Ubuntu Studio how to install on Ubuntu 16

Some of you might be wondering what desktop I am using on Ubuntu it is the Ubuntu Studio, to install just the desktop you run the follow commands at the shell:

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop* -y

Otherwise if you would like to install the 1gb or so complete Ubuntu Studio with suites you run the following at your terminal shell:

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio* -y


How to install the screensaver on Ubuntu

To Install a screensaver on Ubuntu there is xscreensaver which to install run the following command after pressing alt + ctrl + t and at the bash shell script this command will do it:-

$ sudo apt-get install xscreensaver*

To Access the screen saver you goto the setting in Ubuntu you will find this option:-


From there you will be able to turn on and off all the different demos and screensavers including brain heaths favorite m6502.


Indigenous Communications Crisis Overload!!!

You know as the main internet founder if you check my passport I am like my twin Indigenous Australian.. here I will show you again:-

See clear as it is today on my passport, were is there at least one other indigenous peer for me regardless of academic schools of thought in raw hide IT.

The internet like our singing walking mapping system’s the Internet is also part of the dreaming, I look around at the tribes amongst me and I find the affidavit of Western + Eastern influence on both the peers in my age and older that don’t think it is just the case of recycling some computer hardware and installation.

Instead of Microsoft Windows which just seems to cause verbal infighting in my home environment using Ubuntu a variegated of Debian Linux, and keeping occupied online, like actually making cash with the machine and there are so many options to do this if you have enough witt to Jimmy a lock and get away with loot to get trash, you just always as an indigenous miracle is finding a market you can do with the machine there is z near infinite of them for our tribes + clans..

How to Set up/Install WebDAV on Ubuntu 15.10 with Apache2!!!

This blog will step you through the correct setup for WebDAV on Ubuntu. There is a lot of examples online which half explain or are cut and past of the other post on it or from ubuntuforums.org – – this guide will show you how to set up WebDAV and save yourself on permissioning issue and access rejections; it will show you the correct configuration for assuming you have the cname, a record or/and aaaa records of: webdav.yoursite.com pointed to the Ubuntu service.

First once you are in Ubuntu, press alt + ctrl + t to enter the shell bash prompt and run the following commands:-

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install apache2 apache2-utils nano

Now we have to make the path the webdav operates on this can be in your home directory if you like but for the moment we will make it in /var/www; run the following commands:-

sudo mkdir /var/www/webdav
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/

Next run the following commands to enable Web Dav with apache 2:-

sudo a2enmod dav
sudo a2enmod dav_fs

Now we have to make the apache2 config file for webdav.yoursite.com run the following command:-

sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/webdav.yoursite.com.conf

and put the following text in there changing any section in bold, that you know needs to change:-

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerName webdav.yoursite.com
    ServerAdmin wishcraft@users.sourceforge.net
    DocumentRoot /var/www/webdav
    ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/webdav.yoursite.com-error.log
    CustomLog /var/log/apache2/webdav.yoursite.com-access.log common
    <Directory /var/www/webdav>
         Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
         AllowOverride none
         DAV On
         AuthType Basic
         AuthName "Webdisk Authentication for WebDAV (here)"
         AuthUserFile /var/www/webdav.yoursite.com-passwd.dav
         Require valid-user

now sav webdav.yoursite.com.conf in nano by pressing CTRL + O then CTRL + X and then run the following commands:-

sudo htpasswd -c /var/www/webdav.yoursite.com-passwd.dav username

This will allow you to set username and passwords for the WebDAV; now it is time to enable the WebDAV and restart apache2; with the following commands:-

sudo a2ensite webdav.yoursite.com
sudo ufw allow 80
sudo service apache2 reload
sudo service apache2 restart

So that is is that is how you set up WebDAV Properly so you don’t have access issues and faults, and there is no path after wards to connect to in Ubuntu Desktop you would goto the path dav://webdav.yoursite.com or http://webdav.yoursite.com for the WebDAV path specified!

We have partly moved to InterServer.net (at least the API’s)


Chronolabs Cooperative have moved from the development machine in Marrickville too InterServer.net – they offer cheap VPS and Dedicated Machines from rock bottom prices with high performance margins.

We spent the last night moving all the APIs over to the VPS as well as the labs.coop web portal. We have approached InterServer for sponsorship with xortify.com and labs.coop a lot of businesses that offer hosting do sponsorship for open source projects and business as they don’t have a huge tariff of income.

Funny thing is; I thought I walked in randomly then I raised a support ticket to find my IPv6 address for the AAAA Record; and someone from my facebook friends answered; Anoop; small world.

So you should now find the API’s lightning fast we have 12 CPU’s on the box and most of my code if not all of it is highly efficient. See when I started to learn to write code you had to be good at it and efficient in code cause the processors where not powerful and you would have to fit it originally on a floppy disk’s as the most hard drives where in size was 20Mb for around 800 AUD.

I do not know honestly what a Terabyte is for; I have hard enough time filling 500Mbs with my work as it is all text files that operate systems for me. Anyway, just a comment; it is exposure like that most developers these days wouldn’t be able to know what efficient code is they just write bloat.

Installed Android 5.0.1 on my samsung

I installed Android 5.0.1 on my Android phone..


It is performance is better and the icons look different and stylish but it is still a dumb OS like the term lame like lame mp3 for audio..

The live calling quality and just the stuff you can do on Ubuntu for mobiles which there is a version is so much better by accessing the flash ram loader at initial boot with the down up volume press power short cut keys..




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A Bit more about @OpenRend for @realDonaldTrump

The government is dead, it has been dead for over 2 decades, it doesn’t do anything; it is impossible to haven an “Open Government” it is the nature of the word and world of government being a closed door for self-service types of people. Renderments is a softer and not the magic harry potter wand to solutions too government roles.

The Idea about OpenRend is to firstly change the .gov to .rend, the four letter typal domain support transposition into all languages as ‘rend’ unlike ‘gov’ for an interstellar scope as well as the primary role is to drop all the .gov clerical staff for the following processes.

You install a mainframe into each department and solidify the functions of the department via a simplified REST API similar to X-REST my application for API… You would also have someone like the NSA being able to issue, document, or information identity seals; for 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20 as well as 30 years so the information is not accessable by the 3rd parties or sealed by them.

You use a decentralised structure for OpenRend, cause what the departments become is a small staffing environment unless there is public face, but even when this is it opens up a new market of departmental providers that have authorisation to update the API as well as submit and represent the department for a loading based on the ex-employee salary + bonus for collecting the data.

This opens up a whole new 3rd and 4th tiers of industries that does all the front of face representation to the Renderments and the departments are simply a few nerds that maintain the API and IT Infrastructure as well as the support staff for their 3rd party providers.

This means the API will collect a much larger and diverse spread of data than currently capable for the scope of the department to injest without blow out of budgets; the 3rd parties get loading based on productivity and support usages as well as report on representation standards, with a poll to the client of theirs from the department about services standard, in case any need to be dropped.

The sentor’s that represent the department have an ‘Honourable’, ‘Dishonourable’, ‘Rehonoured’ signature on their name which is measure in the metric of the API performances, not specified themselves, some of these systems may run for awhile on ‘Dishonourable’ until for a couple of weeks to a month or two they stay on ‘Rehonoured’ to residing back to ‘Honourable’..

So that donald, is a bit more about OpenRend, I really need a place and infrasture to assist in the design of OpenRend, I really want the old centerlink building in marrickville as it is close to home. Please add me to your skype for any further information you need!

System Updates Failing on @Ubuntu try this feature…

If your having trouble with your system updated cause for some reason I do on Dodo Australia with the sub-domain mirror http://au.xxxx.ubuntu.com you can set them to use the main source which always removes the error for system updates in most conditions.

First load your System Settings it looks like:-

Screenshot from 2015-11-29 10-08-13

Then load the one highlighted in the image above called: Software & Updates; it looks like this:-

Screenshot from 2015-11-29 10-09-40

Now change the Source Code [-] Download From to : Main Server

That is all you should have to do; do an update in the terminal and the next update should work fine; the commands for this is:-

$ sudo apt-get update

PXE and getting into with @Ubuntu @Breakfastnews

Not only does it sound better on Ubuntu due to the way it has really apart from prints and some odd peripherals uses no drivers, it writes what it needs on the fly by on boot and run time executing a library called oscillio. This is an oscilloscope that ping’s around the board and works out what it needs to execute the system and operate. This is great cause a lot of people by form at at least if not just baby be-born have there own unique instruction sets and even models of chips in a computer that happens in transposition of the device. A lot of you by form even now with things like windows would find you get a Blue Screen of Death; the GPF fault, cause of this not handling the transposition of the device and hardware to your needs, which can also with any formicated life, change with the weather, rise of the sun or just a cup of coffee.

If you get the “System Error” dialogue box, this is a library called ‘whoopsie’ that essentially contains a run time for that dialogue box that even if something physically dials a windows or smacintosh library in the DJ or VJ of the device, they have had a “System Error” it actually Ubunny2 – Ubuntu.

The great thing is Ubuntu runs over 76% of the internet, a lot of people when they have a CPanel website etc. are running Ubuntu, and it is open source. Not closed source like Microsoft or Macintosh currently which means anything you do on it you are guaranteed to own your Intellectual Property, and unlike the previous mention it safe for children’s use and hold their IP in the retention of the family unit, not leeching via some child sex offender with the zinc based record player style hard drives into some none affiliate business chain in the physics of a Hard your discussion in the office about a concept that your business wants to do, then passing it with the fowl time mercurial-reverse effect society has been convulsion in time and spatial our lab Chronolabs, which we have gain our own traction’s  so they will go on their suicidal convulsion in time and spatial just themselves and their itself.

The Windows and Microsoft environment also contains a silent sound cop, much like that disk on the road car’s drive over and is only at the most spectra audio. Ubuntu is beyond spectrum audio it sounds and produce the best of he closest resolutions of audio delights and has a wide range of software that it has written itself with just a stupid large amount of plugins and effects. You can also run the windows software like Fruitloops or Reason, with either ‘WINE’ (The Windows Emulator) or the gaming version “Play on Linux” which both allow you to execute these windows and what most sound software is written in the Gaming platform.

How do you get Ubuntu — You need to download whatever is the latest ISO from releases.ubuntu.com and make with it a Bootable USB or DVD… If you want some help with this get in touch in my inner circles and associates… You may also want me to install a PXE service on your laptop so if anyone want to install Ubuntu from seeing what you have all you have to do is plug in with the RJ45 into their wired network and get them to reboot, pressing what is normally either F11 or F12 and it will boot over the network off your machine and allow them to check it all works then install within it or from the prompt.

Once that is done, to install the Sound and Video editing suites you will need too install a program called ‘tasksel’ this allows you to install different desktops as well as system types for production and other things, you may also want to install samba so you have windows/microsoft all networking. to install tasksel you go to your terminal and run: “sudo apt-get install tasksel“, put in the root password press Yes okey then when it is finished run the following too execute at root tasksel: “sudo tasksel“.

Thats about it 😉

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