@BarackObama on the #DailyShow and @OpenRend

You know barack obama on the main broadcast I get you comments but in a freeze frame like just the sound: “Chronolabs I love her!” or “Cipherhouse!” and that will be it; I do on my youtube.com watch your talking and so on and I thought I would comment on the one last week on the daily show with Veteran Affairs; where I don’t even know my employee number or serial numbers and nobody can seem to give them too me for having an active Military Passport.

I don’t in any numeracy even remember when I last wore my fatigues; I don’t have any anymore cause they have been removed from my property and I know I am meant to wear them out once or twice a week too the shop; that was part of the provisions of me being lent down here. I don’t have a cent for my sources services! Not a cent I am living off disability allowances; in active service where there is not a line wrong in my code at all!!

In OpenRend the then ‘government’ like the department all have public API that you can access records on staff and people in there regardless with some form of security system that allow permissable further information and complete congruncies with the database; why this is it generates 3rd party industries that partly get kick backs from the Open Renderments and services but do all the paper work and administration; cutting staffing number cause all the pencil pushing is done’ by these 3rd party services.

OpenRend also uses the old ledger system it doesn’t have an up in smoke banking service attempt to say it isn’t an up in smoke branding:-


I feel really hard done by; I am having a man in the middle attack by dodo.com.au to stop me running cron jobs externally; are you just all wind!! The australia government is more corrupt that you would want to believe they all told me they where dodgy, by saying and inputing alias like ‘dodgy simon’! they have no crediability or validity to claim anything they have said and they have damaged my body while being in USA Services; wanting to make a change!!

They have stripped me of every decent human condition I had — the australian defence force and the ministry of defence..


Michael Campbell – The stock api is going to be called ‘pivots.labs.coop’

Hey michael I know you have brought this up with me on a number of occasions and it looks like the code bench is new and fresh see if you look at the library for http://strata.labs.coop you will notice how the archives have physical data size; but there is only a comment in a text file in there at the code is transpositional.

This is because they are universal data that is also and read as it looks for other part’s of the internet our there’ll above the sky. I believe and something I did experiment with back at the start of making API’s was a stock one that gave you pips and eigen-spatial indicators to for example the IP address congruently; the base domain of the API caller’s net-bios as well as we would be able to set up a way that they access a ‘subscription’ service through your work places; that gets other ‘futures systems’.

You can’t and I normally don’t use a database and use file stores instead as they are just basically to slow when it comes to a busy API; I am happy to invest some time into developing pivots the api if your keen; drop around; most of you should know like michael mckel clearly indicated; any of you are welcome to drop into that houso it did that to everything with and take the environment to advantages. Just need some feeds!

My address is here https://whois.ringwould.com.au/v1/labs.coop/html.api

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