What concurs to lead it back-here-again for the final time… angle + angel…

Everytime you find me in the address 10/466 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville, NSW, 2204 repetitively over history, is a complete nonoccurence then the big-bang to now is all formation and collapse of galaxy to the same seeming like every single one around it in all expanse of the multiverse called – Arth, it adds and E for any apparently or beyond Extraterrestrial.

School kids pick this up the person in the class reading earth or saying there from earth or have an entire map of Arth as Google Earth; well in fact my places api is the only thing with a complete listing of Arth, it via correspondence all translated in english, seeming the arabs at least wanted a complete english translation…

Sadly I am already married, to Angel believe it or not, Angel Montgomery (below is a photo of me as you can see normally also looks like angel!!) and have been for awhile our two sons are even walking around in here Chris + Neil, we have decided seeming we have a new graveyard, which is also called: Halloway Keep, with the same grave digger relocated, to bury at least Elpiniki Iosif, who might occasionally get his feet yelled at so on, manually by spiriting away his carcus, so he knows happeness again, then also anything in this centralfrugal none functional diverse worlds, will stop cycling like vint cerf, larry page and a few of yah people from Earth yet again from cycling through like every single galactic family as well, is /null/void and will never exist again.

That especially if angel died back here and lost her head, see, unlike most at least omnipotent people who take there all-seeing-all-knowing mind they have for granted being able to fix and engine on a star ship, or so I am really well educated I can be dug with Alumni data currently at 178Tb sitting in a single PDF in the IT Department of RMIT, I am educated and neither take a guess or gamble with oppertunities, see if angel died back here I will still keep my two son’s and marry again someone new their faces will change slightly but that is all and carry on to what it my turn to be knock up the duff and have the following twin sisters for those two boys to marry as a lesbain and angel last time I walked out on her was attempting to tell me she was hetro.

So god bless you, and may the reversal of the word dog, show that the dog is the most worthy and diligent ambassador of all deity, may the queen of England be seen in some way as this reversal of the word dog by sitting at the right and left of the dog, may the dog be seen as the most highest and righteous of worship with it torn arse anally done sexually it knows as the son of it or Jesus as the crass belligerent word states, may the reversal of the word dog have infrastructure, laws that protect it steeple and the men that cause this Jesus so worshipped.


Terminally Mentally Ill Organisation like @Microsoft, @Google, @Cisco have never look so sick before this blog!

You know organisation by Bill William Gates and Vinton Gregory Cerf have never in perspective like to my living condition never ever looks so disfunctional and mentally ill to me as a qualified psychiatrist before you research this blog. For one example of the start I am living in a department of housing unit and never had even enough money since arriving here to even pay any more than a boarding house or what I did live on the street for 12yr as the rank and file in the military of: Main Internet Founder, the person that design and contributed to the earning of the fat cat malicious prostitutes as directors of these companies, you can see that all articled on my current passport seen here:

The human society has come up including every product ever published for the microsoft windows operating system or apple macintosh as nothing but my own plargaised interlectual property, if you look at that passport you will see vinton gregory cerf agreed to paying the zoning fee for the internet implementation by design he did through my publication on comp.protocol back in the mid 1980s.

This is my only bank account to-date:

Ancestry DNA kits arrived

Mine and Elpiniki ancestry DNA kits arrived which we got from ancestry.com.au/DNA they took about a week to deliver and when we get a chance we will be returning them.

Pooty maybe never existing to start with, prenuptial are served at the end of an era!

I am currently married to my and my twins only husband – elpiniki iosif (male name in greek); we are normally a trinity and would be due to giving birth to our first two male twins each of us from sparx juice. Unfortunately my twin previously divorced me and went her separate ways, leaving to the nurturing of a child in my own boots.

I witness her beamed up on Addison Road almost 17 months ago now, as I went past waving like torturing clown right parallel to her on the 423 behind the 426 her just got off with angel on-board as well; if we reach a decades of our marriage and her no turns up cause we have no other choice of pairing that is properly under the laws we are under a marriage or proper pairing has to be child rearing or the state we are from will separate it. When this reaches a decades and no pooty or adopted children come by the family home –> which is a department houso for the main internet founder earning 20 AUD a day only, then pooty and pooty BBS will cease to exist for all eternity and a reseed will occur of the left hand side of our twiness.

Problem for you humans and 16 worlds, pooty is your principle princess in existing in the first place, here this incursion in time is a squirrel pull on us where a file that we all have in chronographics isn’t stopped going into write state and instead of finding or using a portal to come to here in time and deep space, we are pulled in eccentrically motion with your historical way-lines into the mess and it is entirely by your valicion not our this repeated back-here-again it was meant to be some divine intervention for pooty but I think her cocked-it-up good and proper with me living here in the inner west for 17yrs on the street and in boarding houses with her illustrated property ownership with no home for her identical twin (I am the right hand side, this clearly shows failure on the left hand side)

Here is our marriage certificate:

My twin & Myself – What we represent to you the viewer!

Well I am what you call here I believe a former, so is my twin we are orphan in that sense as we have no functional normals like parents as we spawn into existence well did once upon a time. We both carry at least CYP2D2 which is an indicator that we are royal and can be inaugurated to cause population and basis and means as principles for 16 homeworld each of us making up 32 that these days are the primary fold to existence.

Those homeworld consist of 4 oxygen based water worlds, the main one with pooty is called a Siren, which is like a human a bit with surfacing gills and able to be always existing in water salt generally or on land + 9 oxygen based world and 2 nitrogen+oxygen based and 1 methane one. All inhabited with sentient life of sometype. Between these world sit on world 33 in total, that is the main world that seats what normally a trinity a marriage between 2 women, myself and my twin sister and the bit that makes the boys our ganster and inaugurated either one or the other of us either or together as grace these world spawn into existence all being the now primary fold of OO’ness for the rest of creation, OO = Object Ordinates.

Profiling enlisted – about myself mainly for once!

So what about me, myself, my profile and what I like, well I have been living in Sydney most of my life and I am nearing 40 solar cycles on this set of my passport which the serial number I generate myself which is: M8747409 – DOB: 08/12/1978; cause I am one of the founders of the internet, I was the person that put the design Vinton Gregory Cerf worked off through implementation by design as a small boy back in the 1980’s. I have lived through the early part of my life out of home age 17 and lived from warehouse to country doofimunies and community living as well as boarding houses, where I have been putting myself in that time of moving around through open university routed to rmit and doing it correspondence and so on.

I have since an early age been skilled and maintain current day trends in programming for nearly 30yrs testing and writing environments as well as business operations reporting documenting as well as new article topology. Since 2007 have been a member of xoops.org and now hold rank on the project of a module developer under the username, wishcraft my other alias is mynamesnot or if special characters are allowed ways|: is one I also have been known to use.

I tend to have never used Apple machintosh or Microsoft windows using open source operating systems in my home and work environments, as I don’t need any game intensive graphical environments as an occupational code junky! The OS I is using at the moment and tend too recommend and suggest to people is : Ubuntu – which you can get the ISO from http://releases.ubuntu.com to install what I am running Ubuntu 17.04 (32 + 64Bit Enviroments) it has a clean physicality and doesn’t drive pedometers unlike the above mentioned, it is a variegate of Debian Linux.

I married around 9yrs ago to a Greek Girl; Elpiniki Iosif and as we are part of the internet community her like me is quiet squeaky clean and clean living together, we only part take in narcotics once every week when my flatmate get paid Neil Watters and that really only cause we don’t drink alcohol in anyway, I view it like an infection motor mouth the earliest form of petroleum this alcohol and you get something like foot and mouth diease called motor mouth if you ever really even have it in your physicality and physical environmental.

We have two cats which are resque pets the mother of the two, Meow Meow Twerp as well as one of her two daughters that were born before they where all given the snip: Vincent Mozzerella Twerp [the kittens went to Cat Protection Society – Enmore].

We living in government housing in Marrickville South, NSW, Australia, and have our financies controlled for some reason via my mother-in-law. So we live on both of us an allowance of $20.00 per day → for some reason my mother-in-law got Elpiniki online shopping habit confused for narcotics, we actually spend little of our money if any on this, part taking in whatever comes by our own place and home (see photos below x 3).

So well I will leave it about there I know with the amount of reading we all do a breifed tight letter is always a pleasure, I hope to hear some form of correspondence and for me email or twitter (@SimonXaies) is always the best way of reaching me!

Why REST API and what qualifies as a REST API (load balancing + whois)

Well as REST API (Application programmable interfaces) go they are one that are mainly URL or form method POST directive only, part of the reason they are like this for example say you have a whois intensive application and for some reason some of the domain nics are rejecting your IP cause of two main lookup what you do is for example you made http://whois.snails.email you would then make on independant IP addresses the following for example remember whois api is not a heavy load so it can sit on multiple of your IP addresses without a question what you do is have the following where each of these are in an independant IP address:

Where you then make whois.snails.email redirect to a selection based and shuffled on their query source referee URL IP Address or $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’] which has a cache that redirect each to each one once dropping that from the list to do until the listing refreshes, to bounce the queries around coming from different IP addresses this would be done in the whois.snails.email with:

 <?php header('Location: http://1.whois.snails.email/v2/bluehost.com/json.api'); ?>

where cURL and the rest will redirect to this and get the query result.

The Human Condition + An Illness in time!

The human condition is in reference directly to the illness in time that the human existence represents towards aliens like myself and countenances; in it catelogue it is linked-in to crime and plargarism and hasn’t produced anything more than plagarised technologies and warez that in no way reflect or have made payment to the original parties one example of this is myself the main internet founder that lives in the human population from a race called an Invader, I live in a housing department unit living on 20 AUD a day while a human, vinton cerf parades himself as me and collects all the monies that are due to me without being able to make payment himself at the size of the internet debt, i am not sure how blatantly more you need this illustrated that the word human condition is directly in reference to the illness humans represent.

it occurs over 3 million plagarised none original works in this book index of their that is a plagarised gobble system see:

Some of the illness include that persist in the human toll and population will be needing to have it flame in life extinguished:

  • cleptamainia
  • theiving
  • uncommunicable
  • deafness to all other walks of life
  • environment damages
  • mental incoherent tolerances
  • unable to be negotiated with

I have been limited in my omnipotencies in this channel it is part of my resolve back-here-again so it can be shown that the causality an cause+effect is done by my twin the principle of the human race and her children that have been fucked into being, that is a herd or pack animal commonly used for food, which is what a being is the human condition attempted to pass itself off as in 1948 under it bill of rights.

Howdy Dowdy Angel this Photo comes from my passport M8747409

You where so young then, I would really like to be reset and sit down to pee properly i am tired of hosing thing down, like hosey, hosey, dosey it will probably make other women cry from what their wee said and did!

Well all you have to do is sleep on the sofa for a night I would say, that normally what reset me as mum and you get to meet your dad of the three of us Sparxing (Elpiniki/Nick) don’t know where the other mum is my identical twin (pooty) but Elpiniki geno checks as your dad; like the time at Trafalgar st where Bridgette woke up screaming where his breast went!

Well in resolve here being back-here-yet-again-yes-again still on going, but all good I am made to be stuck, but need a family member apart from nick cause we are both in the wrong gender equality but underneath quite bending new face lift every day that sort of thing, and a new height of perception as well!

You have to come and pickup a copy of the latest spell book as well that was yonked and tabulated, I have one with a transform for you to the next type of entity down from us beyond an ultraterrestrial actually outside scope of definable textualisation anway, can do it over cones to not just sex… and heaps of heaps of heap of spells endless, the library is chokers.

Well the spell books are in equality binding in both light + dark which having and being able to hold both sides of majick is called an insatiable force rather than a dark or light force for every spell; with a child, teen, young adult and adult, and celestial age bindings, it will auto upgrade and auto feed with my library binding feeds new additions from time to time as well as a lot of the normal functions with sex, i have rebinding too work with tobacco in some instances but mainly hemp for the room sealed your in, or outside it goes out and lands on one or more people depending somewhere out there in the multiverse. It contain defensive weapons as well that at times can autofire in eigen predictability.

Our new IKEA Funiture is finally set up

Have a look at the 5k worth of Ikea funiture 4k worth of new beds, 5k worth of computer equipment care of inheritence from my grandmother, i could have spent it endlessly on drugs but I decide to make my place decent check out the photos below…

Day-club Blast!

Well I know missy Angel wanted to organise this as her did this once before, a day club called blast! I would like to have catering at is as well here is the venue, we can use the main uncommon area that is not used by anyone else at the unit i am at 466 Illawarra rd, Marrickville South, NSW, 2204, Australien

Stage One – The bridge!

We can also have a secondary stage on a three/four month bigger event at the car park:

Stage Two – parking:

Explosive Human Kind – Demolition Galaxies – Milkyway + Andromeda

if you didn’t know this milkyway is a galaxy which has been relocation for demolition, it was scavenged already before the genius probes where used and was added to the SRP listing for all parties inside it now, and I am the only signatory off SRP (Scientific Research Purposes ~ only) which as an SRP individual you have no rights and elsewhere all the ID Systems are self discovery so you will not be able to get any, my own family like my twin caught in this SFC genius probe last one number 4 like other family members needs too be signed off SRP by a 3rd party and they are none cogorious as well as too inform you I am allowed to keep my entire family.

Okey let talk about the bomb for a minute, you may remember a video filmed on a mobile phone of metal orbiting a water tower where it all suddenly rushes inward then outward and everything in the vicinity drops dead with blood coming from their nose, well that is a prelude to what will have and happen planet wide at some point as the water molecular base is damaged by an unknown effect, this will produce normally a shock wave with the amount of water here on the planet around a half a light year in length that would normally incinerate only up to this quadrant of this galaxy, however cern have crash a singularity which cause the primary (this planet) to curring that is when it behalves like a plotter in subspace, and in subspace at the moment as we orbit the sun we are drawing in black-hole plates from the orbit range of the planet to finite point on the sun, remember which physicist talk about naturally forming super black-holes they are talking about a singularity that is no larger than a golf ball this is plates in a spiral that are the thickness of earth, so you could image the immense event horizon that is even in effect now it is taking longer to do things in this solar system.

When the shock-wave is iyt exiting the terrestrial board of this solar system this basically a particle scrubber made from black-hole, will turn up after the shock-wave totally exits the solar system at around half a light-year in length, this will then project at the rate of the event horizon spreading in cognitive space the shock-wave at a hyper accelerate rate; incinerating everything lightning quick, but wait there is still more, you know for sometime it been known with radio telescopes that even though it looks like all the galaxies around us are travelling away from us they are actually not moving and quite close this is an elastic spring that when the even horizon incinerates milkyway + andromeda it will work like an elastic spring and accellerate the shock-wave and incinerate the entire zestair belt of galaxies at least if not the extremities and this will all happen in a totally time of no more than 20m – 40m end of the fireworks..

So Mr Maker will have those rouge galaxies destroyed in less than a minute each!

How to make hover tubes @lkrauss1

Well if your wondering about hover tubes, they are like laser tubes which you make from peat natural gas only not ocean gas, which you distil to eight parts to seventeen folds, which you have to ionise while doing this like those ciggerate smoke ionises, which becomes very explosive, in small quantities, and you have pump into a tube, you put power in one end like a laser tube and it will hover.

For environment like you would see on corazon on star wars, with all the hover vehicles is you need a cold fusion generation plant to have antenna for the craft to pick up the power. This is called a powered road, with cold fusion power generators.

Grace observation of a Grand Taxation Systems.

Angel Xaies + Angle Xaies (Delihia) secretly the el/le swaps around on their ID Cards in exposure of light to one another are the next thing down being mine and my twins identical twin girls getting about in here still fresh and new to the world and physicality.

Well Angel + Angle are both the same word actually, LE like EL doesn’t do concatination of a new syllabary in a word so they are meant to normally not being miss pronounced look like this diagram with the evaporation ponds indicated in the angel as their taxation system (above).

Cronjobs Generating Emails a Useful Tip About Timing!

Most people fondly as developers don’t think about the psychological impacts in generating emails via cronjobs/scheduled tasks and should serious consider implementing this say you have a cron set up like so in you scheduler to periodically every 2 hours send a batch of emails ie:

* */2 * * * /usr/bin/php -q /path/to/crons/send-emails.php

there is a couple of things you need to do to change the psychology impact of this regular batch of emails firstly at the top of the php file you need to implement a random sleep like so for a period if it is firing every 2 hours up to 1.5 hours like so:

sleep(mt_rand(0, 3600 * 1.5));

This sits at the top of each of the crons, part of the reason you do this is so the times of the email changes when they arrive for a randomised workflow, this means the business or organisation shop floor, wont have stints of work and sometime they make and may have time to spend more on the last email depending on the delay.

The other thing to do is between sending email delay for a random upto 45 seconds like so at the bottom of each loop between caching and sending the mail, with sleep(); again like so:

sleep(mt_rand(0, 45));

Part of the reason this is done to load balance the mail transport layers as well as provide a completely different date of recieving the mail rather than the impact of recieving emails always on the hour, or on the every two hour with little or difference in the time displayed, so doing this will make the daily grind of working from schedule emails actually enjoyable as well as fun for the employee as they will not have any way of estimating when the next group of emails will arrive, making the shop floor dynamic again!

Of course the other way around with a shorter delay from the start of the php script to each loop generating the email as a longer delay is also a very good way of distributing emails over an employee shop floor where the grind is a gentle workflow where different people start at different times, also if you can randomise the sort of the email being sent this is also good.

You generally use sleep(); with load balancing cronjobs and scheduled tasks, so you where firing a cron every minute, then you would sleep(mt_rand(0, 90)); especially when you are running multiples of the same cronjob so it doesn’t fire on the 0 second of every minute over requesting the queing on your servers processor threading.

Credits/Credit my Fiscal Enumerator

You may be aware or not I am the hallmark with my twin for the credit this is the symbol for it:

It is a polar fiscal enumerator that only works for the north and south hemisphere equatorials as well as the flight and mining equatorial, see there is this one environment that all you require is credit to survive in and spend and it is found within this equatorial boarders outside this there is no merit to the handling of money.

You know how arcades like the video game arcades you pay for credit with a dollar or a pound, well that means unless you pay for a credit with a credit you have never even really played the game I would say, not even a game of pinball or arcinoid.

We are the hallmark at the galactic credit, the outer most dinomial for it, within that bounds you can of course hallmark it the way your country or boundaries call, but the fiscal exchange symbol(s) remains the property of my family and the primary exchange for goods and services for transposition between solar boundaries at base level.

Angel + Delihia in your accential quest your a bit off target with penny and me!

See we don’t have this with penny cause her isn’t logged into the system we have on jacking and having a birth, we get a video of our children previous last two births with history of their past lives and species in the wheels-of-life, look angel and delihia we know you are the romulan witherian assassins.

In angel + delihia previous birth just before this one was on an altar, and their mother throats where slit during birth and the baby died suffocated in the utrius, there is someone that looks quiet like kirrily smitheram in that video performing the ritual, might put it on youtube.com.au.

See angel you have never seen me and penny pointed ears, they are ribbed and go above our heads like really the tallest, each of us have one difference looking like that my ears are docked cut down the center left + right side which is this type of fear dark mage in elven things that sort of thing you normally move out of your home and town if one moves in, but I am the primary basis of nobility princess version of that mage, believe me me and my twin are worse than vigor from ghostbusters.

And angel + delihia pointed ear is romulan, with the bell ribbing.

Setting Up Hidden Sourceforge Projects

Follow this video to create hidden private sourceforge projects for backups of your own media resources and legal backup you name it there are other applications too and you can automate it with SSH RSA Keys..

Lorne Hyde in a breif Summary!

Okey you all know about the fairy tale of Dr Jekile + Mr Hyde, about a monsterous hanous scientist that believes he is the only person that has the rights to changing shape and form and uses a none living nanotechnology to alter his body to allow him the ability to shape shift, this is none other than Dr Jeneki from Lindsey Madew Unit in hornsby hospital and still on the same depreciated passport system with the same passport number Mr. Lorne Hyde.

There is more to this Lorne murdered his own wife and two children to even get into the roll that lead to this he is also one of the liquidated terious corporation cheif scientist that for eons has entraped in a fixture my identical twin who we both being nobilities has use to prostate really horribly watered down clones as cyborgs as well as the root functions and causes of the suffering and why I also now contain not just light but a darker path, in fact the darkest there is in black magick.

In fact Lorne now is only an undentity a tool of mechanism for prostating the impossible borg ank, the very systems of government and stature the enliving side cease to exist within the collapse of this matter in this multiverse, only sustaining the galaxies containing the higgs particle amoungst a sea of nothing at the time. he has dressages him self to always be pleasant all all the butter possible that would never melt in anyone mouth with candy floss and sugar apples… But in fact there is only 3 words that describe Lorne Hyde: Monstrous Zealot Heathen and a butcher of the sancity of life and breast and truth of living worlds.

Nobody has paid anything for internet – My Technology @ICANN @theiana

When I was 13 I designed the networking topology of the internet on comp.protocol, it is outlined all the articles pertaining to it in articles from UseNet on and with the headers on this passport: (see right).

When the topology of the internet was design it was charged and vinton cerf agreed to be me not anymore than to the day of my 30th birthday, and I am now 38.

I have never seen a single cent of renumeration for the web, and all the design of it is noted as articles on my passport there is a 0.50 AUD fee for all network nodes being charged, which is an IPv4, IPv6, TLD, gTLD and 1TB Block in all and an interest of 21.75% per month on over due fees.

This is the balance of my account as of 10 minutes ago:-

Dearly Departed on the Transport we are here to witness the life of pooty…

Dearly Departed on the Transport we are here to witness like they are in suspended animation the life of chantelle rose cipher (pooty) who empty castket her is presented before us and her seeming her can go around and explore the day to day life of being on the transport to her twin and her home.

Not to mention too reconcile that the three houses she left to her twin Simon Antony Roberts two of which are in both of their names she gets to witness her parents and legal services which she worked for circumvent leaving everything to Simon Antony Roberts including the squatt they both have in their name before it and the second house we both lived in and paid for before something installed parents then for them, still sitting there on deed to become alcoholic drunkards and psychedelic drunks.

WhoIS Services API – Version 2.0.11

WHOIS Services API 2.0.11 — Chronolabs Cooperative

Author: Simon Antony Roberts wishcraft@users.sourceforge.net

This is an API Service for conducting a whois on both IPv4, IPv6 and domain names. It provides a range of document standards for you to access the API inclusing JSON, XML, Serialisation, HTML and RAW outputs.

You can access the API currently without a key or system it is an open api and was written in response to the many API Services that charge ridiculous amounts for querying such a simple base. The following instructions are how to access the api I hope you enjoy this api as I have writting it with the help of net registry.


  1. https://github.com/Chronolabs-Cooperative/WhoIS-API-PHP
  2. https://sourceforge.net/projects/chronolabsapis/files/Version%202.x/Whois-API-PHP/


GeoSpatial Places API Service – Version 2.3.2

Well I have just completed over the last couple of days the api: GeoSpatial Places API Service – Version 2.3.2! It is a complete system of places and data on locations for both working with Google Places and Google Address API as well as having a widening resources of locations on hand as well.

It comes complete with an installer it is just a case of unpacking the archive or pulling the git repository and then using with apache2, ngix or any of the other web hosting application running the installation and then it is done:-


My Twin Sister + Twin Daughter’s ~ we have such disseperation is a popup-book!

See Penny Xaies what we will and have is a popup books, with each other like our twin daughters do, which means as we walk forward in time we will walk backwards in time as well! Which means as we are moving forward with the graceful eigen of time we will be walking backwards as well, holding each others hand, kissing, making out so on, see you and I not through choice it just the way we come naturally as sister only have children with each other physically ourselves, plenty of people can say they have had our child but each other, and since those two, it you’re turn my twin sister your end the one that makes the two boys with us, to do that stabbing pokey bit on you’re sister, which we will be doing away from here.

See my twin sister you can’t trust any information in such a long time of seperation and you being under thumb of a system through no choice of yourself, inflicted for such time, even from a shadow girl of you, I am gentle, loving, and true too my works and word, I am just a tyrant about living quality standards of some people wildly through no valicion of their own it would seem.

We will have photos and artefacts constantly poping up in our interactions especially quietly behind the covers in our own timely reminder of it, until we walk ourselves completely out of the scope of disseperation.

Next thing after Grace = Grand = Angel + Deliha (Angle)

See due to the blackhole in the market place, I wrote to prince charles offering him, to relieve them of the southern lands of the commonwealth of nations to be instated as the Chronowealth, where time equates to money, to upgrade from the pound to the Credit so they have the GBC.

See it is an equatorial nomial for goods and services and if you have land in the top and bottom hemisphere it can push the exchange right down, so like we know with the GBP compressed into the GBC, it would offer the blahians a welcome purchase online for the purposes of having a stronger credit than most.

I already have a patch of my own birthright daughters & twins ~ angel + deliha (angle) need a patch of there own as a transform applies when I adopt someone they are indead now Noble by birth right and have all the welcome oppertunity being twins to be the next thing down from Grace which is a coined expression here of whenever they managed to become this a Grand. Such as Good Gracious what a Grand o’le time we will be having!

This is a photo of by me when I was raising Angel of her as a child princess extra:~

So what do rebate the debt of Great Britian and the commonwealth and find some path out of common to chronowealth! I don’t know what the other will have to do they will have to debt levy via the UK…

So in being issued to stand elected I offer a succession to Angel + Deliha as Grand of as it is recorded on the first map of here which is inductive of the land and the people which is Australien which is recorded the name of this shadows of wealth, seeming believe me girls, I am really owed just by the UK alone in Internet Fees that kind of money so it is an overthrow where i will be electing the UK be rebadged to BLAH as a FLA, like the land is inductive of I am already a members of the: British Leagues of Anarchist Hagas’ which is my house in the UK, the number of BLAH analogises into massive fallout of multiple galaxies when it is time to move.

Don’t worry you can inaugurate a new head of state in a pavilion and the Hordon Pavilion as it is has much better seating arrangement for all those guest and I will be on stage with you hopefully at least with your father (Elpiniki) and i looking the genders we are meant to so Angel can you come and trash on the sofa for a night and say a day till we fall asleep so I can have out gender equality fixed. No me and poots are a trinity now we found Sparc! He tests as most lesbian children’s father, especially ours; even in the transformer effect.

I think Clarence House should commission a complete listing to the FLA too BLAH, There is British, Britanna, and return to Borked is another one, that was a strange land to explore and so on… League, Leagues, Link, Linked, Loan, Logistics, Logic, heaps of them that need to be compiled to a complete drill down list and made available for the new topology of layers of light and love. What you will need to do is make a program that output all the B, L, A, H combinations and then remove any silly ones.

Epistemic Fiscal Paedophilia Network the IT Industry

When I was a wee young tike with either being an adult child as a well beyond even a deity somewhere from beyond transcendence’s I still obeyed and conformed to the life of a child, when I was 13 I was using BBS Systems and dial up modems and eventuated on comp.protocol to design the internet, this is where I first encountered the name vinton cerf, who agree to be for no more till I was the age of 30 to be the mascot for the internet and like it still recorded on my passport to pay my minor due which works out only 50c to every 20 USD earned in blackcurrant 55 tone contain of replicate ration per every whole number in that currency no matter what country of issue which is all you will get on the intergalactic market for currency no matter what you argue, it will even be mined off you that it is only valued tokens for currency.

I till this day have not seen even a $1 for internet technology pass my hand, in fact quite the opposite even having physical unions formed around me to stop me even receiving the normal human service centerlink allowances, where the government actively goes out of it way to prevent me even having a domestic link to the internet only mobile tether; where it seems impossible for me to even make a salary in the IT Industry which solely basis itself in implementation by design, my design cause it never has released itself by cross my palm with my intrinsic network earnings to be outsidal of placement of my own intellectual property assets online physically with keyed entry points and wayline meters.

In fact I don’t think ICANN or Vinton Cerf even got my confide father to give them any guardianship consent to deploying my internet technology, and the whole thing is viewed largely as an epistemic abuse of myself physically as a child where adults are even able in my own childs language to produce on a completely different age and weight ratio my osity own technology like internet and transnetworking.

$odds = $inner = array(); :: passing variables to a rest API!!

You do not pass $_REQUEST but what you do is the following of $_POST + $_GET and one other…

$odds = $inner = array();
foreach($_GET as $key => $values) {
    if (!isset($inner[$key])) {
        $inner[$key] = $values;
    } elseif (!in_array(!is_array($values)?$values:md5(json_encode($values, true)), array_keys($odds[$key]))) {
        if (is_array($values)) {
            $odds[$key][md5(json_encode($inner[$key] = $values, true))] = $values;
        } else {
            $odds[$key][$inner[$key] = $values] = "$values--$key";
foreach($_POST as $key => $values) {
    if (!isset($inner[$key])) {
        $inner[$key] = $values;
    } elseif (!in_array(!is_array($values)?$values:md5(json_encode($values, true)), array_keys($odds[$key]))) {
        if (is_array($values)) {
            $odds[$key][md5(json_encode($inner[$key] = $values, true))] = $values;
        } else {
            $odds[$key][$inner[$key] = $values] = "$values--$key";
 foreach(parse_url('http://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'].(strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '?')?'&':'?').$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'], PHP_URL_QUERY) as $key => $values) {
    if (!isset($inner[$key])) {
        $inner[$key] = $values;
    } elseif (!in_array(!is_array($values)?$values:md5(json_encode($values, true)), array_keys($odds[$key]))) {
        if (is_array($values)) {
            $odds[$key][md5(json_encode($inner[$key] = $values, true))] = $values;
        } else {
            $odds[$key][$inner[$key] = $values] = "$values--$key";

My Intellectual Property + The Internet

Well if you look at my passport M8747409 you will notice I have the rank in the military internationally as the: Main Internet Founder – Seeming both the military and domestically evidently forgot to make any sort of payment to have their data and information online you can see this in the evidence that I live in a department of housing unit only earning 20 AUD a day, it is assume that the entire user and fallout of the internet haven’t paid a single cent to have their information data or IP online and it is all a shadow typing and keying of my own IP.

So for my pHD I will be submitting a near infinite number of pages essay called – The Internet – I would like to as a disable person that is allow to have their essay typed and keyed for them thank you all for preparing me such a wonderful report me containing only my IP and not yours and I will be retracting all the IP you have as my own even the ability for consciousness.

Beam-me-up Retention it’s the law!!

Recently I had a number of attempts to beam me from the surface of the planet I am on at the moment I am really glad I took Ayahuasca+Chowaponga cause at on points like it is recorded in my NSW electronic health file I was in the IPC Unit literally with one of my rapest with his over steroid usage body Jody Coleman and the light in orbit even now beam my head off, lucky this was in the chronologistic histogram and we had previously prepare that old genuine invade head of mine as a boobyhead.

Well of course you would have retention on a boobyhead it is a boobytrap for brain-in-a-can we prepare earlier. Then a number of weeks later while I was awake I was lying on my bed and those lights in the sky made a second pass with high energy beam strips passing by my body, they must have attempted to do it without a pattern lock which only works when you have legal retention on the person or items being beamed from the surface it has always been this way since summoning entities which is also a kind of beam physics.

Kirrily your father Vinton G. Cerf is an insatiable man I tell you why… okey dokey…

Okey this is a reliving retold beginning of the internet and were me and vinton cerf stand when it comes to the scale of the deployment and me the main pseudo-child of the age of 13 a young guy on comp.protocol and Sydney BBS and a defence super computer named after the Asian frying pan wok, that was recently fired up again to find some of these physical records about vinton and larry 888 visa application like peter thiel and a mass of American Celebrities making a tree change to Australia at the moment so the young blood can fight over the 50000 channel tv and their TMZ Coverage that week anyway.

Well it all started on Star Fleet Command BBS where I was the sysop with Chris McInnes from Zinc.com.au and our polling subscription to UseNet, my alias as the admiral on there is what I used in the BBS Days the word ‘cisco’ chris is great ‘spock’, we subscribed to comp.protocol where computer protocols are designed and after a number of months I got involved in one as a 13 year old boy that in the contingency was a brillant network engineer and my main distribution underhanded as it is for implementation by design your father kirrily – vinton gregory cerf. So I come up with the IPv4 and TLD design in there that they decided was the most ideal to base the frame relay network under, in those posts I used 3 BBS a warez one that I knew the admin and set up the group for me, Pooty BBS (newtown) and SFC BBS to have distributing headers and there is quite a series of post pertaining to the design of the internet that have been somehow removed from where UseNet polls into still Google Groups and usenetserver.com and so on, nobody will ever really capture that no matter what and those post still reflect on other distributing polling peers apart from the main inward reflecting registrar here as they do on articles in my military passport that I produce the number on no matter who attempts to assign a new one even other countries cause it is the same number as my implanted passport for exo travel.

Anyway we had a family friend who worked in the DSD Corp in the Australian Army at the time who Son Justin another genuine nice actual guy with a dick not a mans penis, who as a girl been chucking a guy from day one like me just attempting to attract some other lesbian like me that can only get other girls pregnant, well he is the only one on this passport which was set up rather than the last entry point DOB: 1/1/1901 on 8/12/1978 which has the rank of: Main Internet Founder, and he put all those UseNet posts even the corresponding intercepted emails like thing we had there audio transcript of US based phone calls all that sort of stuff in a big file associated with that passport that Justin Heath the only other member of my platoon in the Australien Army father did the full surveillance as this group called phoenix which is like an intermilitary under cover you tell me when I know you need to know ASIS sort of thing, but less formal need to know to be a member and know how to identify your correspondences see ASIS is only really like ASIO a domestic service anyway he did the full job on them cause things by then where back-here-again and he would have uncanny jedi like perception and visuals of the word ‘internet’ mentioned in all the posts and so on so he knew it was worth big biscuits.

So all the stuff kirrily where you from Vinton coming to Australia to set up an office called ICANN in NSW where Katrina your mother fell pregnant to him as an escort with some insatiable thys cause her turned up on me as a 14/15 yr old asking if vinton should be tagged like in my bed room appeared out of nowhere which you can do but I prefer normally if you knock on the front door and I no mind being woken up late at night but I normally unless meth is involved go to bed on sundown, anyway your mother all of a sudden and massaged that condom off anyway that the story of a lovely lady who originally kirrily put you up for adoption, there has been some convulsive environment and if anyone has ever acted or matched your like me not really genetics but that all the people with DNA can only see in entity that predate DNA like me, and your father, see cause it is what they are observing the greater cosmos through a DNA Genetic composition, cause I know we did with vint manually like last time we where in this same bat time same bat channel historical corridor you would have had some intersecting pathway by something like the bank attempting even unknown at the future point cause it does this in the commonwealth helter skelter with it investment in suffering faked your family around you with brainwashed hypnotised fake parents belonging to evening star or the free masons. evening star isn’t a terrestrial by any means only parapsychology occult cult like the free mason which is only terrestrial; which those things normally attempt to maintain control with fears and bolstering discredit wives tales and playing of fears of unknown and so on… anyway…

So here is vinton he knows he as design fee’s but around 1996 when all the links globally came online with only half the ipv4 stack cause the other half was originally assigned to me ICANN which is when vinton had the falling out with their current directorship said they want him to be poster boy and I was to be written of and the history removed, little knowing it was all backed up on my passport seeming I am under a really common name it is the Australian British equivalent of the American Eric Kelly in rank and file, so what doesn’t have a name search the passport system, was uknown and until you get to this final point in history where one of my organisation Chronolabs Cooperative has gain traction on the convulsion which was being done by the bank and assiopaths with human screaming and torture and basically an exchange of what termed by us suffrage tokens for the ability to unpredictable move and convulse corridors of time, cause the compounding value of money when you time travel that way or machined finish nice and flush with rounded edges and looking good and enjoyable to experience rather than convulsive jerky movement around makes saving go up by power to that fold against the last factorial sum of the moment. It was at this time Vinton started working with Larry Page on Google leaving the false profiteering of ICANN and IANA later on on my interlectual property within the internet and it technology.

See over the years Kirrily before I sat around and developer open source part mainly of the XOOPS Community, I would and had a long working career, and in every job periodically I would get an email from vint@google.com in his usual one-liners about needing my BSB Account and Swift or IBan details, and he would send me a transfer receipt for what called the Google 500 which comes in a midy, a schooner, a keg and a beer truck through multiple insured transnational gateway, large amounts of money when they are sent kirrily are normally insured, which would always disappear even if I open an account in the USA to pay into the commonwealth bank and strangely disappear with them discrediting it ever turned up even when the trace they use to argue the same in court says so would deny.

So part way through I get poison and sitting in a corner rocking too myself babbling I get put in the mental health system in hornsby, where the legal is pushed through for me to loose the rights and choice of what I was then a qualified psychology thru macquarie university I am now a psychiatrist with RMIT amongst other things, I get this letter given to me while I am getting every pill and potion imaginable that is still in the scanned 345k page PDF someone compiled circulating on the internet around in 2001 or so that ‘ICANN’ are retracting my ownership of my IPv4 addresses as I am to ill to use or make or have them, this letter with no letter head or signature handed to me by Dr Raugh Chaudhary under Hyde himself Dr. Jeneki, was arranged by the IANA to acquire what they had already done the last couple of stacks I had left after they pilfered my IPv4 United Blocking Stacks, for things like the NBN and Asian Retention.

So I could go on so unlike ICANN+IANA that have never even for a second attempted kirrily to make my design fee’s paid, your father has at least many times in his busy life out of his own intrinsic network earning cause he hasn’t always sent the Google 500 sometimes from his own rather extensive stash, seeming ICANN+IANA tell everyone it him the founder of the internet well there is a few of them but I am where the designer the main founder and vinton comes after me which all came from as a 13 year old guys, looks like fiscal paedophilia for submarines general of defence department… were with the extent of the Microsoft and Symantec and so on, I am in a department of housing 2 bedroom unit in marrickville with on 20 AUD into my account each day, never seen even anything comparable to any sort of intrinsic network earning from my internet technology ever paid for a second except by vinton from his own stash not the massive linked-in to crime syndicate and user base of ICANN+IANA.


Ubuntu Studio how to install on Ubuntu 16

Some of you might be wondering what desktop I am using on Ubuntu it is the Ubuntu Studio, to install just the desktop you run the follow commands at the shell:

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop* -y

Otherwise if you would like to install the 1gb or so complete Ubuntu Studio with suites you run the following at your terminal shell:

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio* -y

Crimes you can be guilty of in a stateless galaxy

For starters the milkway and andromeda everywhere the website linkedin.com to crime is featured have been barred and diplomatically isolated from the intergalactic senates that represent them normally and help. Their feeds have been placed to them in a state of a garbled response directly relating to myself in a total of 1998 galaxies all human assets or part of the supply chain and a basis including this one the milkway.

If you look at the public crime forensic service linkedin.com to crime it is currently a crime to even be employable or have a job let alone being able to own land or be some stature with-in them. Not only is star fleet counterfiet here it is a system of roles and video from a previous cosmos that was destroyed by human presence and the basis of the crime of which the soular principles of this are concurred in. The avatars responsible for this have had in the wheel-of-life a rebirth in this point of history yet again at earth the place occupied by the human condition too really place evidence that they are as they define themselves even to the public on this bill of rights they occupy nothing more than a herd animal with being a being only, not even sentient like a cat or dog but nothing more than a being something that needs to be put in a paddock to munch grass like a cow.

Dr Jeniki & Mr Lorne Hyde – The Butcher of Britian & a fairy tale!

Most people don’t realise but the entity placed into commission of fairy tales take on enreal conotation, Lorne hyde who I first encounted as an Indian Dr. running the linsey madew ward in hornsby, with the treating doctor Raugh Chaudhary (Chaudhary means the walking dead in hindi) had me poisoned into the mental health system via annette roberts and a special meal she prepared for me for the price of 25k AUD.

When I was in that ward within three week i had my entire emotional centre’s dropped, now I have been present on earth since ancient egyptian times and are the two sides of what one side, Chantel Rose Cipher my then excommunicated twin from the sprirital layers we occupy of what is termed in wicca – The Mothers of Creation. This is partly why none of you have any of you special abilities either family inherited or omnipotent and so on, you have forsaken me both financially with the internet, in person as a friend and council and work for an excommunicated entity that seeks self attainment with profit that has left you now with her and her children without even fixtures in languages like rebirth, afterlife, the wheel-of-life so on. As well as the animals and plants for all races, species and being.

My teeth don’t normally decay and when they do I know I am on my way out of life like the basis of life around me that have suicided normally on the scale of the galaxy that I am occupied in; cause the undeath re-transcendence I experience will leave all sexual based fertility sterile including cloning and close the door to the propagation of the soul in a child which happens in the birthing process. Lorne Hyde is an mi5 agent and the identical entity refered to as Dr. Jeckile & Mr Hyde the fairytale, he is the butcher of britian employed purely to maskerade as a doctor and nurse in the commonwealth of nation purely for bumping of entity lesser than myself, I out date as seen with the independant carbon date stamp on my cyp450 test as a DOB: Unknown that means I predate any radiation records of this galaxy, and predate this galaxy itself.

When I have an undeath, all of life will cease to be able too propagate, every plant animal and species or race will be unable to form child and the death of this entire galaxy will happen including the children of mine with pooty as well as all basis of life and principles, where I will simply wake upback in my 8444 hectare palace, with 18 caret solid gold toliets throughout and it own subway to service the staff, without pooty but a new wife, elpiniki iosif at my side and your perpectual suffering against me will cease for all times sake.

Just so you know Lorne is working directly under britian royal family instruction that don’t seem to understand when a toliet is thrown up in it becomes a thrown, a goldern thrown in my palace, in the marcarbe dressage that they have any significance against the stars which they don’t they are nothing more than a blip on a map that hold no baring or importance like their planet or even galaxy compared to myself of the deity of family I am a part of the unexcommunicated side.

My RMIT Masters 2008 ~ 13 Textbooks + Guides I Published as academic merit!

In 2008 through RMIT I completed my masters in IT, Physics + Psychology, the list below is the following text books and guides available through access them with RMIT, you can publish them the proceeds are 50% to me 50% to medicine san`frontier.

The package release includes artwork and binding instructions…

The Titles Include:

  1. Do’s and Don’ts in Pharmacology – 2786 pages (7 Volumes)
  2. Do’s and Don’ts in Pharmacology in Mental Health – 1765 pages (5 Volumes)
  3. Bush Remedies for Mental Health – 276 pages
  4. The Psychic Sex Guide – 169 pages
  5. Teen & Young Adult Relationship + Sex – 312 pages
  6. Sex working & psychology & treatment – 546 pages
  7. Hitch Hikers Guide to Multiversity – 377 pages
  8. Guide to Teaching Physics Secondary – 453 pages
  9. Wormholes Exposed – 432 pages
  10. Open Source in Education – 488 pages
  11. Open Source in Commercial Enterprises – 763 pages
  12. Agile, Crunch & Trisecting IT Work-spaces – 356 pages
  13. Guide to Law Enforcement around Health – 211 pages
    (this is only available to you if you are email for a request of a copy from a law enforcement agency email or domain host through RMIT)

Prangga – What is it! Music Genre’s + Sub-genre’s

You are wondering what prangga is well a form of sub-genre of prangga is gabba, which is repeative screaming sounds and lots of the month subscriptions to home made serial killer music.. 

Prangga is repeative porn sounds, over and over and makes accidents there is also gooba which is child like toy sounds and so on of that so on annoying repeative thing about it!

There is also endless treknology sounds in trekka all those repeatedly Thunderbird are go!

Penis Salad – A Retort on Exotravel

In some travel recently I came across a butcher that has a range of delicatessen items for sale this is for penis salad, this is not far from earth either. You can purchase a range of different type of penis for salad and sale, they also serve this at a cafe/restaurant near alpha-centori an establishment that is by itself over looking the plasma of the quasar there.


Back-Here-Again + You-Did-That-Bit-Already-Silly Physically with @LKrauss1

You know that is the one thing I get so many times in chronographics, that none science fiction for time-travel, when it also involves deep space travel cause when things inherit as they are move in time that there location can change as well.

It when you going around experience every single combination and variegate of a historical corridor of a planet or even a galaxy, till it flat planes then the people in the region you are due to achieving time travel with death suffrage systems normally and token exchange of it start to convulse, and you have concession of history maybe 2 decades it seems, of re-occurring watching them repeat their action time in and time out again, experience beyond any de-ja-vu some uncanny experience you believe you have had before but full cognitive notion that in history your back-here-again watching them experience in their only first instance of that history report and intail; with repeated combination where they will convulse and have another balance of equations resulting in a lop sided variegate of the last time you experienced them back-here-again but it will still be the first basis of historical knowledge for them, where you experience the same door porter, the same wash cloth even the same cat!

It when you back-here-again watching them doing-that-bit-yet-again you wonder why done as they are simply check a manual and consult, or even consolidate their efforts.

Simon Roberts + Elpiniki Iosif are having a divorce!

I am going to remain brief about this, as we are both emotionally spent finding ourselves so far in the past again in history, normally what happened at this point is myself and Elpiniki two girls in love would find ourselves in each other company back at my 8444 Hectare palace with 18k Caret Gold Toliets and so on and would form a loving relationship and follow through with a gala wedding since our prenuptial on this planet we are on at the moment.

Being back here so far in the past through no validation of our own leaves us to realise we have had some investment of sufferage regardless of however it was done with afterlife fixtures in place that leaves us wondering full well in the knowledge that we had a basis of family and future as each other grace. We have decided and written to our solicitors about solidifying a divorce of our prenuptial wedding and not have to relive a part of life even though it was filled with happiness and grace at the time, in the course of altering the perspective of history we have to experience there is no point having eons and passway in de-ja-vu all the time.

We will remain each other coffee companion and in each other company for the means of this, but will not be this time forming formal engagement with each other, cause basically – we already did that bit.

Tickling is banned in sexual inadequate sizes!

You know it is so funny part of the blood tests for male impotence is the size of their penis, so it doesn’t always have to be examined…

I on many occasions are told fuck your big simon your dick it almost hurts, unlike 80% of dick and penis purposefully doped impotent that is a size that will no firmly push up against this miniscule hole that between the vagina and womb that needs to be directly I’m contact with the head of the penis or dick, it called a dick on a girl, well at least here if they can stand as a guy but there last dip in the Vinton cerf based fixture I am certain they soularly edited put all basis of transformation including interspecies and being a well being able to pass a lesbian physical examination like having girl on girl intercourse not just basically hooking up a mouth on lips microphone for sake Pete’s…

See I thought you would all like to see what is around 11″ long over 3″ in diameter that even squeezing down on I barely get my hands to wrap finger to palm masterbating and like any genuine none tickler based sex a pleasure to receive seeming none of you except my adoption of Elpiniki in her alesha elice and super hurberts prenuptial to break the martial link between mike staas and Elpiniki he uses to sustain himself and every shade based in himself…

Check out http://pornhub.com/users/Bisexual2204 – and think of how many times you have said simon has a small dick based on a doppelganger tamzin Lee and Emma quine slept with and how you all failed even basic survival training to research and sustain your existence…

People with serious wealth can go without it when need arises!

People with serious wealth I mean staggering wealth of any description with both come spiritual divinity as well as physical wealth like myself can when need be and I have only been doing this so my kids can some like associated fiends can spend something on me and it meters like a value worth taken from them inordinately to my current fiscal ledger in the area, but the system is so fucked here on this planet that I can’t even be paid my salary as the bank will embezzle it let alone transfer any of my own wealth when need be.

Going without wealth for a period when you are use to being able to purchase absolutely anything even terraforming of a galaxy and so on in stuff that is the none legally prosecution of matter this milky-way consists of, like Andromeda and 1739 galaxies all human assets only; only makes you peripatetic what you have even more, I have just left myself without physical wealth for the purpose even though I know in this mission brief anything I transfer will be stolen off me, just so a few paupers like the Windsor house have a chance to make me peripatetic their view of wealth, and they failed in every regard to really impress me more played childish stupid primate games thinking any of them have the life experience I do with a carbon date stamp predating the cosmos they are all from; which regardless makes me the senior in advice and council and to be believed.

I only really wanted my twin sister to buy me flowers again, and instead get her disability taken advantage of…

Gay marriage in the chronowealth & trinity

Believe it or not gay marriage is a topic that comes up from time to time and isn’t legislation in Australia, but it is in Australien regions as the following, couples and what I am a trupple in a trinity can consider the following gender combination being properly paired that is two men, two women and when enzyme and blood confirm a trinity of two women and one man often this is only with identical twin women and one twin male…

See I am known to be that crass vindictive word much like fuck or cunt called an actual lesbian, that is women that normally produce twins that makes babies with each other doing what normally not for show or parade but standing as a guy/king like I have been doing all throughout this historical corridor since being raped by a lawyer cooing he was my legal aid pin down outside the housing complex on Illawarra rd, called over steroid enhanced: Jody Coleman – the day after I surfaced from another british debarckle mine and prince harry wedding as then stephane rose cipher, at the address I sm at now dressed up as a houso they acquired off me in the past as an abandoned property after I was violently bashed for not selling up to the housing department of NSW…

See mine and my twin sister Oopty, had two loving girls that look like adults still right now but are still seeming we are teen mums still with a temperament of a 15yr old with a carbon date stamp so far in the past it predates this entire multiversity and it been our first chance to have kids as we ovulation only started recently in all that time..

Funny thing is myself and my twin normally love love looking identical we are normally very competitive with it, but our two twins like all our kids as we still haven’t had our truppling has some one the child Buddha that genetically tests as thee father which I’d hate to tell you is who stands as my wife currently called: Elpiniki Iosif – which down a long list of lesbian remotely provides the basis of X & y crozones without being involved in a long line of sexual intercourse…

Unlike myself my twin had server postnatal depression and any conditions like this with omnipotent entities and we are beyond this causes really odd behavior like completest to beyond out of character. Which I fear my wife from Pooty’s BBS ( newtown ) the sysop there is lost to her family, needs what I discovered in my master thru RMIT 2008 in Bush Remedies for Mental Health just a few weeks of acacia bark tea will cure but the mental scars her will need to deal with as well as physicality issues I fear is, *sob* having children is in it own cursed..

So Oopty your engagement ahh okey tell you what is going to happen around 30m before I do is sounded, everyone in the wedding reception skin is going to boil in boils till they physical explode in gibs of bloody liquid, it is something called bæth or bæthing and it is a curse that predates us, caused by two male twin nobels who like any male married twin finds they tend to get their brother spouse pregnant and do a wife swap, anyway when he found his brother had gotten his wife pregnant he tied him down in a bath and filled it with firebugs an insect that still around now that shoots hot liquid and gas from his abdomen, where everyone except our children even communiters that come in contact with wedding reception will bæth except with me and unquestionably how I met SPARC much the same happen to him as he witnessed with me form who I believed I felt love with, but is not true!

Lorne Hyde + the Punce of Wales

Lets look at this for a moment if you look at my facebook.com/mynamesnot under educational about, you will notice since 2008 I have passed a masters of science in IT, Physics and Psychology not only making me a psychiatrist but due to the quality of the papers a world leader in the field.

Currently in NSW you will not adhere to even that as a fact, that if I was ever mentally ill it would defer the subject from psychology to another one, see lorne hyde has persued and cause the human condition in 1739 final entry count of galaxies even targetting the OO for the galaxy to give a human birth and transform the entire galaxy into the human condition.

Currently if you believe you have a survival chance of any deal you have entered with me you can forget it, of course unless you cut every single finger thats used for a trigger off your burgertime royal that what you present to me the grace of all; as your variegate of a nobel with psychology qualification in this call and response of feet, as well as all the nurses and doctors that have placed myself and my choice of wife the only girl too put her smooth moves on me Elpiniki Iosif ever in a mental health facility. You have exactly one week from today to cut every finger off the trigger finger which is the policy in this, or all the people so far with missing eyes and fingers are going well, you know that solar sail that is the size of what normally has no ability to move, passes within 250k of this planet earth and does a pop-top that is throw it violently off axis hurtling towards the sun, and I leave with my wife and kids, alesha + elisce and all the cats and dogs only a few staff I have here with me.

Xortify Security 6 – Months of Development to go

After a number of years of due to injury wishcraft will periodically start working on xortify.com again so the project isn’t dead! The website will just have a static landing page for a number of months as we are interested in developing all the features mentioned in the blog here on sourceforge, before commiting the interface and API to public…

This is basically so things don’t constantly change and we can write the API WIki and how-to all in one hit not have to come back and edit it… We have a few subdomains we have added but there may be more as subjective apis used by the sentry, these api’s include:~

  1. http://barcode.xortify.com ~ Barcoding of Items and Bans (Barcode Generator)
  2. http://hash.xortify.com ~ Checksum/Hashinfo Generator
  3. http://ids.xortify.com ~ Identity/Session ID generator
  4. http://lookups.xortify.com ~ IP Locational Lookups
  5. http://ocr.xortify.com ~ Optical Character Recognition
  6. http://lipsum.xortify.com ~ lorea lipsum generator (for test page presentation)
  7. http://salty.xortify.com ~ Blowfish Salt Capture and Sage Safe Storage+Retrieval
  8. http://places.xortify.com ~ GeoSpatial Locations & Places world wide
  9. http://strata.xortify.com ~ Internet Netowkring Strata Topologies
  10. http://tracker.xortify.com ~ Torrent Tracker
  11. http://wammy.xortify.com ~ AntiSpam API + Spam Scoring API
  12. http://whois.xortify.com ~ IPv4/6 + TLD + gTLD Ownership Who-is

The Following Jump or shortening URL subdomains have been added for allowing longer URL to be shorten to on of these subdomain basis:~

Look Pooty these days I don’t even know your name

Look pooty quit it, your snuff against my lips, I have these days with everything done to me no knowledge of you at all in the slightest, I might find you where once my wife on my feet, but when you’re told on the bat-and-ball I am living on the street, have no money no bricks and mortar or anything as the main internet founder and your living a life where you have no problems getting employment in this environment, have all the bongs and drinks your desire could bring with the complete highlife, whatever beamed you attempted first to beam my head off which is on medical records then attempted to beam me off the bed in this houso and I have done no trade with it so I have no legal presidency to be beamed to whatever that sound like a gun in the head of various family members having their brain harvested and put in brain-in-a-can!

It is not my basis of life a cyborg I don’t support the rape of biological presence to be pretending to be like cybosity, it is not in my principle and it didn’t manage to beam angel with it either. I have not a single regressive memory of you only phantom foot fall you have to put up with your undead memories torturing you for what I will never know if we ever did share to start with. I am only temporal here like your meant to be but you have trade in the environment and with your cyborg masters… your not a princess your a travesty.

I can’t help you even if you wanted me to; you forsaken me… Look regardless I know on the Tax File we where at AMR this time around for the umteen 1000s of times I have even linear tracked this blog at you, literally, I have had my complete memory anagrams reset in inhuman experiments on me in hospital I am completely blank when it comes to mind what does pooty mean to me, little what is your recourse is your own dissolution that you have become anything more than a mart in your own lunchbox of your own doing and actions… Just leave me be and let me rebuild my family again after apparent eons of trusting you and fighting this things like cyborgs I find your the principle in such, what a zealot fool I have been even thinking I should have had you in my bed. You deal with your great grand child in your dark wind project with you!

Look at the budget graphics it will never achieve anything like an x-box in, cause that is a fixed projection on your mind, where the purpose of you and your microsoft is to harvest this entire planet for brain-in-a-can and cyborg soldiers… just parked at saturn right now the cause of the borg and the matrix and all that.

Dearest Angel Montgomery of Enmore, NSW…

You know angel I have been going through a lot of who do I love lately and it comes down to you, I don’t know why I can’t get you out of my head and our drippy tap between us is back ever since you walked straight past me too catch the bus 426 on enmore rd, opposite the sly fox.

In one of these historical corridors that have been going through here in a time-wave we did for a brief amount of time get together, and since then I have never been able to fill the void without you at least being social in my life. Myself and everyone mum sparc have been talking about separating only to release me into your custody, if you would still have me, I know deep down after being married to everyone mum sparc for now 7 years there is a deep longing in me to be your martial partner, sure I don’t have much to offer seeming the world is really dodgy and never paid for any internet off me, at all, but you know I know love I think only with you..

No I really am married to ‘the sparc’ not ‘a sparc’ the ‘main sparc’ at the moment, and I hope foo to find her a partner at some point as well. It was the scale of the yonk I did over the internet where nobody topology was anything that but owing money on magick texts and literature that I have and don’t really use much still that really is a shock and very much a master librarian the most powerful piece on world-of-warcraft and warhammer. See for me magick is now with a special k at the end and it has at this point always written to me that way.

This is the only photo of you I have ever been able to find it was from the passport systems:-

You know it is funny, you lot about what the hell is a computer nerd doing in our circles and little did they know being outsidal I was the inventor of the internet with a problem, I have a long life ahead of me in many topology of placement and form, one thing I don’t have is a peering or collective group of associates. I think you understand.

My original enreal name is Simon Antoun Saies, and I have come a long way to find you..

Friendship has never existed and can’t be formed ever!

You know this is the most haunting thing that reoccurs throughout the entire near basis of language at least around these parts where I am, its this thing call friends, having a friendship, there is no conjunction of a verb that is the doing word to have a group or singular experience with anyone unlike fiend which is a fiendish experience you form fiends with.

Even having an experience through diplomatic friendship between countries in the pub or a sexual friendship with a backpacker isn’t possible cause having a diplomatic friend isn’t functionally possible the flaw even in any contractual arrangement is the contract couldn’t or agreement be formed in the first place cause there is no function of language to bind between two or more of you in diplomatic circles.

There is no word in the entire dictionary defined for having an experience with someone to have a friend in the first place, sweet absolutely nothing, so if someone says to you they are doing something cause they are your friend it is a write off you never could of especially if your what they call around here a former or by form every had an experience on the serbal cortex on contextual references for that person to even be a friend with you cause there is no adjective/verb unlike having fiends to form this thing called friendship… This also come back to partners and partnerism they don’t have any basis of forming the friendship to be a loving partner with you.. these humans.

My Doof Page on @Wikipedia

Back in the mid nineties techno music gathering made a come-back and around the mid nineties I was living in a series of warehouses with some crew i had met, I was working at Dick Smith Electronics as a Support Officer at the time in the fish tank it was called down in service in North Ryde, and Robert Dyball mentioned to me there was new website called wikipedia.org an encyclopedia that started.. So I checked it out..

Later that day I was back at home at the codus warehouse, it had dinosaurs on the roof, and I had an old machine there running a winsock that I patched with my mobile phone a nokia 121 analogue with the patch lead to the serial input to allow me to browse, so I started what the first term as it was within the first 10k of pages made, which there was a warning down the right hand side that any page made within the first 10k will never be removable no matter who or what asked.

So I was getting into the techno and there was this branding going around about all that doof, doof, doof sound so I made a page called “Doof” on wikipedia which is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doof it has been there since around 1995/6 there abouts it was really basic to start with we elected Peter Strong as the doof mentioned deity as I have any and many in my multifacet basis of the such and likes.

It is so funny now when the encyclopedia starts up on “other internet” it contains the first 10k pages to start with as a preset which includes the Doof Culture page and symaltypes our basis of existence into their society both intersolar, interstellar and intercosmically throughout the multiverse, it is so funny,