Transpositional Oppersite and you said it in a nickname!


There is a reason you have a problem, in the OO Magickal sense of the world it is known that in ritual magic the act of self consumption is not possible. For example I earnt the nickname commonly referred to as “Dodgy Simon”; I have always known this means people are telling me they are dodgy themselves or something in measure which is why I made a small paper typal investment into the nickname to provide my fiends with dodginess shielding.

As a friend with me due to the nature of my multifaceted OO’ness which in food myself and my twin sister is toffee which comes way before wonka; being a friend with me mean regular visible physical contact; there is like any typal of food an expiry date. That doesn’t always means just connecting as a fiend on facebook intailed workability of the dodginess shield; the problem is there is some really quite blatant dodgy entity’s and forces that will plague you like locus the moment that expires and waive your view external to your loss.

Just a quite whisper wont help.