Nobody has paid anything for internet – My Technology @ICANN @theiana

When I was 13 I designed the networking topology of the internet on comp.protocol, it is outlined all the articles pertaining to it in articles from UseNet on and with the headers on this passport: (see right).

When the topology of the internet was design it was charged and vinton cerf agreed to be me not anymore than to the day of my 30th birthday, and I am now 38.

I have never seen a single cent of renumeration for the web, and all the design of it is noted as articles on my passport there is a 0.50 AUD fee for all network nodes being charged, which is an IPv4, IPv6, TLD, gTLD and 1TB Block in all and an interest of 21.75% per month on over due fees.

This is the balance of my account as of 10 minutes ago:-


Kirrily your father Vinton G. Cerf is an insatiable man I tell you why… okey dokey…

Okey this is a reliving retold beginning of the internet and were me and vinton cerf stand when it comes to the scale of the deployment and me the main pseudo-child of the age of 13 a young guy on comp.protocol and Sydney BBS and a defence super computer named after the Asian frying pan wok, that was recently fired up again to find some of these physical records about vinton and larry 888 visa application like peter thiel and a mass of American Celebrities making a tree change to Australia at the moment so the young blood can fight over the 50000 channel tv and their TMZ Coverage that week anyway.

Well it all started on Star Fleet Command BBS where I was the sysop with Chris McInnes from and our polling subscription to UseNet, my alias as the admiral on there is what I used in the BBS Days the word ‘cisco’ chris is great ‘spock’, we subscribed to comp.protocol where computer protocols are designed and after a number of months I got involved in one as a 13 year old boy that in the contingency was a brillant network engineer and my main distribution underhanded as it is for implementation by design your father kirrily – vinton gregory cerf. So I come up with the IPv4 and TLD design in there that they decided was the most ideal to base the frame relay network under, in those posts I used 3 BBS a warez one that I knew the admin and set up the group for me, Pooty BBS (newtown) and SFC BBS to have distributing headers and there is quite a series of post pertaining to the design of the internet that have been somehow removed from where UseNet polls into still Google Groups and and so on, nobody will ever really capture that no matter what and those post still reflect on other distributing polling peers apart from the main inward reflecting registrar here as they do on articles in my military passport that I produce the number on no matter who attempts to assign a new one even other countries cause it is the same number as my implanted passport for exo travel.

Anyway we had a family friend who worked in the DSD Corp in the Australian Army at the time who Son Justin another genuine nice actual guy with a dick not a mans penis, who as a girl been chucking a guy from day one like me just attempting to attract some other lesbian like me that can only get other girls pregnant, well he is the only one on this passport which was set up rather than the last entry point DOB: 1/1/1901 on 8/12/1978 which has the rank of: Main Internet Founder, and he put all those UseNet posts even the corresponding intercepted emails like thing we had there audio transcript of US based phone calls all that sort of stuff in a big file associated with that passport that Justin Heath the only other member of my platoon in the Australien Army father did the full surveillance as this group called phoenix which is like an intermilitary under cover you tell me when I know you need to know ASIS sort of thing, but less formal need to know to be a member and know how to identify your correspondences see ASIS is only really like ASIO a domestic service anyway he did the full job on them cause things by then where back-here-again and he would have uncanny jedi like perception and visuals of the word ‘internet’ mentioned in all the posts and so on so he knew it was worth big biscuits.

So all the stuff kirrily where you from Vinton coming to Australia to set up an office called ICANN in NSW where Katrina your mother fell pregnant to him as an escort with some insatiable thys cause her turned up on me as a 14/15 yr old asking if vinton should be tagged like in my bed room appeared out of nowhere which you can do but I prefer normally if you knock on the front door and I no mind being woken up late at night but I normally unless meth is involved go to bed on sundown, anyway your mother all of a sudden and massaged that condom off anyway that the story of a lovely lady who originally kirrily put you up for adoption, there has been some convulsive environment and if anyone has ever acted or matched your like me not really genetics but that all the people with DNA can only see in entity that predate DNA like me, and your father, see cause it is what they are observing the greater cosmos through a DNA Genetic composition, cause I know we did with vint manually like last time we where in this same bat time same bat channel historical corridor you would have had some intersecting pathway by something like the bank attempting even unknown at the future point cause it does this in the commonwealth helter skelter with it investment in suffering faked your family around you with brainwashed hypnotised fake parents belonging to evening star or the free masons. evening star isn’t a terrestrial by any means only parapsychology occult cult like the free mason which is only terrestrial; which those things normally attempt to maintain control with fears and bolstering discredit wives tales and playing of fears of unknown and so on… anyway…

So here is vinton he knows he as design fee’s but around 1996 when all the links globally came online with only half the ipv4 stack cause the other half was originally assigned to me ICANN which is when vinton had the falling out with their current directorship said they want him to be poster boy and I was to be written of and the history removed, little knowing it was all backed up on my passport seeming I am under a really common name it is the Australian British equivalent of the American Eric Kelly in rank and file, so what doesn’t have a name search the passport system, was uknown and until you get to this final point in history where one of my organisation Chronolabs Cooperative has gain traction on the convulsion which was being done by the bank and assiopaths with human screaming and torture and basically an exchange of what termed by us suffrage tokens for the ability to unpredictable move and convulse corridors of time, cause the compounding value of money when you time travel that way or machined finish nice and flush with rounded edges and looking good and enjoyable to experience rather than convulsive jerky movement around makes saving go up by power to that fold against the last factorial sum of the moment. It was at this time Vinton started working with Larry Page on Google leaving the false profiteering of ICANN and IANA later on on my interlectual property within the internet and it technology.

See over the years Kirrily before I sat around and developer open source part mainly of the XOOPS Community, I would and had a long working career, and in every job periodically I would get an email from in his usual one-liners about needing my BSB Account and Swift or IBan details, and he would send me a transfer receipt for what called the Google 500 which comes in a midy, a schooner, a keg and a beer truck through multiple insured transnational gateway, large amounts of money when they are sent kirrily are normally insured, which would always disappear even if I open an account in the USA to pay into the commonwealth bank and strangely disappear with them discrediting it ever turned up even when the trace they use to argue the same in court says so would deny.

So part way through I get poison and sitting in a corner rocking too myself babbling I get put in the mental health system in hornsby, where the legal is pushed through for me to loose the rights and choice of what I was then a qualified psychology thru macquarie university I am now a psychiatrist with RMIT amongst other things, I get this letter given to me while I am getting every pill and potion imaginable that is still in the scanned 345k page PDF someone compiled circulating on the internet around in 2001 or so that ‘ICANN’ are retracting my ownership of my IPv4 addresses as I am to ill to use or make or have them, this letter with no letter head or signature handed to me by Dr Raugh Chaudhary under Hyde himself Dr. Jeneki, was arranged by the IANA to acquire what they had already done the last couple of stacks I had left after they pilfered my IPv4 United Blocking Stacks, for things like the NBN and Asian Retention.

So I could go on so unlike ICANN+IANA that have never even for a second attempted kirrily to make my design fee’s paid, your father has at least many times in his busy life out of his own intrinsic network earning cause he hasn’t always sent the Google 500 sometimes from his own rather extensive stash, seeming ICANN+IANA tell everyone it him the founder of the internet well there is a few of them but I am where the designer the main founder and vinton comes after me which all came from as a 13 year old guys, looks like fiscal paedophilia for submarines general of defence department… were with the extent of the Microsoft and Symantec and so on, I am in a department of housing 2 bedroom unit in marrickville with on 20 AUD into my account each day, never seen even anything comparable to any sort of intrinsic network earning from my internet technology ever paid for a second except by vinton from his own stash not the massive linked-in to crime syndicate and user base of ICANN+IANA.


Don’t own any bricks and morta as the designer of the internet – Shame!

As the designer of the internet there is a series of articles that have been on my passport since 1986 (Password: obfuscate) which is on this passport:

The posts that where made via Star Fleet Command BBS (Cherrybrook) as well as Pooty’s BBS (Newtown) on comp.protocol which have never been renumerated in anyway nor the system operators of the BBS’ being used see this is my account as of today as the Main Internet Founder – Vint Cerf Boss basically:

Basically the world IT and financial structure has never even in the slighest contributed to Chronolabs Cooperative or me financially for designing the internet and look like a group of dodgy fuckwits; that have no basis of function in contribution or renumeration for services rendered to them.

I am the original designer of the internet from comp.protocol

You know the IT industry really has a lot too answer for, not only have I been carded as the main internet founder since 1983 on the following international citizen passport M8747409 but you as a consumer of my design and the industries that provide it have left me on the street of Australia in boarding houses unable to find employment and to be inhumanely experiment on by NSW health so they can at least get their ebay purchases correct.

Look I have nothing to show for 2 major installations in the world both the Internet itself as well as my page Doof the only encyclopedia dance movement or anything mention on there in the motion of modern dance.

Look at my current accounts:-


I have never had the ability even while design the internet to purchase my own bricks and mortar, I have no assest that I envalue that have provided a feasible return at all, I live with my wife Elpiniki Iosif married of 8 yrs in a department of housing unit in the Inner west of sydney. I have never had the IT industry watch my back or hold my position, in fact I feel there is no chance after fending for food and begging on the streets of Queensland is there a way of making me feel esteemed too say that yeah the Internet what a great invention I have been carded on this passport since 1983 the first person mentioned with military rank that many ISP will remind you that design and implemented the Internet that I have had since public not even a day salary from a defence force to hold any weight in their arguement:-


I haven’t committed any crime but people are told I am violent and a criminal and I am persecuted, look at my charge sheet that is still current, is there any mention of violent crime on there at all, in fact it doesn’t even register as criminal there is only 1 page most people that drive are more hanus criminals with multiple pages of driving offences, which are preventable crimes that are not duress of drug inhuman medical experiments:-



Well @ClarenceHouse you would agree I have nothing happy to be about as M8747409

Well Charles, William, Kate you would have to agree I have nothing to be happy about as M8747409 : Main Internet Founder as is shown in the public articles that have existed since the 1980s on this passport:-


You know I have had my family fakes around me by now, been separated from my twin (pooty enmore) and it isn’t hard to prove that the people pretending to be my parents at 41 amor st leave their house unlocked so it wont be hard to get some hair or something to do a DNA test and I bet you find they have embellished my ID card normally the surname Cipher with Roberts as well as the DOB and everything.

Not only that I get medically experimented on cause they want me to sound lunatic saying I am the main founder of the internet when my passport shows that anyway and has since the mid 1980s; were I get poisoned into the mental health system with mugwart extract which makes you babble and I can’t now get rid of them even when I have present my own legal and kicked them from magistrate 5 times they just wont go away on top of that I have nothing to show, absolutely nothing to show for my fee’s for the internet and when there are fee’s charged there are fee’s due which is 50c AUD x IPv4, IPv6, TLD, gLTD and 1Tb of data otherwise known as networks nodes.

Your community in fact your nations are a cunt act you know charles; you look yourself like a dog act of extreme cuntery. Were you have the Main internet founder living with my wife in a cockroach infested department of housing unit living on 20 AUD a day; look at yesterday balance on the fee collected for the internet:-



Vint Cerf is my Peer — Where not fighting with each other!!

You know Vint Cerf and myself email one another regularly, I don’t always get a response probably cause how busy Vint is but also something he is forgetting one of us doesn’t exist with out the other we are joined in someway at the hips. Vint Cerf is one of the main OO (Object Ordinates) for or known as Frame Relay, that action of someone, something, sometype of object like for example that relays through a door frame when it is open to arrive on the other side of the door.

Vint very much is a transport layer physicality in the way the internet rimbauds and bauds data around; if he get poor resolution off my email, it all the people that have poised him not part of a team and attempting to blame vint about being well not the inimical of focus for the internet that there is someone else. I am M8747409 = Main Internets Founder, there is more than one inter to an inter as well as the network + I know Vint would have been left with no choice in the matter just simply made the poster boy, the person that designed the Internet is myself, on comp.protocol and vint with his networking knowledge took my design for the internet and made it a practicality.

But when there are fee’s there are fee’s due like my fee’s which absolutely none at all hit the door cause the dodgy people that made Vint Cerf the poster boy without any choice in the matter and having really no say in anything they where depicted as; Vint is rushed in the media swirl and forgets about until recently myself the person who came up with the workable network design for internet technology. You know the only person who can survive the level of debt your in with me the powers to be with the web, the only survival mechanism is to pay my due fee’s and you know it’s not Vint’s debt with me; it is your cover up; your lies, your cheating, your stealing, your sheening that leads to the logger head debt of yours like — your make vint have too look like the fool and a liar who passport is A for academic, mine the one that is M for Military and the original inventors of the internet that your society dues are now, need to be paid this week!!


Geo-Fencing – The New Cold War in Data Communication!!

Looking at some of the stuff that is going into the standards in linux, they are poorly documented and a lot of people I know are sus on them; as they have poor documented man pages as well as not being very much online about this.

And when you go around and look at the people that are meant to be maintaining the standards in linux their pages are all wonky and not very contactable. I know I have a fiend Michael Dagn who run and you know he has not for a moment shut up about the standard, contacting the auditing group and the whole open standard beginning to slipping and not being able to find any data on the new libraries being installed and basically doesn’t trust it.

One of the new features you find in your box is GeoFencing which is like the walls government raise to keep a population out, it will stop communication between servers in different parts of the world, I have been making a hived peer system with the API as a way around this so if some part of off the GeoRouting the API will call that back to the API that can’t contact a server for example due to GeoFencing.

GeoFencing will become the new cold war in data communication and will seriously impair the open and free communication the internet offers.

Using Physical Routing rather than networking & the internet

Header to set for physical mechanism routing off world + outlands + wiers

There is a TCP header you have to set for the none terrestrial via the road and physics routing, which is the following, earth is operating on a development closed network where this HTTP Header for the networking is set to stop any external traffic, you need to set it; remember the general rules of the meter-maid, which is you only see the traffic in the gravity well your in, that is any external to the solar system is not visible unless you view your statistics from open space as a route and presence.

This is how it is done in .htaccess (normally mod_headers.c is on by default):-

<IfModule mod_headers.c>
       Header set Origin *
       Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin *

This can also be set by this method in PHP and similar languages but will not include flat data files unlike the .htaccess method which in your root public_html path does the entire folder structure:-

       header("Origin: *");
       header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *");

Headers are in interesting thing some are for TCP some are for IP and other for all sorts of functions that are set on the IP packets.

Earth being part of the development cycle of the transgalatic internet operates on a closed circuit so people can have their experimental websites until they want to broadcast on all channels which this header being set this way does.

So you own a gTLD the physical domain + fallout

You may know that every gTLD is just another TLD it all goes in the same spot on the internet subscription systems. The thing is these people just think owning the actual dot word, they have achieved something but alias no, they now have to start billeting government for their allocated fallout.

What is fallout well with .com lets say is without fallout is with fallout the .au you can see the current strata on my api

They will need to start adding this cause until they get at least one they have no border or ballast.

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