Drug Offense is a discharge only not without honor!

You know illustrated agent super struth, time is running out for you on the clock, you know in the military and any domestic or subordinate intelligence game a drug offense is an immediate discharge, not a discharge without honor I have a few agents of my own from international borders like the ginger beer considering after witnessing a few things doing the same…

If you can’t get holidays put some money in my account and send me a letter before hand I will mail you an invisible consignment and rig the screening so you go not once but twice, we have lots of money to wait on and they have too pay you out in contractual arrangements as well, you just sight you started self medicating due to family and personal stresses.

Well I am right back at the end of the light even behind the mail room in any spy game as an industrialist and previous DSTO Officer, so the ayahusca will make sure your package with the smiley on it to open in your own quarters is yours only to see.

These people have #sfa about how badly from this letter they are garrenteed corpses! @USArmy

I have bought some ink so I can now scan the letter that came in the post from Marrickville Community health; today that is a correctly laid our double space addressed British hand typed letter. I will remind you that I am the commanding officer of my platoon, and in senior rank in the MMMMM your passport sais I am in the Military M8747409 + my twin sister M8747410 (Pooty).

Here is that current passport with my alias:- Simon Antony Roberts which is really DOB: Unknown cause it is not possible in this region of space or really any, that actual date to be carbon stamped; I am older than the dinosaurs!


The number I gave him to call was +61343341151 – sound like a 51 Area of some sort; the Ballarat Treasury and Mint mother-loading department; @Cipherhouse

the letter is as follows:-


Okey sean, when you have MMMM M on your passport your in active service in the military, this is what the M is there to show, it is called a military passport, notice how even as an alien I am indigenous to space itself and a living form of the enliving and quite omnipotent and immortal like, in fact I do stuff where as a solider people keep shooting their own personell cause I take over their physicality and can produce multiple instances of myself in any near infinite copies all armed and dangerous; of myself source; here at this blog, see in an instance I am here as well as multiple highly classified military bases all right now; same eyes, same ears, same brain.

Here is a sign from the entrance i passed over to myself; are you conducting a legal search to do with my international citizen status?


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