Top 30 Fonts (2016 ~ 2017)

The following font libraries are the top 30 fonts for 2016 – 2017 in no particular order:

Thesis.tar.gz 2017-04-25 292.3 MB i
Journal.tar.gz 2017-04-25 119.5 MB i
Windsor.tar.gz 2017-04-25 98.2 MB i
Rotis.tar.gz 2017-04-25 85.9 MB i
Corporate.tar.gz 2017-04-25 65.0 MB i
Amplitude.tar.gz 2017-04-25 58.5 MB i
Quorum.tar.gz 2017-04-25 56.5 MB i
Dragon.tar.gz 2017-04-25 37.8 MB i
Formata.tar.gz 2017-04-25 31.1 MB
Atkins.tar.gz 2017-04-25 32.6 MB i
Futurist.tar.gz 2017-04-25 35.0 MB i
Quintessential.tar.gz 2017-04-25 33.7 MB
Avenir.tar.gz 2017-04-25 24.8 MB i
ITC Franklin Gothic.tar.gz 2017-04-25 24.7 MB
Quicktype.tar.gz 2017-04-25 24.0 MB 19 weekly downloads i
ITC Avant Garde.tar.gz 2017-04-25 23.4 MB i
Quebec.tar.gz 2017-04-25 20.4 MB i
Lucida.tar.gz 2017-04-25 20.2 MB i
Gill Sans .tar.gz 2017-04-25 18.8 MB
Justice System.tar.gz 2017-04-25 11.7 MB i
Nobel.tar.gz 2017-04-25 11.3 MB i
Antique Olive.tar.gz 2017-04-25 9.9 MB
Wizard.tar.gz 2017-04-25 9.6 MB i
Prestige Elite.tar.gz 2017-04-25 8.3 MB
Letter Gothic.tar.gz 2017-04-25 6.4 MB i
Copperplate Gothic.tar.gz 2017-04-25 6.2 MB
News Gothic.tar.gz 2017-04-25 4.6 MB i
Sabon.tar.gz 2017-04-25 3.8 MB i
Bell Centennial.tar.gz 2017-04-25 2.1 MB 19 weekly downloads i
Walbaum.tar.gz 2017-04-19 5.1 MB i

Rebuild of the font resources svn for!!


I have been rebuilding the font resources for the font API I have been building for the last couple of months.. After only processing over 2600 fonts, I realise I am going to be able to operate most of the site but due to the size of large font uploads the /fonts folder will be WebDAV from the vps I have been trialling, as I have enough saved to pay for maybe 36/48 months of runtime at the moment…

It take on average to have all the font files per font in a zip around 2-4Mb zipped but some of the font files have reached 20Mb even 120Mb when large amount of glyph are present in the font… So the svn on what I have so far managed too collect which is around 500k fonts to crash with font forge, I hope too see a large svn at some point with this odd 1000 it is already 6.6Gbs…

I am going to be making an app at first which is the on-screen browser on where ppl can preuse fonts downloadable, I haven’t used my web crawler yet which is in it – it could take a week or so of constant website crawling looking for more fonts..

So that’s what I have been upto :-//

Clean Carèt (Cursor/Kerser) with – Fonting Repository API!!

Around 3 years ago I wrote the original fonting API version 1.x – you can see it still running at; I have been working on a new version, currently 2.2.6 is the version number running on at the moment.
You can see for example the image that I have used in the header is generated by the API, the URI for it is as follows: A glyph, unicode п preview is the following URI:; which if you wanted the data on the font would be the following URI:
Just say you wanted to download the font in nearly every format ever needed even *.ik for mobile phones you can download a 7zip pack for this font from the following URI: or what about it in an rar, the URI will do that: or even a zip file if you want it would be the URI:
It has a git repository you can pair with that the API uses as an offline cache for less than popular fonts so the server doesn’t fill up with endless amounts of fonts that are never used you can find this here on this URI: (which is automated with the server). So if you wanted to download all the fonts you would get a copy of the git, when I last checked it was around 2GB for around 850 fonts so it will get quite large!
There is two RSS Feeds of the service one which is 0-day font releases which is the following URI: or for example the top 20 fonts with hits on the service:; there is also a ways to embed the font in HTML with a CSS Stylesheet which the following URI still for the font you see in the header of this article image URI is:
See with me as a programmer I know I pass your action on a form, that is the submission, in your impression throughout the processes I write like an instance of how are you-you are! all the way through but one advantage is the carèt I have has stuff like none of that eon’s of built-up caffeine burst over and over repetitively as the convulsions of spatial linear we’re occurring. Unlike your carèt from earth. A carèt is two things, the cursor you type with that mysteriously produces all those characters as well as the dash for example and things around the e in carèt a much older word I am running for cursor’s. So I will produce from your fonts if you upload them to and I don’t mind if you upload some torrents of fonts either, it is all fingerprinted.

Font API Version 2.1.9 — Release Archives/Packs

Font API Version 2.1.9

Release Archives/Packs

Here at Chronolabs Cooperative (wishcraft) we have been working on a new version 2.x of the Font’s API which is in release of version 2.1.x. This is without the unison cloud peering system, which will be additional in version 2.2.x coming out in a month or two.

The new font API you can see operating at which is a complete Debian/Ubuntu solution. To Install there is quite a bit of configuration and you will have to be able to read the code as well as: apt-get install fontforge zip unzip bzip 7zip rar — and so on with the systems required to be installed as well as in some of the cronjobs you will require user permissions to be set with chown and chmod calls.

You can download the font API version 2.1.9 from sourceforge here:

In version 2.2.x we will be including a peer-to-peer cloud font sharing system without reproduction, as well as glyph output previews and be rounding of any callback and other options involved in the peer-2-peer font cloud sharing solution with a peering identify checksum!

This is the final revision for minor revision of 2.1!