Pooty, Oopty is in Sydney right now!

If you turn your attention to the sun herald I believe it was a number of weeks ago at fashion week you will see my twin brother Oopty in the crowd who looks identical to me with one exception, he is gay and has a bit more weight on than his identical twin sister, myself Oocty.

Pooty you are nothing more than an erroneous error at the moment after the start of time that has separated and tagged itself too me like your deceased shadown copy Cooty to Oocty.

You are responsible for why myself and my twin are gay which is through no choice but necessity and a natural cybosity function in us to be bisexual that is have either gender, see I was once like I assume Oopty was married to the opposite gender and had a son that was taken-over on the jack that murder in a plasma coolant blast my husband and myself, I still have a scar in my lungs which are not for oxygen from this event.

That in what I know then I only in all that multiverse of cosmos’ have the choice of one other individual to mate with another female partner which is Sparc (Elpiniki Iosif). It has been an gregarious and difficult search for my pairing that is binded 2 x 2 in life and love, we have a daughter (Angel – Inner West [Blue Hair]) who is dear and precious and so her wasn’t found our Sparc let me raise on her own and is still to meet her as an adult.

Pooty your need to be worships as one of the mother of creation is vial and sick and you neither know what an anarchist is nor have any notion or are your service ever required at all; or your microsoft.

This galaxy hasn’t been paying it land taxes further up the tree in fact it has been going into the very purse strings that would normally service her; so it has been surrounded by a one way inward reflecting dark matter trash compactor, and the only way which it will not be coming in the mutiny swine central command or their affilated chain will be coming is through a transit riff known as a guitar riff; much the same like any wormhole riff similar to star gate!


I and pootz have no parents and can’t be carbon date stamped #CYP450

The CYP450 test is a saliva test which is used for metobolic and general readiness for the current and any up and coming compatibility test with the medical drug chains on offer. This one shows I have an adverse reaction to even food additives additives; something else it does in all the child abduction is pin point someone DOB or DOC..

You will see on this where I supplied a secondary buckle swab for the carbon date stamp something they would have access to on medicare this DOB is marked clearly as UNKNOWN!

As well as on page 3 you will see I am more evolved having evolutionary aspects. Be a problem if the metric in the enliving like myself gave up on them and died at them got some bowl pains bit of blood i don’t usually cough up; with me and DOB: Unknown, ceasing all of creation to start from scratch as the same individuals without any of them entail.. period.. end transmission..

Especially in the pretense of what I was physically informed their symbol of eternal life (Andrew Dixon) the OOP for the anke symbol is dead! Exactly how moronically dumberfied for how you feel then; thinking soon enough the lappice of matter itself will uproot soon enough and tear every multiversity and region even unknown from the challace of the living and life and cease to be…

Gribbles-01-04 Gribbles-04-04 Gribbles-03-04 Gribbles-02-04

Who is Schamaine (Pooty) from Pootys BBS (Newtown)

You know when I was at Star Fleet Command BBS in cherrybrook that has run there since 1954 on world BBS with Chris McInnes (spock) and myself Simon Roberts (Cisco) we decide to look towards our end destination the Inner west for any BBS’ and the only one we could find that would pick up was Pooty’s BBS (newtown).

We paged the system operator and asked if we had a star ship who would we assign it to there; the response was ‘Angel” my own daughter; so you know we just based everything around this totally random individual we decided to enlist obviously on the back e’re foot and the way it passes wealth through blame to the next level anything in recieving all the blame in that they’ll blame game probably wont need to go to work more invest in other people forever.

Also Oh I am sure my wife leshy for me meshy will like I am changing my first name from Anton to Tanty might even consider wearing first name Oopty so people can’t make opps with her (Alesha Grey – aka Harold on http://www.hempembassy.net)

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