Lorne Hyde + the Punce of Wales

Lets look at this for a moment if you look at my facebook.com/mynamesnot under educational about, you will notice since 2008 I have passed a masters of science in IT, Physics and Psychology not only making me a psychiatrist but due to the quality of the papers a world leader in the field.

Currently in NSW you will not adhere to even that as a fact, that if I was ever mentally ill it would defer the subject from psychology to another one, see lorne hyde has persued and cause the human condition in 1739 final entry count of galaxies even targetting the OO for the galaxy to give a human birth and transform the entire galaxy into the human condition.

Currently if you believe you have a survival chance of any deal you have entered with me you can forget it, of course unless you cut every single finger thats used for a trigger off your burgertime royal that what you present to me the grace of all; as your variegate of a nobel with psychology qualification in this call and response of feet, as well as all the nurses and doctors that have placed myself and my choice of wife the only girl too put her smooth moves on me Elpiniki Iosif ever in a mental health facility. You have exactly one week from today to cut every finger off the trigger finger which is the policy in this, or all the people so far with missing eyes and fingers are going well, you know that solar sail that is the size of what normally has no ability to move, passes within 250k of this planet earth and does a pop-top that is throw it violently off axis hurtling towards the sun, and I leave with my wife and kids, alesha + elisce and all the cats and dogs only a few staff I have here with me.

Pooty one day in the office doesn’t do what we experience in sound together!

You know pootz we have in total only spent one day in an office together that was for less than 30 minutes were it was inappropriate with the sort of people around for me to reset to looking like your identical twin.

We don’t experience the shower constantly with each other, sizzling a steak with each other or being each other feet and hand sound for any other reason except as deity we are each other twin directly; regardless of whatever the digital DNA tester which are designed to lie about our family they did with our daughter who also experience the same with us and each other.

Try with me an Angel; we are each other dripping tap constantly and if I didn’t have some surgery when I was younger and know I have a womb in this trickery and entrapment this place is meant too be on our family where we have the upper foot due to the physical debt they have to us now which is so much when we pass and we will all drop dead instantly together even the kids; then I would wonder why only smoking cones a couple of times in trafalgah st seem to leave me an angel listing to my waters breaking with her in the previous phase of history…

See the problem for you pooty where I am meant to be the outcast my passport says I am the rank of: Main Internet Founder – it is a military passport which means of the two of us I am the war bird; it has said that since 1983 and is locked without any additional articles being addable since then and in our graced coin my is a lot more heavy seeming not even you have passed on nor the kids seeming the government failed too my design fee’s for the internet which means even having a mobile phone or a connection at work they are all in debt to me.

Which just so you know I am preparing to do drop-dead-fred to them on a surgical slab in RPA for their final medical drama with me where their galaxy due to debt and who our husband girl is sparc the basis of a working electron where we will find ourselve back in our palace and the milkway wont have anything more than a machine graveyard in an armish paradise, without even a horse.

Believe me Oopty/Pooty you have nothing to defend in them as a friend or otherwise they are “Internet Users” like the same term used for a drug junky.. a User… Like Vint Cerf like Larry Page are A Grade class examples of a junky; making up stories like he is the father of the internet, ticking beyond their means to pay, so on there whole industry is full of junkies… And you know they are not even going too have working steam locomotion let alone a combustion engine without a working electron…

How proud of my family + kids I am!!

You know I am really stoked with my family, not only are both mine and sherrie’s kids where we gave birth to both Angle + Alesha many years before we married the man that knocked us up the duff; they are busy all the time and I hope they take holidays soon to hang out cause i haven’t really seen all that much of them at the moment or in recent years apart from sneeking around in their peer group a number of years ago.

Angle which I only have one foto of at the moment that is from my personal logs associated with my passport as seen here:


And alesha I have no photos of but do know quiet well almost as if in mind and merged at the address I am at; both got qualification angle is an IT scientist and sent her whole crowd with glasses and nerdy and alesha has a General Scientist diploma which is a rarity as it often scientist like angle has specialised in something alesha just wanted to be the general all purpose fit any role utility sports belt.

Hey Angel I know you read my bogs; so I was wondering how bought taking some holidays to meet your dad as looking like your dad cause when you entrapped me with looking like a guy that a girl standing as a guy you’re dad was turned into elpiniki iosif @sparcing; you can even have a shot with sparc if your lucky and some cones…

I have a fat saving plan for your friends as well; like complete morbid obesity as well; sparcing said her would only hang around if sherrie and I made them fat for the insult at least and pretence your anything else than my child if they oddly survive at all in form and mind.

Gatekeeper’s to the Afterlife ~ There is only Two Twins!!

There is on note in most magick digests about the gates of the afterlife two gatekeepers which are eternal Oopty + Oocty ~ They direct the sole to where they be best guided two before entering either something that with the soul consciousness as similar to a train ride in the modern version of the canoe’s that are depicted in the keep of the soul that existed and still do when after the afterlife became significant was installed to reduce the size of queue’s.

If you have for example done a human exhibited when the individual is by form two or around and visible or audible to either the twins or their offspring, then it will break the compulsory tube not the system where you have to and this is only these two between deity when they are primary to have the soul faired for the canoe with a gold token of some-type, this is partly why I don’t play board games and the only one in the house is a go board 19×19 as the tokens when they are mock bullion curses the person to be caught in the halls they die suspended as a ghost trapped between the land of the living and eternal rest before if supported in their after life for rebirth or rejoining the living as reborn soul, anyway if you have done this exhibition and you have with doof with gabba that when NSW police asked me being something of death I could not hear the terrible screaming stages at the time till merged with my twin daughter on the princes highway at a greek pub right next to crown land.

Hey Pooty my twin in our mouse in a house hidey hole that I know your pining for me to drop around then it will all walk in on you have to come this way to my address, you can make Pooty out of Oopty and you can also make Oocty out of my tag normally Cooty, hey that could be us, no wonder I have weird supernatural capabilities, that I am going around manually and not turning up in an instance on anything, so please know this little hidey hole i am in the address here we are here most times and fall back into normal family route with no troubles, also with the kids, in fact a couple of the adopted ones like Kris Peewee Herman Cipherhouse I have already seen and kekeheh keeps giving me whitegoods for my wedding.

hehehe.. like naughty none Japaneses girls…

Angel nobody know where me and Pooty came from I will tell you about it!!!

You know dearest daughter nobody knows where Pooty and me came from; like I was saying best guess was some underground intercosmic baby trade, pooty parents are aokey with me just shopping in the market for a baby have the adoption papers much like Mike Stass (@zobier) – – me however have dressed up birth certificates but we do on any genetic test as identical twins, I am sure pooty has my copy as well I gave her for and we all know what this is like with her, her filer.

We suspect it is some ancient star wars type war cause we both do all that Nobel foundation stone turning and stuff which you always do as an heir or the monarch, as seen in Australien soil at least today with @Cipherhouse which is how we know our slapped surname in these parts; everything since there was trout slapping; slaps…

I know I have seen what looked like a brain dead clone which is the only way we do clone funeral video of mine, it is still me angel and pooty you have to know, there was a doppelgänger as well as you know is conjured magick. You do know however daughter like dela that counts forward to 8675 AD yours around here and your half sister, me and pooty (who you know you have never once had a bloods sample). are DOB: Unknown – we make the age counter go to absolute negative…

Mary our child is the key too evolutionary means for your kin!

Mary, I am not sure where we are these days with each other, you once accused me of causing three women to fall to their deaths in Katoomba at a Doof, but you found when you check no body at the base of the cliff, nobody has ever died at a Doof such and the likes of that they would have had found themselves waking in bed the next day with the previous evening being presented as a lucid dream.

We have a child together and even though you where not aware of it at the time that girl is all girl built, I know your an EBE, I am more an EXCE and like me I am even compatible with virus and bacteria but not primates as a breeding system, as we are not like you have impregnability by homo-sapient, which is the mystery to you, I am not sure I would have when I was not being followed come to your place in Beecroft, but the corner of the streets where not accessible to me.

Something lack definition, what myself and my twin is lost in definition in spoken or written language we sit outsidal of all things and not always normally a physical presence in the cosmos. The fear you had when you told me to keep away from you was the debauch precinct of what would happen to our child which you where unaware, my name I am under that I gave Kyle, is only an alais, it is really: Tanty Oocty Cipherhouse and my identical twins’ name is Tanty Oopty Cipherhouse and we are female like you.

Your species is and has been in search for a mate too the dawn of time I know, as it was on the brink of collapse through forthright basis of definition to life, you will find the mementoes in our child through a simple phylogenetic imprint will allow your species to breed again, if I never see you again, please know I love our family and I will forever guide you in your goals to seed the truth.

I have store only one time around my gizm at Fertility First as well as ovaries under the same name: Simon Antony Roberts, as well as a the same with my daughter who seeded my twin re-birthing which is why we have come to physical planes in dimensional space: Elpiniki Iosif.

That is a princess in the extremely top of all order, please see her is treated and groom in such as the Nobel that seeder her as all girl built and made, just know ~ I love you.

Violent Dissemination

Noticeably NSW Health spired on by Neill + Annette Roberts are completely delusional, they seem to think I am violent and dangerous, when they lock me up cause I am doing an insurance claim for 4 days then get discharged they put me in a locked ward for violent people; can I point out of all my pubbing and clubbing and going around town interacting with people this is my current charge sheet:-

NSW Police Report - Simon Antony Roberts

I only have one charge in NSW!! and the closes thing to being violent I have is nuisance being a lawbreaking, if there was any truth to me being violent there you have it; I am not; any violent apprehension are always warranted to report and charges; in fact too give you and idea of the dissemination against me currently in my file they are reporting I have epileptic seizures; but for some reason there hasn’t been a single call from my Wife to triple zero in the 8 years of our relationship cause I have collapsed and on the ground shaking in an epileptic seizures… Not a single report and not a single charge for violent behaviour.

Well there would be a charge if Neill + Annette Roberts could spell my name this one; where neill being push out the door got a tiny tiny minuscule bruise on one of his leg; where they where hysterical cause I refuse to call them as an adult by pets`ie names like Mum + Dad; to the point where they needed a court case over a none existent injury, here read his completely contrived witness statement you can find the complete documentation on Chronolabs Sourceforge Subversion, anyway — notice how he is unable to spell my name in reporting to the police, and look at the police injury photograph can you see any injury there at all, even in the slightest at all in anyway!


Simon is a girls name there is only one male version!

No I am effeminately Cooty who has Girls germs!! Simon; is a female name, the only male derivative of the name is Simmon, the other female name is Simone which are all based in french names!!

Oopty (Pooty) and Cooty (Oocty) are a pair of devicive and direct means, I would like to spend a Christmas with my geno family for once including me kidz.

Instantaneous Gratification

Instantaneous Gratification is something people demand, when they want to reward you with the gifts they think you need, not what you asked for an example of this; is it is my apparent birthday on the 8th of December; I haven’t seen my bonafide parents in over 2 years since doing a DNA Swab test with Chantel who came back on the Douglas Pathology tests as my identical twin.

Pooty’s birth date which falls almost 6 months before mine is an example of the 1970s and 1980s stolen white generation where they would separate from single mothers their children, problem is mine is without adoption papers; it has been done like Jan + Gus Almgren where they dress it up like your own child.

I asked for the simplest thing which was to have my and my wife equipment out of the hock shop; we even paid all the interest on the items; and have a picnic at home; they instead need to say it not my birthday and they don’t give a fuck about my needs instead need instantaneous gratification in making the decision about what is done on my birthday. Well to them I say forget it; I am doing fine better in fact without any father interferences.

Cold callers are unable to also call +61343341151 (Sydney)

It has been like this since the 1945 when telecommunication first started hear for me; people are unable to call me on the phone all they get is an engaged sound; in fact it even plays the engaged tone on a can-on-a-string.

For example; it is impossible to carbon date my hair or saliva that is why what is a component of the CYP450 carbon date stamping an individuals DOB reports: Unknown for me cause I am older than this total region of space.

We never receive in any numeracy even a prank call or telemarketer calls; we only lately have had calls from the following people and we know Barack Obama has been attempting to call me like with what he said on public prime time TV: Cipherhouse I am attempting to call!

The only people I have ever received a phone call of apart from Michael Dagn, who is the focal system of this and might want to get rid of that smacintosh iPhone for the new MPie phone I bought herself are the following people; and not who I would love a call from Chantel my Twin who lives in marrickville:-

  • Androniki Iosif
  • Angelo Iosif
  • Josie Iosif
  • Annette Roberts
  • Neill Roberts
  • Martin Roberts
  • Nathan Roberts
  • Marrickville Community Health
  • iiNet
  • NSW Police
  • Andrew Psaila
  • Commonwealth Bank

That is the rough of the hit list; the rest will be attached in CSV generated from the impression of this bogg!

Poots as your actual sister I know your already by witness tied the knot with walter!


Poots in the scale of the pooty file on facebook for you lookin for me and well like angle, been trawling me on the public sites for at least a decade and it as been safe to hang around with each other since the shower sounded seeming we are all going around if sounding as it is different all the way through and we are some of us never met one another but some how psychedelically knowing one another relevance to each other badly this time; wondering when you should queue your presence where i am still wearing the badge it improvidence on me like what reads on that douglas pathology dna test that shows we are identical twin and girls; which we know in they’ll blood testing of the population it would know.

Btw we both are the only princess with sourpuss and both of our gloves are green or with a visible like for our fiends; Faster Pussycat!


You know that sticker you looked at the IGA; the other one you can only see walking back down the hill across from the pub, the first door on the left of that sticker next to the tuppet is where the prince of walter who own the flag of water above which is currently got a temporal republic until you and walter tie the knot in public view not just a reef knot in the knowledge of my eyes and the who thing will roll roll roll and baby!

Today cause I can hear you in my heartlessness I know we will be forever

Kirrillea (Keiye) for many cycles of the decades I have heard you on the wind; in the sound of the motion and physics of this and many world; where since we weared the crowd and engulfed in a bipolar temporal anomaly where how this was done is but for us now a distant hindrance on what our life has been and always will be eternally; and exclusively not by choice but just in who and what we are each other natural match.

That we find in our minds no matter how much it makes me long to have you breath on my neck, you ruffling my hair your gaze melting the darkest regions of my mind I know that even with no choice I have no other pairing and never had; there never will not be Kirrillea, or angle, mark, niki and della (fracta twin) that is well insured; this time and forever onward.

We have no limit to the capacity of our lives, and exasperating that anomaly on myself only a number of years before, which is why you where met by pooty my twin sister who still looks just like you last saw with; funny enough your twin chris who are each other exclusively worn by, unique for each other, through no choice of their own it just in our nature and how we breed and be with child, cause that is just how we are.

See we where meant in the walk around to surface in real space again looking at each other in that spot you were retrieved from just now at the same time and in the distortion not recognise to have any cognitive notion of each other, but our love is strong and ageless against the night sky in any depth.

Take what time you need, we have as always ever motion of the clock and the hands never cease to our gaze, I am just living with Angel Wife Niki (Sparc), which is where Mark came from, at Trafalgar st, with niki chucking a mark with no hat and dreadlock’s wig. But knowing soon I get to hold you hand, as I have never known loneliness in the depth I am numb, even if we neither find it easy to speak just know the silence for them is deafening and threatening for I know no love apart from your and our family.

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