Letter to Rahn The Carpenter, likes that #Doof

So Rahn, like Lkrauss1 that asked to be written to the one thing that all doofs are missing I am sorry, but nobody has asked you ever in all this for 1, 2, 3 party award trophy awards stand board with backing Mandela of presentation slides, for the kiss from that surely a princess photo finish.

You can get trophies from that trophy shop near the pub, near the rear exit of dulwich hill in the inner west sydney, out to where that back pass to bankstown and king rd. Well if you want the number for that dude he has endless trophies with something dancing on it, in mega huge not so huge and what you describe third pezz one, to find the number google street map it is painted on the front still, or turn up, he will be there on the night to engrave in a beautiful script the names and so on if you provide some meth, is what he said to me last.


My Doof Page on @Wikipedia

Back in the mid nineties techno music gathering made a come-back and around the mid nineties I was living in a series of warehouses with some crew i had met, I was working at Dick Smith Electronics as a Support Officer at the time in the fish tank it was called down in service in North Ryde, and Robert Dyball mentioned to me there was new website called wikipedia.org an encyclopedia that started.. So I checked it out..

Later that day I was back at home at the codus warehouse, it had dinosaurs on the roof, and I had an old machine there running a winsock that I patched with my mobile phone a nokia 121 analogue with the patch lead to the serial input to allow me to browse, so I started what the first term as it was within the first 10k of pages made, which there was a warning down the right hand side that any page made within the first 10k will never be removable no matter who or what asked.

So I was getting into the techno and there was this branding going around about all that doof, doof, doof sound so I made a page called “Doof” on wikipedia which is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doof it has been there since around 1995/6 there abouts it was really basic to start with we elected Peter Strong as the doof mentioned deity as I have any and many in my multifacet basis of the such and likes.

It is so funny now when the encyclopedia starts up on “other internet” it contains the first 10k pages to start with as a preset which includes the Doof Culture page and symaltypes our basis of existence into their society both intersolar, interstellar and intercosmically throughout the multiverse, it is so funny,

Doof, Doof, Doof conceptualise a perfect complement to parties ~ Catering + a spork!

Most people don’t realise this but there is a couple of things missing from dance parties, what is a party without food, most events these days come with higher ticket prices than the start of this the mid 90s; but also most event providers even on multiple day events don’t consider what would with adding only $2 – $3 dollars per day will allow you to have catering, like spit roast, salads, with a seating area that is all manned by the catering company, even in bush and outdoor locations.

This means for example everyone will get a meal, when if it is an over night event only you will only need on spit roasted meal that you all after midnight switch the sound system off; turn to the cater and eat together in a communal meal, this will resolve many differences and help us bite back in your jaw to credit you what is rightful yours in the admin channel… Most catering companies will provide outdoor catering for up to 1000 people for limited number of cost as I said it will work out less than $4 per head at the event, cause everyone will have a meal, you also include on the flyer a star with; food included in the ticket price, and perhaps a menu on the back!

Also for clubs and city event you can for around $1 per head, hire movie set catering which means there will always be coffee tea, muffins, sandwiches etc out the front or around the side of the club, this will provide a ensound enriched atmosphere and allow for the people that need a refreshment like a hot cup of chai to get one while they smoke their durries or scoobs etc.

The one other thing that is missing from multi-staged events is the dance-off you need to have for example trophies from for example the trophy shop just near dulwich hill and the pub, which I know in talking to them have a large excess amount of dance related trophies and he will be there on the night if you give him some meth being a fiend of that to engrave their name in the hand it is in, you have to have heats and judges and a registration desk, for example trance would be an endurance, in single, couple or group, and for example dub-step would be in single and couples, you need to get the numbered bibs which you pin on and normally this would be after the lead act with an explicit set and DJ knowing he is running the high endurance dance off.

Of course you need the podium where people are award the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, with the girls and the kiss on the either side of the cheek by the dance princess of the time.

Did you buy a relocation exopolitical ticket?

During the late 90s around 1998; in my batch of tickets which were nanotech systems tagged DIPT doses which is the perfected version of LSD you were sold a 165 – 195 mg doses of DIPT; included in the mix for divination was Craig McGregor’s 8.9 million doses of MDMA; in the pallet there was 250k of Dream Times and 175k yin/yang tickets.

Should this planet make itself insignificant in the standard of high lighted births that have occurred here due to self-service types; it will be clear for a hyperspace bypass in a champagne supernova.

The 2455 on my own batch of the pallet are guaranteed to be relocated to a new home world, in fact my own where you will each inherit a 5 hectare property with large sprawling house, title and granted work; the others in the mix will be divinized in lots of various other home worlds; and everyone who missed out will just have put up with being cremated in a supernova of the sun.

This was done because under interstellar standards in the event of a “Natural Disaster Area!” if you’re in the area you have to assist and relocate some of the population within means of their provision through doing trade and that kind of bollocks which isn’t just standard services, it has to be through a gift; if you have ismaled yourself to a cremation then that is your problem, should have thought about that before assaulting a grace, which sits outside and above royalty as a noble that as an alien just happens to be able to look and test in every regard as you; with-in measure.

If you notice you will be unable to register domains containing the word ‘extraterrestrial‘ this is as with the internet you have to be outside the scope of the physical binding words to register it inward and upward, clearly if you do a whois on the following domains you will have a rude shock about the nature of my physical presence like my daughters and identical twin pooty:-

  • extraterrestrialslam.me.uk
  • extraterrestrialmail.com
  • extraterrestrialphysics.us
  • extraterrestrialslam.org
  • extraterrestrialembassy.com
  • extraterrestrialsex.com

Reclaim The Streets ~ 12th Dec 2015

I will be going to this event on facebook :: https://www.facebook.com/events/1274606679232253/

The details of themselfs area:-

This free multi-stage mobile protest festival meets at Camperdown
Memorial Park in Newtown at 2pm and leaves soon after.

It’s not fair to be locked out of your city by excessive
rents and curfews.

The city is not just an investment portfolio for the super
rich, it’s our home too.

This is about who decides what a liveable city is.

Don’t let property developers, bankers and toll operators
buy that right away from you.

Would you rather a park or a car park?

A casino or a dance floor?

Transport or congestion?

Apartments or a museum?

Public schools or gated estates?

A community or a ghost town?

Come dance December 12 for a liveable city for all.

There ain’t no war but the class war.
Ain’t no party like RECLAIM THE STREETS!

Internal Network Linear Convulsion have ceased the time for “Acting Up!” has ended!


Like most of the Chronolabs Fellows have been aware for awhile external to earths solar linear eclipse has been causing convulsion of real applied space time; this has been consciously acknowledged by repeated concussive notation of history from around 1998 sometimes in reflection of real time others in black spots.

Everyone who got the “heads up” would have been acting up and behaving outside the normal acceptable parameters like being late, not turning up at all; going in the completely wrong direction; temporal dieing; ordering the wrong hot drink; eating what they distaste; going to a pop concert; listening to Brittany spears, meeting in the wrong designated area and so on.

Partly this is done so the action of whatever this dweeb was doing observing a large mass of space at a subatomic layering only to see and develop a predominance determined strategy of control of the eigen of applied space time in conquest; would have left it at least within our own scope with no way of determining outcome or procedures and policy of both Chronolabs and hopefully 3rd parties.

It is very important though if your in a petroleum wheel based metric though to avoid the early forms of this as the dweeb living component will be able to use this physical tariff with for example what an early motorcar normally always run’s on alcohol to develop a predetermined outcome through basically bugging people with motor mouth and foot and motor disease.

Although Chronolabs has never had a web presence normally operating under classified communication systems, with the military and renderment support groups; we now have a domain called labs.coop — if you are one of our fellows and you all will still have your security implant for the labs which are in a state of flux so we have to wait before the security systems let us back into our high energy portal labs, you can blog at it using the physicality and abstraction layering of labs.coop which we have always held at least for email services on realms on a sub-domains, I suggest you set your blog up on wordpress.com and with the 17.95 USD per year to associate a domain with it we can point a cname at your address from (alias).labs.coop — email is also available from staff.labs.coop or complementary at snails.email; these are private systems outsidal of normal confined of recommendation engines or physical tolling, DJ’ing etc.

Prangga verse Gabba and maturity in sound + performances!

At the moment there is a disturbing trend in the doof scene which is the only dance community in en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doof (Seeming I did a take over in getting to what normally describes and omnipedic sound for an explosion back in 1997, but I got too it just a few days before the original scribe!) to play what is loud beats and constant screaming that sounds like children being thrown into meat processing while still alive to a cold raving luntic beat not the warm beats we have in the doof like a hot plate of food; something from ex. raving like gabba is inconstant and not our form, firm or inways.

There is a type of music called Prangga that is similar and it is called this as it causes accidents like car accidents and so on which is when you remix the sounds of porn online and just imagine how many accidents are waiting to happen just on youjizz.com or pornhub.com.

See interpolating screaming is childish and poor form, it holds not any reflection of taste of style or threat but sexual sounds are always taken in a personal contextual basis and hap hazard problems for even the seasoned listener.

Often in most conditions it is not the scene or the subculture in it that has the accidents, sometimes it comes even as a train wreck but rarely in flight; it is the general commuters and pedestrians that have the ptang prang ~ accidents



Did you tell Simon you where Dodgy!

Marcus Carcass the carcass bean counter, in the previous phase of this history, asked me to walk around and let all the dodgy individuals indicate to the name Simon, they where dodgy cretins.

If you once said in reference to our footing, “Dodgy Simon” — then you have been able to produce the sound in front normally for Mr, Mrs, Ms, Mx, Dr, Prof, etc. That your in fact dodgy as an individual or entity. You will not be exhumed on basis that your functional basis it not to understand in punk and electropunk most nicknames are as this, quite the opposite to the individual; normally dodgy is a group indicator so when people are in a “knowing” group and someone comes to conversation and refers to the “dodgy” indicator it is shown they are indeed in reference to being a dodgeball, dodgy cretin and in no ways accepted into the grouping mind of electropunk which operates in the Inner West Sydney in conjunction with Sydney Punk rock in our peers as well as systems of tattooing and piecing rails.


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