Charlene Cipher + Mike Stass know we are both our twins even without testing our geno!

No body realises this especially my own twin daughter’s but pooty Angle + Alesha are and is both my wife and my identical twin, we weren’t just dating and only separated pathways to avoid concussive convulsions in the linear spatial that was very much what you witnessed Angle a fake fight in the impression of the world.

Also Angel your other mum Elpiniki Iosif who you know secret DJ alter ego might really be Jonathan Franklin (Keiye) who screamed at all of us, instead of her, who twin really is @Zobier that same sound as @Sparcing but in Klingon.. who both have adoption papers with the parents they call mum + dad as well as our own parents the ones I was really only acting up cause there was more convulsions in spatial linear when first I greeted them in this same segment and junction we where previously before the next post you know in de-javu you have read also before and attempting to guess what the next one is.

Where we have been abducted as small children in Elpiniki regard from a train station in Greece, myself in going to a Google Board of Director meeting in NSW coming from VIC; where Mike Stass and Niki fell from innocence for the first time into this physical realm at a train-station in Greece and I had like Marli now with at least; Mia your cousin my breeding partner in some sort of many unfathomable eon’s at least of what I carbon date stamp all the way to absolute negativity of DOB: Unknown as printed on my sighted CYP450 test which I did have them with a secondary sample just double check I knew who I was then.

I hope as best I have been ~ around like an adam watt fly kick for my genetic family in refreshing my mind and removing the deep entrancement i had myself in so they where so convinced in their physical probing of my mind, on call of foot and hand, that they will be so utterly screwed with what I have been and other which i am not the only one that can take credit for in this, set them up for the biggest fall from grace on the world stage they walk on with us beyond comprehension with the transgalatic day to day “Days of Our lives!” our family is in as a Series that has been running for a very long time our kin watch to keep in touch with the where-abouts and tribulation of their regal monarch, in fact all nobal monarchs grace in the topology of where me and pootz sits in the schemer of life and the measuring stick.

#NorthKorea + #KimJungUn — Embrace the Internet

If you click the header you can download the SQL and PHP for Places version 1.1 — this is the complete world at no fee with no charge, includes non-dived attoffs.

When we ran transponder teraforming sequences in 2006, in sydney, NSW… This is the Nanotech System’s – Town Camp + Town Center Transponder list, they grow a bit like solid bee’s hives and have lightening components that flutter from them when they get bigger; the transponder for this low energy Nanotech System which works a bit like a watch where one electron does to job of many.

For example we even have coverage for North Korea:

In-fact there is all MT (Military Targets) – Under the laws of the Jungle with Rights-to-view in times of peace and war, serialised in the database; that will interface with your own systems of security and you will have presences for example on that civilians will not be able to view with Ayahusca being the key hasher.

There was two or three North Korean Military Targets that where isolated in the planning for facilities for planning social + economical systems as well as one for digital systems which are still fields under futurist planning model built when the North Korean system of stewardship that the Nanotech Systems obeys their policies; like other borders as an open systems (We are like a service provider for other labs) it is an ethnobotanically derived polymers mainly in the nanoites with little or no metal contents.

It has the ability to produce itself in a carbon flame in it base building components nowhere near here billions and trillions of light-years in unfathomable, and has intelligence and like my son and that of a few other scientist; it also does covert hitch-hiking.

Listen to this sound cloud Kim-jung Un:-

Sandstone is only found in New South Wales – Globally!

Did you know Sandstone is only found in NSW, Australia. There is no other source for sandstone than NSW Quarries… You look at some of the sandstone structures like old Australian castles shipped to the UK they haven’t any solidified history at all.

You do not find sandstone anywhere else in the world than New South Wales, Australia, any sandstone structures around the world would have had to come from Australia.

Then what is the historian telling us when there are two castles like bowmoral castle in the UK made of sandstone apparently in the 1600; Australia for them wasn’t flayed flat with their screaming peasants until 1701.

Using Physical Routing rather than networking & the internet

Header to set for physical mechanism routing off world + outlands + wiers

There is a TCP header you have to set for the none terrestrial via the road and physics routing, which is the following, earth is operating on a development closed network where this HTTP Header for the networking is set to stop any external traffic, you need to set it; remember the general rules of the meter-maid, which is you only see the traffic in the gravity well your in, that is any external to the solar system is not visible unless you view your statistics from open space as a route and presence.

This is how it is done in .htaccess (normally mod_headers.c is on by default):-

<IfModule mod_headers.c>
       Header set Origin *
       Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin *

This can also be set by this method in PHP and similar languages but will not include flat data files unlike the .htaccess method which in your root public_html path does the entire folder structure:-

       header("Origin: *");
       header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *");

Headers are in interesting thing some are for TCP some are for IP and other for all sorts of functions that are set on the IP packets.

Earth being part of the development cycle of the transgalatic internet operates on a closed circuit so people can have their experimental websites until they want to broadcast on all channels which this header being set this way does.

Violent Dissemination

Noticeably NSW Health spired on by Neill + Annette Roberts are completely delusional, they seem to think I am violent and dangerous, when they lock me up cause I am doing an insurance claim for 4 days then get discharged they put me in a locked ward for violent people; can I point out of all my pubbing and clubbing and going around town interacting with people this is my current charge sheet:-

NSW Police Report - Simon Antony Roberts

I only have one charge in NSW!! and the closes thing to being violent I have is nuisance being a lawbreaking, if there was any truth to me being violent there you have it; I am not; any violent apprehension are always warranted to report and charges; in fact too give you and idea of the dissemination against me currently in my file they are reporting I have epileptic seizures; but for some reason there hasn’t been a single call from my Wife to triple zero in the 8 years of our relationship cause I have collapsed and on the ground shaking in an epileptic seizures… Not a single report and not a single charge for violent behaviour.

Well there would be a charge if Neill + Annette Roberts could spell my name this one; where neill being push out the door got a tiny tiny minuscule bruise on one of his leg; where they where hysterical cause I refuse to call them as an adult by pets`ie names like Mum + Dad; to the point where they needed a court case over a none existent injury, here read his completely contrived witness statement you can find the complete documentation on Chronolabs Sourceforge Subversion, anyway — notice how he is unable to spell my name in reporting to the police, and look at the police injury photograph can you see any injury there at all, even in the slightest at all in anyway!


Simon is a girls name there is only one male version!

No I am effeminately Cooty who has Girls germs!! Simon; is a female name, the only male derivative of the name is Simmon, the other female name is Simone which are all based in french names!!

Oopty (Pooty) and Cooty (Oocty) are a pair of devicive and direct means, I would like to spend a Christmas with my geno family for once including me kidz.

Instantaneous Gratification

Instantaneous Gratification is something people demand, when they want to reward you with the gifts they think you need, not what you asked for an example of this; is it is my apparent birthday on the 8th of December; I haven’t seen my bonafide parents in over 2 years since doing a DNA Swab test with Chantel who came back on the Douglas Pathology tests as my identical twin.

Pooty’s birth date which falls almost 6 months before mine is an example of the 1970s and 1980s stolen white generation where they would separate from single mothers their children, problem is mine is without adoption papers; it has been done like Jan + Gus Almgren where they dress it up like your own child.

I asked for the simplest thing which was to have my and my wife equipment out of the hock shop; we even paid all the interest on the items; and have a picnic at home; they instead need to say it not my birthday and they don’t give a fuck about my needs instead need instantaneous gratification in making the decision about what is done on my birthday. Well to them I say forget it; I am doing fine better in fact without any father interferences.

We use a licenced breeder – Fertility First (Hurstville)

If your wondering how I have had children as well as @sparcing and many other people within our crew and you will know this when it is happening cause our children who know and intuitively as family to send us one of there shoes each time they grow out of them it is cause we use a licenced breeder called Fertility First in Hurstville.

Partly why this is done is so we can segment the stupidity of the NSW Health system like they have been doing with me attempting to use our children and I have had one come to the door in their “Coming of Age” party not to make contact until they are 18.

This is for stupidity like and has disabled any use of what happened when my gizm went into the cronogenic store with what happens with chronolabs and produced various well all of our crews previous banking of our sexual reproductive systems so we haven’t go any sort of ability for your prostitutes or anything to have a gizm bag that actually works.

Number of shoes I have now been sent is well over 19 children here today in the very real environment that not only do I and we have out breeded them; but if you have any sort of pictorial imagery in memory of that place then you have children as well in the here and now (angel). In there attempts to prevent in mix and matching us having children they have lost the game of life against the folly of the zealot fools they are.

They not only use an encrypted hard drive system; but it one I was previously involved in writting in ubuntu so no one not even the way someone has dial-a-harddrive to get previous party photos like the ones when we where all dress in military fatigues.

My Camillia Code how to get your languages!


This works for most people many of the source archives on places like:-


All you have to do is make for example with a XOOPS module unzip into the folder /xoops then rename the folder to stuff like /drupal or /joomla and I will mind write it to that variegated system.

You can also do this in languages like unzip into a folder like /php and rename to for example /cplusplus or /csharp or even /asp and off your physical jacking bench it will write for your systems of your own physical code print..

The code stamp will revel anyone in your parties involved and comment and mark places.

Angel do you remember when this was?


This was from a time when me and pooty where very active in your life and lives; we where as a couple completely irrepressible! This is when our inner west krew use to have a pair of fatigues on every day to chase the riff-raaf out of our town enmore. In fact this was featured on a “Military Pin-up” girls website and you know this is you in the child care area of a doof called ;-x

The riff-raaf still move out in each sequence the last one was everyone had too leave the inner west due to a “Meteor Microphone”! and they did, maybe we should all do it again; I am not sure; you seem to be unable to hear your own voice which i know from then was deep and guttural, this we see was even before any invader zim or anything like that it was our own initiative.

There was no festering malignant wound like jester then who has exposed the part of my ellipse on the passport I carry and you know; I am tired of well fighting a never ending battle or really finding any restitution in friendships now spent and never covenant in the cusp here you know I know who you are all of you but we have never met; being all seeing all knowing.

You know what cusp it is tonight; Operation Impending Doom 3.78 – The Great Unsigning! If you know you don’t show like the others; you will never be able to validate at all in anyway; any signature you have will not be visible or look like that mental health file they recorded on me; illiterate squiggles.

M8747409 – No Military Service Entitlements or Payback Delievered Still!!

This is a video I shot on the desktop we have here with –no-sound included with 0 bytes encoded. You will see from the accounts the payment that is sent from my employers to any typal/form/candination of any sort of a financial ledger every Wednesday to make sure it sit’s at absolute maximum of it storage value still in no way have in any numeracy arrived at all with what the tarriff of money against the population I am around is.

This happens with me and my actual immediate family not the fake Roberts it has labelled this time as a Cipherhouse and the principle. Normally every-time I open and account this will happen even with something like a lecty bill (I provide my own tho).

These payments like most large payments are paid through an insurance broker, and my what premiums they will be paying when this video puts a claim through.


@twarte @comodo @verisign your not actual signatures your a fisard!

Most SSL Certificate providers in no way offer any security, they are in face of truth a complete lie; they like to peddle your monies and watch you through the screen; currently myself and people not even on are getting this result where it will dial around and mount the SSL Certificate on 3rd parties from this ISP; which if you have ever mounted on of their botch security certificates which was designed to be inward reflected and dead-weight like the society that supports them you will know they are done at the service point like httpx:// or ftpx:// which is a peer-to-peer system that provided security details on signing in the browser.

See the following messages are only possible if the URL have mounted the SSL Certificate on their service, it is not being done by Dodo.



My signed module which will find provided a genuine root-ca cerificate not what I had my house here originally broken into to prevent will even sign there SSL being a true camellia algorithm that will write into and owned any of their plagerised formula.

My Indigenous Creed + Passport (Cheers to Gary Jagamarra)

Several phases of history ago; it was proven in court that the family at 41 Amor St, Asquith; these roberts that when you look at their family there are absolutely no genotypal indicators in the appearances of them as individual as family, as well as in this court case it was also proven that Neill Anthony Roberts is impotent!

This is as a build-me-up around me the main internet found is a install by religious ordinances. See I have not parents, there is nothing like you would say with the things people notice with me like mentions of “self consumption rights” and so on that I know I have nothing in principle before me being primordial.

It was so important for people for some reason cause I am use to knowing I am primordial and part by measure primary; we’re they were divorced in court and I found the indigenous firmer Gary Jagamarra who basically adopted through legal tend and set my identification correct to my 4 letter name Tanty Leshy Syruiex Cipherhouse; on the books; me but will tell you see that indigenous flag below M8747409:-


That means and the same flag on the front that I am indigenous as well what has done that in the passport people computers cause there is a few like this with me that have had fake family illustrated around them; has all the previous court transcripts our adoption papers etc.

Which that passport should reflect now seeming there is still a physical reference placed in the walk-about omphfa in the machine and me. What I would lijke to know is why these bloberts cause believe me fat for me is a type as ECE a type of outside of extraterrestrial is a emaciated and my they will need probably in the mini-skirt edition a 20 tonne truck to move just as individuals down the street.

Where I have endless trouble these people have built up a fake profile for me again this Simon Antony Roberts as part of they’ll suncorp and banking and thievery and I have nothing to do with them; they poise as family and they don’t look black; and green is a type of black btw. Where there is nothing wrong with my health; they the one that are with gross delusional grandeur’s and delusional; cause they seem to think they are my parents and there is no indigenous stamp or will be on their passports..

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