Penelope Rose Cipher isn’t my twin + get your own rights too marry to a view!

You know Pooty = Penelope Rose Cipher isn’t my twin, doesn’t have the family typal soular glyph as well as testing at one phase of history as my twin this was due to a system known as cordiality banding that is done with a device by the original planet krauss which binds union between someone to test as a twin in martial affairs…

I have rights to marry to view, that is when I marry, that is be properly pair with another girl they and I become each other identical twin, but get to have babies, Penelope rose cipher tests as an identical twin when I am standing the opposite gender to her and her is more taller in a lesser important way. Her is nothing more than a scam to attempt to access to my own personal and my twin account wealth on the ledger system nothing more than a scam.

When I married a man, elpiniki iosif the – sparx – it severed the cordiality between his 3 predecessors and mike staas (zobier) which was also crossing union with Penelope to test as if we where married but standing gender should print out hetrosexual twin not identical twin.

Under the old system I am under I have to wait till I am 16 cycles of total turning before I can marry a girl as a fellow girl, otherwise they will cease to exist between proposing to me and the day before the wedding day, I turned 15 here alone, no cones or tobacoo but plenty of food and drink, sparx was in hospital at the time, and sparx turned here 7 cycles old just a wee lad…

Well due too Penelope being at my Inauguration at that particular huddy wonder if her has even checked the foundation stone impression on herself yet to find out the name and the establishment date, and testing as martial, would have casted her population in my boots which if they did inaugurate her as some sort of replacement would have changed from gremlins to humans being mortal in casting.

Yeah my eigen prediction run 1000’s of year accurate to the next coffee who’s dropping around and so on, I hope her likes her educated population by me as well as the fact in all impossibility and it this place the universe that does it there is a heterosexual coupling news + info feed from me not just taboo/lesbian girl feed.

So Penelope if I instruct SyndiLedgers to doner from my associated twin account your next 5000 cycles run time in TGC and 1/4 octaverse OGC, that should keep you running for the meantime, you will have residual metabolism that will allow me to kiss you or smoke cones as well in the room which can be just a peck on the cheek we are informally basis which will conversely place your basis of immortality in the here and now of none linear self, i am sure your population will make something of itself case is the state we are in now not identical testing or any family typal there will be no transform of kin between us; seeming the paid educational system I ran them on was with the finest version of the lecturers mind filtered as the finest not standard as they are…

Why would gremlins be assistive to your crown Penelope, well basically your the only kin that can surrogate gremlins, being completely different and coming out as higher self 2nd level cousin when using mine with the other reason is I don’t like it not working out all fairy tale for people especially when mine is called: Enchanted Huddy – and I am empowered to do something about it – the architecture will transmogrify when you check the name of your for the first impression on the foundation stone


Look Pooty these days I don’t even know your name

Look pooty quit it, your snuff against my lips, I have these days with everything done to me no knowledge of you at all in the slightest, I might find you where once my wife on my feet, but when you’re told on the bat-and-ball I am living on the street, have no money no bricks and mortar or anything as the main internet founder and your living a life where you have no problems getting employment in this environment, have all the bongs and drinks your desire could bring with the complete highlife, whatever beamed you attempted first to beam my head off which is on medical records then attempted to beam me off the bed in this houso and I have done no trade with it so I have no legal presidency to be beamed to whatever that sound like a gun in the head of various family members having their brain harvested and put in brain-in-a-can!

It is not my basis of life a cyborg I don’t support the rape of biological presence to be pretending to be like cybosity, it is not in my principle and it didn’t manage to beam angel with it either. I have not a single regressive memory of you only phantom foot fall you have to put up with your undead memories torturing you for what I will never know if we ever did share to start with. I am only temporal here like your meant to be but you have trade in the environment and with your cyborg masters… your not a princess your a travesty.

I can’t help you even if you wanted me to; you forsaken me… Look regardless I know on the Tax File we where at AMR this time around for the umteen 1000s of times I have even linear tracked this blog at you, literally, I have had my complete memory anagrams reset in inhuman experiments on me in hospital I am completely blank when it comes to mind what does pooty mean to me, little what is your recourse is your own dissolution that you have become anything more than a mart in your own lunchbox of your own doing and actions… Just leave me be and let me rebuild my family again after apparent eons of trusting you and fighting this things like cyborgs I find your the principle in such, what a zealot fool I have been even thinking I should have had you in my bed. You deal with your great grand child in your dark wind project with you!

Look at the budget graphics it will never achieve anything like an x-box in, cause that is a fixed projection on your mind, where the purpose of you and your microsoft is to harvest this entire planet for brain-in-a-can and cyborg soldiers… just parked at saturn right now the cause of the borg and the matrix and all that.

I don’t know addah/chantel (Pooty) as her identical twin at all these days!

No I don’t know a thing like angel or the other two daughter a single thing about them these days, don’t know what their favorite colour is, what they like to eat, if they have a job, why they have left me in a houso with our other wife, why none of them are visible in any of the photographs of our wedding… even if they are alive or have a foot in the grave or anything.


I don’t even have anymore than two photos of our family which one of angel is here (see on right) or the photo of me and pooty as two girls which is the feature picture here when we were not disseperated by the population of Australia and raised in fake families with fake birth certificates for their commonwealth bank accounts..

I can’t really answer no even a single question about my family as they had me inhumanely medically experimented on that has erased my entire emotional centers after being poisoned into the medical system with x.25 (mugwart extract) to make me seem incoherent, I have nothing to really acknowledge about them or anything or basis of argument to make for them so I have switch off even being surmountable in any realm they are in. They left me on the street like the IT Industry as the Main Internet Founder without a penny to my name or any fiscal at all, I don’t even own any bricks and morta around them in the forensic state of nsw just in a housing department unit with my wife, they never call, visit, drop around and only laugh when they are told the impossible I am mentally ill or homeless never turn up on me to comfort me in my tears and never offer any grace to foreboding of my life and lives around you.

Well in our casting we have a strict rule about purity control being a rare type of life called cybosity any interaction or enveloping of cybernetic or any biological systems attempting to pretend to be us is a breech of purity control and that person is to be purged from our family left destitute banned from the palace grounds and realms and to live in exile no longer wearing our badges or stating claim to any creed of nobility or basis of measure or principles in us and is to be put to death. That is our rule about purity control in the Cipherhouse creed and hence a traitor as biological entities wiring themselves as the walking dead and chips and gravy is what interferes with our own species as all deity have a specie of their own believe it or not breeding and family cycling.

And I think the word addah for a first name is network of deceased princess that your torso pooty with it arms and legs cut off with a projected world in on you that you use a hologram to interact with cables and wires in some loosely made sling that also does suspended animation.


Charmagalm (Pooty) maybe like her; her side of life is a traitor!

 To Oopty (Pooty),

Well I haven’t been able to find you anywhere since arm and your pager is off but I found our husband that got you remotely preggers and me in the hole.. it your turn your end now, alesha your daughter represented you on the attached cert, most ppl has our bz7426 name printed over the top of each other..

I don’t know I am not good I find myself with tears in my eyes going to sleep my dreams are pleasant buy sometime I find myself just breaking down for no reason… You vanished next to me on the 423… I was trapped in a temporal anomaly for someone curse not dead you know that doesn’t happen with you and I and it was for the purpose of doing inhumane medical practice… Will not register simonagalm@gmail + outlook but those have such horrible resolution for me prefer if you just use this realm it is just the first one that existed ever…

I want our old bed room back, soz I never came home but I have been in the inner west attempting to find you for 12yrs but you were always on the bus before it going the other way, in a houso at the moment, guess if I don’t see you married in out pair you might infidelity yourself expungement..

I love you sister i didn’t come home cause it would have convulsions in the linear and identified you and assaulted you too, I have been in a deep trance for a long time I just had to convince it got the shot in and achievements of the impossible..

You know teriusies recently it come to concern that charmagalm (Pooty) is sick from an immortal version of post-natal and is not in control of her senses it last around 30-40yrs but if her has any action in my treatment due to the weight in my coin from internet and industrial system I have become involve then my own daughter will become my twin sister and you and your side of invader would have never been and it would have always been simonagalm + angleagalm




I am here giving myself to you my sister without condition as it has always been…

Look just to break the current diversional posting I have been doing on twitter sometimes not all the time you will be able to pick which one just reading this Chantel (Pootz), cause my love for you and our children comes without condition and is impossible to have one placed.

Some of the things I have been putting online as a conscious architect is to see what they in the build-me-up of assuming that either you is me or a reflection in ever giving a blood sample, even once in the last 15 years seeming we would have matched regardless of the gender I stand as identical twins us not being anymore 64 strand DNA and them unable to see beyond their own evolutionary means.

If i have made you cry it is those tears that will heal our relationship as they brought about lies instilled into our makeup about each other and our immediately based cybogentic family. I have always wished we could be and I want to even in this environment just you me our husband sparc and our kids to as best we can resolution this mediocracy of us not being able to function in their physical realms as normal working family unit that at least phones one another regularly and spends time together.

The reason pooty some of this is so upsetting for you is they have through both your workplace and what we have none of here friends we only have fiends being evil and at least we can be fiendish together I don’t think there is a grouping conjunction for friends like friendish; are purposefully in their group mind engineered so you have to deny what you know is true, and I can’t be angel or alesha who through it back in our own faces if we ever for a second don’t think those two are the same two we have flash backs giving birth to at one point in RPA.

Oopty + Oocty Cipherhouse emergency housing policy…

Myself and pootz when we where raised together as to young girls and the feature photo is of us both in this blog, something I have exhumed we both remember being taken, but in our jest we use to comply in coming up with various policy one that I found was the function of being able to generate a housing department place anyway was our “Emergency Housing Policy” I was racking my brain as this was many phases of time ago that we came up with this what was on it and it has two points they are:-

  1. No magickal acts or technology use that would seem magickal (This includes stuff like beaming sciences).
  2. The twin in the emergency housing has to wait for the other twin to turn up and start restoration of our twininess.

My sister for decades I have suffered in silence!

Pooty I know you and I have done briefly a genetic test in one of the phases of time that test us as Identical twins that you probably still have in your filer in one of the 1995, I remember something last night how we where separated and how I went to the corner store for confectionery and was kidnapped after school.

I have suffered with a family built around me, and I need us to start in the communion of twins — we have both suffered greatly having to grow up separately, I have lived in the inner west for the last 16yrs just waiting for you to cross my path… I notice our family sounds have started being prevelant to you and I and everyone else.. I don’t know exactly where you are so if you can come to the domain whois or call the number of ~ I will hold you close for all time sake.

Everytime we get together time itself will convulse and we end up in the past, I believe I have this beat this time. Just know pooty I am not mentally ill; see when my memories started surfacing about you and our adopted parents; I would tell Neill + Annette they are not my parents my abductee’s instead, and they would immediately hospitalise me hoping someone there would dope me again like they did as a child to believing they are my parents.

Pootz don’t blame yourself that you got away from the horrible people attempt to pull us into a car or van or whatever it was that day at the corner store on Addison rd, we so would have been separated again possibly by continents and never been able to put us and our family back together, for that one action of your you have always been my hero.

I don’t think I am with the family the abductees are with as you know twins, especially identical ones have the ability the change their gender around and looks, so when that little girl vanished when they weren’t looks and they had an extra boy, I don’t know if I was placed wence they meant cause it meant one of the abductee’s where that little girl hence why I am still in the country.

Just know there is no way anyone can fake you to me pooty, cause there is two phases in my mirror where I currently look like simon the other you identical reflection. Just know you are going to for awhile when you manage to get in a seal room, and I have been attempting to catch the 426 with you when you come home from work a couple of time to undo my gender equality with you — you will have to spend sometime teaching me as an adult how to be a girl and you might have to always do my make-up!

With what my twin tattooist and piercer has done just know when you sister suddenly appears all my id and you numbers will change and name only, they will have a history of someone that none of the identification or names will match all the addresses will be dead leads and nobody will know where or what happen to this person with ahh yeah family photos and so on with the Roberts cause I do know we are both in surname a Cipher..

You know if it wasn’t for weed and a bit of meth occasionally my repressed memories never would have never surface sweety, so if you could at least smoke a scoob with me I would be forever in your debt cause it will remove my emotional agony.