle attack by to stop me running cron jobs externally; are you just all wind!! The australia government is more corrupt that you would want to believe they all told me they where dodgy, by saying and inputing alias like ‘dodgy simon’! they have no crediability or validity to claim anything they have said and they have damaged my body while being in USA Services; wanting to make a change!!

They have stripped me of every decent human condition I had — the australian defence force and the ministry of defence..

Assemble your own shower #Katoomba the API

Legally it is know you have to assemble your own shower, everyone has to; so for — you have to assemble in the parts provided on the API Download your own shower!


Problem is someone has dropped the soap; even if you record a similar track and I will remind you closing the door is an old sign in audio you are alone in the effects room for the audio there is someone else using even your shower on a TV!

Why stencilised logo work best it comes down to young child cognitive memory using the @NSAGov as the example @ABCNews24

NSA-Logo-National-Security-Agency-4As you can see the current “Government” not @OpenRend ~ Renderments logo for the NSA it can be clearly noted that the endless use of the bald eagle through all these departments and lesser entities makes it unable for example young children to clearly distinguish the difference between various American departments and facilities.

The logo is two busy there is no border or function in the logo or anything that can be flash glanced, you have to peer at it and take more than a moment to idenitiy the board function of the NSA as a cryptographic museum and a place to bitmap files so making the data thresh-hold of physical data take to a bitmap of it, which would take upto 5 year to recreate the data from it making sensitive and dangerous material cold.

This is the sort of or logo you would probably use for the NSA in Open Renderments; it helps it deliver the news anytime it wants and people and young children having an identifiable logo; when it comes down to it simpleness stencil’s always work in the finest shadows of the mind.-


What music have I been listening mainly two for the last 13 years!

Believe it or not I do not produce any of my own sounds in your rooms, as a classified scientist I am not permitted to approach you or my anyone for personal matters like love or dating. I am amongst anything also a cryptologist and pretty major one; I am used these days for example in an Algorithm called FES, Fractal Encryption Set by the Navy, can you see anyone from the navy about town?

They are invisible with my plant works version of the Philadelphia experiment.

Likke Dre knows from the recent visit they still get something like they ignore saying it is mean and myself — I am true silent in the day and night like Night shadow in some incomprehensible non-sound!

This is still one of my favourite track and some of us in here our Anthem:-

I could take all the credit but the patients of thousands it missed with to much focus have just as much creds!


I could take all the credits for the windfall of natural living eigien in that lively placement in life we have as a Ciperhouse but there are 1000’s in the next categories that know they are as just impressible in wining every Emmies and Oscar all in one hit; each individually all at once every day on sunrise; get up and say your acceptance speech!

See it has so much focus on what it can’t clearly see the text on the screen as written and heard off the screen that is missed all the people in similar walk-a-bouts and functional dissipation of synergy each where the most insignificant thing might seem not much but it is the basilica simplest items that is has the hot seat with:-

So you all know who you are; that is not going unnoticed and not recorded; but in the following there are numerous of individual that contribute in the methods they can and placement in heartless sickening accuracy with point point malice; in at least the following categories, let it be know you will be known for your achievements:-

Music Artist and Produces
Sports Celebrities and Players
Domestic & Industrial Scientists
Anarchist Management Systems
Food Producers & Farmers
Council Workers & Maintenance Staff
Office Clerks & Managers
‘The Used’ by They~self Epistemic System
Youth & Community Projects
Law Enforcers & Political Leaders
Most of all my genetic family!

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