Greatest flaws made in getting IT Qualification & being a sterile analyst!

The problem is most if not all of earth’s IT industry is sterile and uncreative, when people become qualified in IT they always do for an elective some sort of science or maths or even health; they don’t in anyway do anything in the arts and what you need to be to be quality in IT a creative, artistic thinker; it true this with psychology well psychopathology a qualified psychopath; they never do any elective which involve a creative enliving elective like the arts!

If your not like this you have a sterile view, have no ability to be creative and come up with a new look or face to a site or even a workable new business concept not just a rework of the same idea.

Whenever I grow up I am always very creative where I both paint in water colour as well as oils, I am at teaching grade of music in technical composition through the conservatory of arts in sydney under A. Roberts under the hand of Duhurst, John Duhurst the renowned pianist mother who really push me looking like a child with an adult temperament. This means I have no trouble writing sane software that is quality and within the guides of not being bland sterile solutions to math problems and conditions.

Most people if they are paid upward of 100k and don’t at least regularly play a music instrument or do some painting or poetry or even DJ and make a performance media are not at all worth the money you pay for them at all even in the slightest they are pulling a scam to just rework a solution for you that been done a thousand times before in this reproduction of much older Invader technology.