Internal Network Linear Convulsion have ceased the time for “Acting Up!” has ended!


Like most of the Chronolabs Fellows have been aware for awhile external to earths solar linear eclipse has been causing convulsion of real applied space time; this has been consciously acknowledged by repeated concussive notation of history from around 1998 sometimes in reflection of real time others in black spots.

Everyone who got the “heads up” would have been acting up and behaving outside the normal acceptable parameters like being late, not turning up at all; going in the completely wrong direction; temporal dieing; ordering the wrong hot drink; eating what they distaste; going to a pop concert; listening to Brittany spears, meeting in the wrong designated area and so on.

Partly this is done so the action of whatever this dweeb was doing observing a large mass of space at a subatomic layering only to see and develop a predominance determined strategy of control of the eigen of applied space time in conquest; would have left it at least within our own scope with no way of determining outcome or procedures and policy of both Chronolabs and hopefully 3rd parties.

It is very important though if your in a petroleum wheel based metric though to avoid the early forms of this as the dweeb living component will be able to use this physical tariff with for example what an early motorcar normally always run’s on alcohol to develop a predetermined outcome through basically bugging people with motor mouth and foot and motor disease.

Although Chronolabs has never had a web presence normally operating under classified communication systems, with the military and renderment support groups; we now have a domain called — if you are one of our fellows and you all will still have your security implant for the labs which are in a state of flux so we have to wait before the security systems let us back into our high energy portal labs, you can blog at it using the physicality and abstraction layering of which we have always held at least for email services on realms on a sub-domains, I suggest you set your blog up on and with the 17.95 USD per year to associate a domain with it we can point a cname at your address from (alias) — email is also available from or complementary at; these are private systems outsidal of normal confined of recommendation engines or physical tolling, DJ’ing etc.


My daughters can be raised together for the first time

In all that as I bear testimony to like “Johnathon Franklin” on twitter, quite literal loud ice cold beats and what I have knowledge of is small children in audio recording being put in thing like industrial meat processor while being alive and intact at the start of it; which I neither substitute or condor.

Which at some point has dialled into us in the inner west to do with that show Gabba Gabba; it had shades of at least one family member my daughter indeed angel with black hair who was there so short her was like a dwarf and one of my grand daughter mark; with no dreadlocks which on sighting still had dreadlocks and her party hat della asked me to firmly attach to her head.

In our quite magickal family that being the same Angel from Angel and Willow, which you know if you notice in any “dayz of our lives” showing there is no visible computer or even a phone in that real-to-real but still a Nanotech Systems able to produce now a visible video relay!

They have cause Angel wife like her that generation in my family like their spouse but done quite the opposite to their children and spawn and likewise the persistence to the parents also the opposite to be when they are older than any walkable mass or planet in this region of space to be in the physical mind only a very young infant again at least in thought in our kin, which is how we have responded in kind anyway having what we can so far in family life have around each other in a lock-on to no taer the very ground from our feet style tantrums; we have not had!

See like Angels wife Willow (Elpiniki Iosif) — for the first time we get to raise them together, which is going to in other places we are not now focus here cause issues. Especially about the following Mia and Mark about your parents without really wanting being in their own child’s language or for us with the destructive nature it can have in-anyway and the environment in physical scale and size be affluent on like we know the tainted halls of the child here and their own physicality, but this loop will entail let you raise yourself in your own child’s language with that intrinsic link being before and now at the same time in-traced as the child right to life and live in truth.

Ninja in the Bushes — Wholesale does it “403 – Forbiden” if you looked at @ebay 1st

Imaging sending someone for 13.78 – Free Shipping some what they price at over 800 dollars too aquire those Gorgeous Diamond Studded Sexual Vibrators Perfect shape – fix in packaged blister packs to you – Paul Doherty from – — next who will be sending millions of tampons next at leaast a few hundred with

Why not try ninja in the bushes to someone now..

Angel do you remember when this was?


This was from a time when me and pooty where very active in your life and lives; we where as a couple completely irrepressible! This is when our inner west krew use to have a pair of fatigues on every day to chase the riff-raaf out of our town enmore. In fact this was featured on a “Military Pin-up” girls website and you know this is you in the child care area of a doof called ;-x

The riff-raaf still move out in each sequence the last one was everyone had too leave the inner west due to a “Meteor Microphone”! and they did, maybe we should all do it again; I am not sure; you seem to be unable to hear your own voice which i know from then was deep and guttural, this we see was even before any invader zim or anything like that it was our own initiative.

There was no festering malignant wound like jester then who has exposed the part of my ellipse on the passport I carry and you know; I am tired of well fighting a never ending battle or really finding any restitution in friendships now spent and never covenant in the cusp here you know I know who you are all of you but we have never met; being all seeing all knowing.

You know what cusp it is tonight; Operation Impending Doom 3.78 – The Great Unsigning! If you know you don’t show like the others; you will never be able to validate at all in anyway; any signature you have will not be visible or look like that mental health file they recorded on me; illiterate squiggles.

Gollywog Voodoo Death-dolls for an Anniversary Present

Gollywogs are a protection token from a zimbarway tribe that believes they are decendants of a alien typal of life, this type of key ring which has my door keys, and two copies of ubuntu on it are what are termed: voodoo death dolls; and while I carry them not the undead or living can see me in the ayahusca I have had; so the people looking and perving on @sparcing or taking notice of a bright blue mowhalk didn’t you admit you do not even obey the light and laws of the dead as the living dead; each night this key ring, rings by itself.