Terminally Mentally Ill Organisation like @Microsoft, @Google, @Cisco have never look so sick before this blog!

You know organisation by Bill William Gates and Vinton Gregory Cerf have never in perspective like to my living condition never ever looks so disfunctional and mentally ill to me as a qualified psychiatrist before you research this blog. For one example of the start I am living in a department of housing unit and never had even enough money since arriving here to even pay any more than a boarding house or what I did live on the street for 12yr as the rank and file in the military of: Main Internet Founder, the person that design and contributed to the earning of the fat cat malicious prostitutes as directors of these companies, you can see that all articled on my current passport seen here:

The human society has come up including every product ever published for the microsoft windows operating system or apple macintosh as nothing but my own plargaised interlectual property, if you look at that passport you will see vinton gregory cerf agreed to paying the zoning fee for the internet implementation by design he did through my publication on comp.protocol back in the mid 1980s.

This is my only bank account to-date:


Kirrily your father Vinton G. Cerf is an insatiable man I tell you why… okey dokey…

Okey this is a reliving retold beginning of the internet and were me and vinton cerf stand when it comes to the scale of the deployment and me the main pseudo-child of the age of 13 a young guy on comp.protocol and Sydney BBS and a defence super computer named after the Asian frying pan wok, that was recently fired up again to find some of these physical records about vinton and larry 888 visa application like peter thiel and a mass of American Celebrities making a tree change to Australia at the moment so the young blood can fight over the 50000 channel tv and their TMZ Coverage that week anyway.

Well it all started on Star Fleet Command BBS where I was the sysop with Chris McInnes from Zinc.com.au and our polling subscription to UseNet, my alias as the admiral on there is what I used in the BBS Days the word ‘cisco’ chris is great ‘spock’, we subscribed to comp.protocol where computer protocols are designed and after a number of months I got involved in one as a 13 year old boy that in the contingency was a brillant network engineer and my main distribution underhanded as it is for implementation by design your father kirrily – vinton gregory cerf. So I come up with the IPv4 and TLD design in there that they decided was the most ideal to base the frame relay network under, in those posts I used 3 BBS a warez one that I knew the admin and set up the group for me, Pooty BBS (newtown) and SFC BBS to have distributing headers and there is quite a series of post pertaining to the design of the internet that have been somehow removed from where UseNet polls into still Google Groups and usenetserver.com and so on, nobody will ever really capture that no matter what and those post still reflect on other distributing polling peers apart from the main inward reflecting registrar here as they do on articles in my military passport that I produce the number on no matter who attempts to assign a new one even other countries cause it is the same number as my implanted passport for exo travel.

Anyway we had a family friend who worked in the DSD Corp in the Australian Army at the time who Son Justin another genuine nice actual guy with a dick not a mans penis, who as a girl been chucking a guy from day one like me just attempting to attract some other lesbian like me that can only get other girls pregnant, well he is the only one on this passport which was set up rather than the last entry point DOB: 1/1/1901 on 8/12/1978 which has the rank of: Main Internet Founder, and he put all those UseNet posts even the corresponding intercepted emails like thing we had there audio transcript of US based phone calls all that sort of stuff in a big file associated with that passport that Justin Heath the only other member of my platoon in the Australien Army father did the full surveillance as this group called phoenix which is like an intermilitary under cover you tell me when I know you need to know ASIS sort of thing, but less formal need to know to be a member and know how to identify your correspondences see ASIS is only really like ASIO a domestic service anyway he did the full job on them cause things by then where back-here-again and he would have uncanny jedi like perception and visuals of the word ‘internet’ mentioned in all the posts and so on so he knew it was worth big biscuits.

So all the stuff kirrily where you from Vinton coming to Australia to set up an office called ICANN in NSW where Katrina your mother fell pregnant to him as an escort with some insatiable thys cause her turned up on me as a 14/15 yr old asking if vinton should be tagged like in my bed room appeared out of nowhere which you can do but I prefer normally if you knock on the front door and I no mind being woken up late at night but I normally unless meth is involved go to bed on sundown, anyway your mother all of a sudden and massaged that condom off anyway that the story of a lovely lady who originally kirrily put you up for adoption, there has been some convulsive environment and if anyone has ever acted or matched your like me not really genetics but that all the people with DNA can only see in entity that predate DNA like me, and your father, see cause it is what they are observing the greater cosmos through a DNA Genetic composition, cause I know we did with vint manually like last time we where in this same bat time same bat channel historical corridor you would have had some intersecting pathway by something like the bank attempting even unknown at the future point cause it does this in the commonwealth helter skelter with it investment in suffering faked your family around you with brainwashed hypnotised fake parents belonging to evening star or the free masons. evening star isn’t a terrestrial by any means only parapsychology occult cult like the free mason which is only terrestrial; which those things normally attempt to maintain control with fears and bolstering discredit wives tales and playing of fears of unknown and so on… anyway…

So here is vinton he knows he as design fee’s but around 1996 when all the links globally came online with only half the ipv4 stack cause the other half was originally assigned to me ICANN which is when vinton had the falling out with their current directorship said they want him to be poster boy and I was to be written of and the history removed, little knowing it was all backed up on my passport seeming I am under a really common name it is the Australian British equivalent of the American Eric Kelly in rank and file, so what doesn’t have a name search the passport system, was uknown and until you get to this final point in history where one of my organisation Chronolabs Cooperative has gain traction on the convulsion which was being done by the bank and assiopaths with human screaming and torture and basically an exchange of what termed by us suffrage tokens for the ability to unpredictable move and convulse corridors of time, cause the compounding value of money when you time travel that way or machined finish nice and flush with rounded edges and looking good and enjoyable to experience rather than convulsive jerky movement around makes saving go up by power to that fold against the last factorial sum of the moment. It was at this time Vinton started working with Larry Page on Google leaving the false profiteering of ICANN and IANA later on on my interlectual property within the internet and it technology.

See over the years Kirrily before I sat around and developer open source part mainly of the XOOPS Community, I would and had a long working career, and in every job periodically I would get an email from vint@google.com in his usual one-liners about needing my BSB Account and Swift or IBan details, and he would send me a transfer receipt for what called the Google 500 which comes in a midy, a schooner, a keg and a beer truck through multiple insured transnational gateway, large amounts of money when they are sent kirrily are normally insured, which would always disappear even if I open an account in the USA to pay into the commonwealth bank and strangely disappear with them discrediting it ever turned up even when the trace they use to argue the same in court says so would deny.

So part way through I get poison and sitting in a corner rocking too myself babbling I get put in the mental health system in hornsby, where the legal is pushed through for me to loose the rights and choice of what I was then a qualified psychology thru macquarie university I am now a psychiatrist with RMIT amongst other things, I get this letter given to me while I am getting every pill and potion imaginable that is still in the scanned 345k page PDF someone compiled circulating on the internet around in 2001 or so that ‘ICANN’ are retracting my ownership of my IPv4 addresses as I am to ill to use or make or have them, this letter with no letter head or signature handed to me by Dr Raugh Chaudhary under Hyde himself Dr. Jeneki, was arranged by the IANA to acquire what they had already done the last couple of stacks I had left after they pilfered my IPv4 United Blocking Stacks, for things like the NBN and Asian Retention.

So I could go on so unlike ICANN+IANA that have never even for a second attempted kirrily to make my design fee’s paid, your father has at least many times in his busy life out of his own intrinsic network earning cause he hasn’t always sent the Google 500 sometimes from his own rather extensive stash, seeming ICANN+IANA tell everyone it him the founder of the internet well there is a few of them but I am where the designer the main founder and vinton comes after me which all came from as a 13 year old guys, looks like fiscal paedophilia for submarines general of defence department… were with the extent of the Microsoft and Symantec and so on, I am in a department of housing 2 bedroom unit in marrickville with on 20 AUD into my account each day, never seen even anything comparable to any sort of intrinsic network earning from my internet technology ever paid for a second except by vinton from his own stash not the massive linked-in to crime syndicate and user base of ICANN+IANA.


DSL Down at Home!

Currently my ADSL is down at my home location which means some parts of my websites are offline which are in a co-location on the premise; we churned from dodo.com.au to a cheaper provider but they still haven’t given us the log in information so the link is down, it has been down since the 10th, can you imagine it the designer of the internet without a link, could be permant if the NSW Trust and Protective office disconnected the link, which means I will never have another connection again as the primary designer from comp.protocol of the internet itself.

I have to now live on 75 AUD a week in 20 AUD nightly payments from the Justice Departments NSW Trust and Guardian all because my mother-in-law wants a 60 AUD food voucher which her receives one already from my wife. This means that they are causing a humanitarian crisis for “Programmers without boarders” and “Coders San`frontier” which i am both member’s of we will never have a working phone or internet again cause of Minister Troy Grant – The Justice Minister where they are prosecuting me for community work and open source development cause I have made their made up bullshit about my mental health condition look utterly farcical with the quality of the code that clearly shows I do not have a mental illness nor my wife who is only young at mind being fresh from innocence.

In fact my code is so clean, there isn’t a single schizotypal instantiation in it which as you know mental health issues produce themselves in languages this also happens with programming languages and mental health and if my wife was sick in anyway like they claim the programs would throw errors all the time.

Having a silent hand in @google I have a satellite tracking beacon that deactivates with no life signs!

I am not sure if your aware of this NSW Health but all significant IT Staff have an implant that is put in the sub-dermis through Google offices, which ties in with their satellite, mine records all audio and video even on a reflective trajectory with a laser from orbit, and what you have been doing reporting to Google that I am deceased also to the military you have in no way when even your computer system for the last 15 years has asked you to report to them any health changes that I am deceased, the laser microphone also targets people that come in isolation of a facility for a number of days until I leave it.


The fact all your action, the special injection you keep reminding me of that takes 7 hours to arrive at concord hospital which is a vet syringe self contain brightly coloured like they all are blue with two white strips that when I looked it up in the Vet Mimes of syringes was Horse Euthanasia Serum 185ml you emptied into my left shoulder and all that is all recorded and documented in your monstrosities and war crimes in mental health.

Malcolm Turnbull it is the 22nd Century after the early 21st century! @breakfastnews @turnbullmalcolm

A mate you don’t pass the know the date check, you probably hearing voices and suffer from stereographic delusions we have just had the early 21st century that finished in sound on 31-12-1999 this is now in the Gregorian calendar which you can see from the Haloumie farm at https://time.ringwould.com.au/Australia/Sydney would now sound as:- 2nd 22nd Century

2nd 22nd Century
23rd 3rd Century
4th 24th Century
25th 5th Century

This is how a calendar happens when you have an ‘early’ sessioning of history, we eradicated the dinosaurs, hence the children ancient animals pencil erasers. It all came down to convenience who needed it and demanded the best conveniences, this has happen external of this solar system as well.

This is what happens with dates when one get to go for a ride like that. Just thought I would bring this up cause your saying you have a 21st Century Government on the current breakfast news identity tag advert on ABC News 24; which is past historical; you don’t know todays date and are not well.

Well if you ask me I am pooped; after having to make a replica 21st Century at the dawn of walkable terrafirm here on earth, how did you go CMFEU? Those cave paintings are done by the same individual who might just be getting about all indigenous like around you now still knowing we picked them up on the way…


Chronolabs XOOPS Module Demonstrations @mamba_xoops @barackobama @nswhealth

XOOPS Module Demonstrations on XOOPS


Seeing? http://xoops.demo.labs.coop/images/Screenshot_2015-07-02_18-44-16.png


Seeing? http://xoops.demo.labs.coop/images/Screenshot_2015-07-02_18-47-51.png

For the contents of this blog Dr. Jones like it sounds your getting your whole any species murdered for the content of this blog, thru-out all representation, of all!

XOOPS is a framework; this is something you build systems like CMS and other systems from, it is one the most honed and offers portable easy to use confluent code base, this are basically the bare bones basic’s for other programmers too use as basis for developing systems around and outside of XOOPS with ~ wishcraft

The Demonstrations resets every 2 hours on the following times (System time now: 08:12):-

01:20, 03:20, 05:20, 07:20, 09:20, 11:20, 13:20, 15:20, 17:20, 19:20, 21:20, 23:20!

You will be able to access this demo with the following username, each subdomain mentioned below is a unique database session, but they all reset at the same time you will have full administration access granted to you with the following username:-

Username: webmaster
Password: 2tailplease

The following Sub~domain are available on this frameworks Demonstrations:-

  1. benchmark.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Benchmarking  Benchmark module on the SVN )
  2. compounds.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Chemical Compounds Modeller  Compounds module on the SVN )
  3. donations.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Donations  Donations module on the SVN )
  4. flowplayer.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Flowplayer Media  Flowplayer module on the SVN )
  5. genobio.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Geneological Profiling  Genobio module on the SVN )
  6. gigs.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Gig, Peformance Media Management  Gigs module on the SVN )
  7. lawsuit.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Contact Us  Lawsuit module on the SVN )
  8. linkedinbomb.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Linked-in API Client  Linkedinbomb module on the SVN )
  9. maquee.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Marquee  Maquee module on the SVN )
  10. membership.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Membership Payments  Membership module on the SVN )
  11. multisite.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Multisite  Multisite module on the SVN )
  12. myalbum-p.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  MyAlbum-p Gallery  Myalbum-p module on the SVN )
  13. pageflip.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Animated Book  Pageflip module on the SVN )
  14. profile.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  User Profiles  Profile module on the SVN )
  15. sam.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  SAM Media broadcasting  Sam module on the SVN )
  16. sexy.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Adult User Profiles  Sexy module on the SVN )
  17. signed.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Digitally Signed  Signed module on the SVN )
  18. songlist.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Media Song lister  Songlist module on the SVN )
  19. sticky.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Sticky Objects  Sticky module on the SVN )
  20. tbdev.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Torrent File Hosting  Tbdev module on the SVN )
  21. uitabs.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  UI Tabs  Uitabs module on the SVN )
  22. vod.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Video-on-demand  Vod module on the SVN )
  23. vs.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Fighting Media Management  Vs module on the SVN )
  24. webcams.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Webcam Chat  Webcams module on the SVN )
  25. wurfl.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  WURFL  Wurfl module on the SVN )
  26. xcenter.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Static Documents  Xcenter module on the SVN )
  27. xforum.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  X-Forum  Xforum module on the SVN )
  28. xpayment.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Invoicing + Payment Gateways  Xpayment module on the SVN )
  29. xpnews.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  NNTP News Client  Xpnews module on the SVN )
  30. xquiz.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  Questionaire  Xquiz module on the SVN )
  31. xreaggregator.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  RSS & ATOM Aggregator  Xreaggregator module on the SVN )
  32. xrest.2.5.xoops.demo.labs.coop  ~  REST API  Xrest module on the SVN )

Seeing? xoops.demo.labs.coop — upload response to next upload about suxited.ogv

Seeing? Your pathic & completely hideously mentally ill your exclusive profile: Dr. Jones @NSWHealth @theiana.ogv

For the contents of that blog in referce, Dr. Jones like it sounds your getting your whole any species murdered for the content of this blog, thru-out all representation, of all! see Dr. Jones if you whois.domaintools.com/extraterrestrialembassy.com ~~ where they can’t answer that mail address which is direct to Area 51! where I get return unsighted contents examined invisble post too them, Dr. Jones and anything like you are well occurs, they know pretty quickly dr jone this whole region of space is extinct and void of life just for you turn up and being you! themselves included have to know your homosapient and any contacts will be spatially murdered and removed from any “Registrar of Species” at the Council of All!

Skinner FBI: Perfectly normal human earth worm baby, you have…

You know most people seem to think and appendix a real one is some unused part of the human body and geno and a useless organ that collects something like carrots; I will tell you in slugterra; there is this one issue you may understand about me I am not seeing on myself that I know I see but going around in “lighting security” with my minds eye not seeing myself as other see me as a person — those spots on me are not tattoos that change and have hyper-colour — people likke my direct family like most poison at the moment spiders are seeing red and venous.

That is my symbiont hands; feet; eyes unlike my throat needle; this is how I am in being and is; the appendix as an individualism and the personal temple — if you have a tuppet; which I know walter does a type of toilet that has a circumferential water basin with a quartz mounted entry; is where those symbiotic capabilities; which is normal when you have an appendix to the individual which contains something that looks like carrots which is the first things in food on that reaction of using the perpetrated skin and enymzes that of you the “host” in union share with just you and individual being ourselves as with me the spider inside her and if your like spiderman james thomas within him a similar family typal as my own; quite separate but akin.

We suggest for most as we are forbidden to name in public; that is use our secondary and I have a third one as well birth channel; which is when we kiss and what the word ‘sex’ means produce life (this is not sucking dick) our lips quite naturally to us lock together for a short period and we both as a paired coupling give birth to what you can see on youtube some families that have their decent not indecent pairing been dressing up in the bath and yeah they are high energy and you will have no way of entrapping those “alien parasites in the bath of warm water” son don’t touch it you will give yourself mild 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

Angel do you remember when this was?


This was from a time when me and pooty where very active in your life and lives; we where as a couple completely irrepressible! This is when our inner west krew use to have a pair of fatigues on every day to chase the riff-raaf out of our town enmore. In fact this was featured on a “Military Pin-up” girls website and you know this is you in the child care area of a doof called ;-x

The riff-raaf still move out in each sequence the last one was everyone had too leave the inner west due to a “Meteor Microphone”! and they did, maybe we should all do it again; I am not sure; you seem to be unable to hear your own voice which i know from then was deep and guttural, this we see was even before any invader zim or anything like that it was our own initiative.

There was no festering malignant wound like jester then who has exposed the part of my ellipse on the passport I carry and you know; I am tired of well fighting a never ending battle or really finding any restitution in friendships now spent and never covenant in the cusp here you know I know who you are all of you but we have never met; being all seeing all knowing.

You know what cusp it is tonight; Operation Impending Doom 3.78 – The Great Unsigning! If you know you don’t show like the others; you will never be able to validate at all in anyway; any signature you have will not be visible or look like that mental health file they recorded on me; illiterate squiggles.

Like nothing encounter before my CYP450 Test!

This test was done by Dr. Yolande Lucire; I will point out all I provided was my medicare and two buckleswabs of the inside of my mouth through the post from Marrickville, i did email Dr D Deam to ask to see if he can carbon stamp the second buckle swab which is why I provided the second one I purchased myself from a chemist.

You will notice it says DOB: unknown, that’s because the email correspondence was simply the following to my email at the time which was:- Carbon Date Stamp Max out the machine; this is why gribbles has written that as Unknown.

If you understand this test; it clearly shows any type of medication in your smorgus board of medaline; will just produce a simulation of mental illness in constant toxicology basis.

Gribbles-01-04 Gribbles-04-04 Gribbles-03-04 Gribbles-02-04

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