Ubuntu Studio how to install on Ubuntu 16

Some of you might be wondering what desktop I am using on Ubuntu it is the Ubuntu Studio, to install just the desktop you run the follow commands at the shell:

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop* -y

Otherwise if you would like to install the 1gb or so complete Ubuntu Studio with suites you run the following at your terminal shell:

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio* -y

Crimes you can be guilty of in a stateless galaxy

For starters the milkway and andromeda everywhere the website linkedin.com to crime is featured have been barred and diplomatically isolated from the intergalactic senates that represent them normally and help. Their feeds have been placed to them in a state of a garbled response directly relating to myself in a total of 1998 galaxies all human assets or part of the supply chain and a basis including this one the milkway.

If you look at the public crime forensic service linkedin.com to crime it is currently a crime to even be employable or have a job let alone being able to own land or be some stature with-in them. Not only is star fleet counterfiet here it is a system of roles and video from a previous cosmos that was destroyed by human presence and the basis of the crime of which the soular principles of this are concurred in. The avatars responsible for this have had in the wheel-of-life a rebirth in this point of history yet again at earth the place occupied by the human condition too really place evidence that they are as they define themselves even to the public on this bill of rights they occupy nothing more than a herd animal with being a being only, not even sentient like a cat or dog but nothing more than a being something that needs to be put in a paddock to munch grass like a cow.

Dr Jeniki & Mr Lorne Hyde – The Butcher of Britian & a fairy tale!

Most people don’t realise but the entity placed into commission of fairy tales take on enreal conotation, Lorne hyde who I first encounted as an Indian Dr. running the linsey madew ward in hornsby, with the treating doctor Raugh Chaudhary (Chaudhary means the walking dead in hindi) had me poisoned into the mental health system via annette roberts and a special meal she prepared for me for the price of 25k AUD.

When I was in that ward within three week i had my entire emotional centre’s dropped, now I have been present on earth since ancient egyptian times and are the two sides of what one side, Chantel Rose Cipher my then excommunicated twin from the sprirital layers we occupy of what is termed in wicca – The Mothers of Creation. This is partly why none of you have any of you special abilities either family inherited or omnipotent and so on, you have forsaken me both financially with the internet, in person as a friend and council and work for an excommunicated entity that seeks self attainment with profit that has left you now with her and her children without even fixtures in languages like rebirth, afterlife, the wheel-of-life so on. As well as the animals and plants for all races, species and being.

My teeth don’t normally decay and when they do I know I am on my way out of life like the basis of life around me that have suicided normally on the scale of the galaxy that I am occupied in; cause the undeath re-transcendence I experience will leave all sexual based fertility sterile including cloning and close the door to the propagation of the soul in a child which happens in the birthing process. Lorne Hyde is an mi5 agent and the identical entity refered to as Dr. Jeckile & Mr Hyde the fairytale, he is the butcher of britian employed purely to maskerade as a doctor and nurse in the commonwealth of nation purely for bumping of entity lesser than myself, I out date as seen with the independant carbon date stamp on my cyp450 test as a DOB: Unknown that means I predate any radiation records of this galaxy, and predate this galaxy itself.

When I have an undeath, all of life will cease to be able too propagate, every plant animal and species or race will be unable to form child and the death of this entire galaxy will happen including the children of mine with pooty as well as all basis of life and principles, where I will simply wake upback in my 8444 hectare palace, with 18 caret solid gold toliets throughout and it own subway to service the staff, without pooty but a new wife, elpiniki iosif at my side and your perpectual suffering against me will cease for all times sake.

Just so you know Lorne is working directly under britian royal family instruction that don’t seem to understand when a toliet is thrown up in it becomes a thrown, a goldern thrown in my palace, in the marcarbe dressage that they have any significance against the stars which they don’t they are nothing more than a blip on a map that hold no baring or importance like their planet or even galaxy compared to myself of the deity of family I am a part of the unexcommunicated side.

My RMIT Masters 2008 ~ 13 Textbooks + Guides I Published as academic merit!

In 2008 through RMIT I completed my masters in IT, Physics + Psychology, the list below is the following text books and guides available through access them with RMIT, you can publish them the proceeds are 50% to me 50% to medicine san`frontier.

The package release includes artwork and binding instructions…

The Titles Include:

  1. Do’s and Don’ts in Pharmacology – 2786 pages (7 Volumes)
  2. Do’s and Don’ts in Pharmacology in Mental Health – 1765 pages (5 Volumes)
  3. Bush Remedies for Mental Health – 276 pages
  4. The Psychic Sex Guide – 169 pages
  5. Teen & Young Adult Relationship + Sex – 312 pages
  6. Sex working & psychology & treatment – 546 pages
  7. Hitch Hikers Guide to Multiversity – 377 pages
  8. Guide to Teaching Physics Secondary – 453 pages
  9. Wormholes Exposed – 432 pages
  10. Open Source in Education – 488 pages
  11. Open Source in Commercial Enterprises – 763 pages
  12. Agile, Crunch & Trisecting IT Work-spaces – 356 pages
  13. Guide to Law Enforcement around Health – 211 pages
    (this is only available to you if you are email for a request of a copy from a law enforcement agency email or domain host through RMIT)

Prangga – What is it! Music Genre’s + Sub-genre’s

You are wondering what prangga is well a form of sub-genre of prangga is gabba, which is repeative screaming sounds and lots of the month subscriptions to home made serial killer music.. 

Prangga is repeative porn sounds, over and over and makes accidents there is also gooba which is child like toy sounds and so on of that so on annoying repeative thing about it!

There is also endless treknology sounds in trekka all those repeatedly Thunderbird are go!

Penis Salad – A Retort on Exotravel

In some travel recently I came across a butcher that has a range of delicatessen items for sale this is for penis salad, this is not far from earth either. You can purchase a range of different type of penis for salad and sale, they also serve this at a cafe/restaurant near alpha-centori an establishment that is by itself over looking the plasma of the quasar there.


Back-Here-Again + You-Did-That-Bit-Already-Silly Physically with @LKrauss1

You know that is the one thing I get so many times in chronographics, that none science fiction for time-travel, when it also involves deep space travel cause when things inherit as they are move in time that there location can change as well.

It when you going around experience every single combination and variegate of a historical corridor of a planet or even a galaxy, till it flat planes then the people in the region you are due to achieving time travel with death suffrage systems normally and token exchange of it start to convulse, and you have concession of history maybe 2 decades it seems, of re-occurring watching them repeat their action time in and time out again, experience beyond any de-ja-vu some uncanny experience you believe you have had before but full cognitive notion that in history your back-here-again watching them experience in their only first instance of that history report and intail; with repeated combination where they will convulse and have another balance of equations resulting in a lop sided variegate of the last time you experienced them back-here-again but it will still be the first basis of historical knowledge for them, where you experience the same door porter, the same wash cloth even the same cat!

It when you back-here-again watching them doing-that-bit-yet-again you wonder why done as they are simply check a manual and consult, or even consolidate their efforts.

Simon Roberts + Elpiniki Iosif are having a divorce!

I am going to remain brief about this, as we are both emotionally spent finding ourselves so far in the past again in history, normally what happened at this point is myself and Elpiniki two girls in love would find ourselves in each other company back at my 8444 Hectare palace with 18k Caret Gold Toliets and so on and would form a loving relationship and follow through with a gala wedding since our prenuptial on this planet we are on at the moment.

Being back here so far in the past through no validation of our own leaves us to realise we have had some investment of sufferage regardless of however it was done with afterlife fixtures in place that leaves us wondering full well in the knowledge that we had a basis of family and future as each other grace. We have decided and written to our solicitors about solidifying a divorce of our prenuptial wedding and not have to relive a part of life even though it was filled with happiness and grace at the time, in the course of altering the perspective of history we have to experience there is no point having eons and passway in de-ja-vu all the time.

We will remain each other coffee companion and in each other company for the means of this, but will not be this time forming formal engagement with each other, cause basically – we already did that bit.

Tickling is banned in sexual inadequate sizes!

You know it is so funny part of the blood tests for male impotence is the size of their penis, so it doesn’t always have to be examined…

I on many occasions are told fuck your big simon your dick it almost hurts, unlike 80% of dick and penis purposefully doped impotent that is a size that will no firmly push up against this miniscule hole that between the vagina and womb that needs to be directly I’m contact with the head of the penis or dick, it called a dick on a girl, well at least here if they can stand as a guy but there last dip in the Vinton cerf based fixture I am certain they soularly edited put all basis of transformation including interspecies and being a well being able to pass a lesbian physical examination like having girl on girl intercourse not just basically hooking up a mouth on lips microphone for sake Pete’s…

See I thought you would all like to see what is around 11″ long over 3″ in diameter that even squeezing down on I barely get my hands to wrap finger to palm masterbating and like any genuine none tickler based sex a pleasure to receive seeming none of you except my adoption of Elpiniki in her alesha elice and super hurberts prenuptial to break the martial link between mike staas and Elpiniki he uses to sustain himself and every shade based in himself…

Check out http://pornhub.com/users/Bisexual2204 – and think of how many times you have said simon has a small dick based on a doppelganger tamzin Lee and Emma quine slept with and how you all failed even basic survival training to research and sustain your existence…

People with serious wealth can go without it when need arises!

People with serious wealth I mean staggering wealth of any description with both come spiritual divinity as well as physical wealth like myself can when need be and I have only been doing this so my kids can some like associated fiends can spend something on me and it meters like a value worth taken from them inordinately to my current fiscal ledger in the area, but the system is so fucked here on this planet that I can’t even be paid my salary as the bank will embezzle it let alone transfer any of my own wealth when need be.

Going without wealth for a period when you are use to being able to purchase absolutely anything even terraforming of a galaxy and so on in stuff that is the none legally prosecution of matter this milky-way consists of, like Andromeda and 1739 galaxies all human assets only; only makes you peripatetic what you have even more, I have just left myself without physical wealth for the purpose even though I know in this mission brief anything I transfer will be stolen off me, just so a few paupers like the Windsor house have a chance to make me peripatetic their view of wealth, and they failed in every regard to really impress me more played childish stupid primate games thinking any of them have the life experience I do with a carbon date stamp predating the cosmos they are all from; which regardless makes me the senior in advice and council and to be believed.

I only really wanted my twin sister to buy me flowers again, and instead get her disability taken advantage of…

Gay marriage in the chronowealth & trinity

Believe it or not gay marriage is a topic that comes up from time to time and isn’t legislation in Australia, but it is in Australien regions as the following, couples and what I am a trupple in a trinity can consider the following gender combination being properly paired that is two men, two women and when enzyme and blood confirm a trinity of two women and one man often this is only with identical twin women and one twin male…

See I am known to be that crass vindictive word much like fuck or cunt called an actual lesbian, that is women that normally produce twins that makes babies with each other doing what normally not for show or parade but standing as a guy/king like I have been doing all throughout this historical corridor since being raped by a lawyer cooing he was my legal aid pin down outside the housing complex on Illawarra rd, called over steroid enhanced: Jody Coleman – the day after I surfaced from another british debarckle mine and prince harry wedding as then stephane rose cipher, at the address I sm at now dressed up as a houso they acquired off me in the past as an abandoned property after I was violently bashed for not selling up to the housing department of NSW…

See mine and my twin sister Oopty, had two loving girls that look like adults still right now but are still seeming we are teen mums still with a temperament of a 15yr old with a carbon date stamp so far in the past it predates this entire multiversity and it been our first chance to have kids as we ovulation only started recently in all that time..

Funny thing is myself and my twin normally love love looking identical we are normally very competitive with it, but our two twins like all our kids as we still haven’t had our truppling has some one the child Buddha that genetically tests as thee father which I’d hate to tell you is who stands as my wife currently called: Elpiniki Iosif – which down a long list of lesbian remotely provides the basis of X & y crozones without being involved in a long line of sexual intercourse…

Unlike myself my twin had server postnatal depression and any conditions like this with omnipotent entities and we are beyond this causes really odd behavior like completest to beyond out of character. Which I fear my wife from Pooty’s BBS ( newtown ) the sysop there is lost to her family, needs what I discovered in my master thru RMIT 2008 in Bush Remedies for Mental Health just a few weeks of acacia bark tea will cure but the mental scars her will need to deal with as well as physicality issues I fear is, *sob* having children is in it own cursed..

So Oopty your engagement ahh okey tell you what is going to happen around 30m before I do is sounded, everyone in the wedding reception skin is going to boil in boils till they physical explode in gibs of bloody liquid, it is something called bæth or bæthing and it is a curse that predates us, caused by two male twin nobels who like any male married twin finds they tend to get their brother spouse pregnant and do a wife swap, anyway when he found his brother had gotten his wife pregnant he tied him down in a bath and filled it with firebugs an insect that still around now that shoots hot liquid and gas from his abdomen, where everyone except our children even communiters that come in contact with wedding reception will bæth except with me and unquestionably how I met SPARC much the same happen to him as he witnessed with me form who I believed I felt love with, but is not true!

Lorne Hyde + the Punce of Wales

Lets look at this for a moment if you look at my facebook.com/mynamesnot under educational about, you will notice since 2008 I have passed a masters of science in IT, Physics and Psychology not only making me a psychiatrist but due to the quality of the papers a world leader in the field.

Currently in NSW you will not adhere to even that as a fact, that if I was ever mentally ill it would defer the subject from psychology to another one, see lorne hyde has persued and cause the human condition in 1739 final entry count of galaxies even targetting the OO for the galaxy to give a human birth and transform the entire galaxy into the human condition.

Currently if you believe you have a survival chance of any deal you have entered with me you can forget it, of course unless you cut every single finger thats used for a trigger off your burgertime royal that what you present to me the grace of all; as your variegate of a nobel with psychology qualification in this call and response of feet, as well as all the nurses and doctors that have placed myself and my choice of wife the only girl too put her smooth moves on me Elpiniki Iosif ever in a mental health facility. You have exactly one week from today to cut every finger off the trigger finger which is the policy in this, or all the people so far with missing eyes and fingers are going well, you know that solar sail that is the size of what normally has no ability to move, passes within 250k of this planet earth and does a pop-top that is throw it violently off axis hurtling towards the sun, and I leave with my wife and kids, alesha + elisce and all the cats and dogs only a few staff I have here with me.

Xortify Security 6 – Months of Development to go

After a number of years of due to injury wishcraft will periodically start working on xortify.com again so the project isn’t dead! The website will just have a static landing page for a number of months as we are interested in developing all the features mentioned in the blog here on sourceforge, before commiting the interface and API to public…

This is basically so things don’t constantly change and we can write the API WIki and how-to all in one hit not have to come back and edit it… We have a few subdomains we have added but there may be more as subjective apis used by the sentry, these api’s include:~

  1. http://barcode.xortify.com ~ Barcoding of Items and Bans (Barcode Generator)
  2. http://hash.xortify.com ~ Checksum/Hashinfo Generator
  3. http://ids.xortify.com ~ Identity/Session ID generator
  4. http://lookups.xortify.com ~ IP Locational Lookups
  5. http://ocr.xortify.com ~ Optical Character Recognition
  6. http://lipsum.xortify.com ~ lorea lipsum generator (for test page presentation)
  7. http://salty.xortify.com ~ Blowfish Salt Capture and Sage Safe Storage+Retrieval
  8. http://places.xortify.com ~ GeoSpatial Locations & Places world wide
  9. http://strata.xortify.com ~ Internet Netowkring Strata Topologies
  10. http://tracker.xortify.com ~ Torrent Tracker
  11. http://wammy.xortify.com ~ AntiSpam API + Spam Scoring API
  12. http://whois.xortify.com ~ IPv4/6 + TLD + gTLD Ownership Who-is

The Following Jump or shortening URL subdomains have been added for allowing longer URL to be shorten to on of these subdomain basis:~

Look Pooty these days I don’t even know your name

Look pooty quit it, your snuff against my lips, I have these days with everything done to me no knowledge of you at all in the slightest, I might find you where once my wife on my feet, but when you’re told on the bat-and-ball I am living on the street, have no money no bricks and mortar or anything as the main internet founder and your living a life where you have no problems getting employment in this environment, have all the bongs and drinks your desire could bring with the complete highlife, whatever beamed you attempted first to beam my head off which is on medical records then attempted to beam me off the bed in this houso and I have done no trade with it so I have no legal presidency to be beamed to whatever that sound like a gun in the head of various family members having their brain harvested and put in brain-in-a-can!

It is not my basis of life a cyborg I don’t support the rape of biological presence to be pretending to be like cybosity, it is not in my principle and it didn’t manage to beam angel with it either. I have not a single regressive memory of you only phantom foot fall you have to put up with your undead memories torturing you for what I will never know if we ever did share to start with. I am only temporal here like your meant to be but you have trade in the environment and with your cyborg masters… your not a princess your a travesty.

I can’t help you even if you wanted me to; you forsaken me… Look regardless I know on the Tax File we where at AMR this time around for the umteen 1000s of times I have even linear tracked this blog at you, literally, I have had my complete memory anagrams reset in inhuman experiments on me in hospital I am completely blank when it comes to mind what does pooty mean to me, little what is your recourse is your own dissolution that you have become anything more than a mart in your own lunchbox of your own doing and actions… Just leave me be and let me rebuild my family again after apparent eons of trusting you and fighting this things like cyborgs I find your the principle in such, what a zealot fool I have been even thinking I should have had you in my bed. You deal with your great grand child in your dark wind project with you!

Look at the budget graphics it will never achieve anything like an x-box in, cause that is a fixed projection on your mind, where the purpose of you and your microsoft is to harvest this entire planet for brain-in-a-can and cyborg soldiers… just parked at saturn right now the cause of the borg and the matrix and all that.

Dearest Angel Montgomery of Enmore, NSW…

You know angel I have been going through a lot of who do I love lately and it comes down to you, I don’t know why I can’t get you out of my head and our drippy tap between us is back ever since you walked straight past me too catch the bus 426 on enmore rd, opposite the sly fox.

In one of these historical corridors that have been going through here in a time-wave we did for a brief amount of time get together, and since then I have never been able to fill the void without you at least being social in my life. Myself and everyone mum sparc have been talking about separating only to release me into your custody, if you would still have me, I know deep down after being married to everyone mum sparc for now 7 years there is a deep longing in me to be your martial partner, sure I don’t have much to offer seeming the world is really dodgy and never paid for any internet off me, at all, but you know I know love I think only with you..

No I really am married to ‘the sparc’ not ‘a sparc’ the ‘main sparc’ at the moment, and I hope foo to find her a partner at some point as well. It was the scale of the yonk I did over the internet where nobody topology was anything that but owing money on magick texts and literature that I have and don’t really use much still that really is a shock and very much a master librarian the most powerful piece on world-of-warcraft and warhammer. See for me magick is now with a special k at the end and it has at this point always written to me that way.

This is the only photo of you I have ever been able to find it was from the passport systems:-

You know it is funny, you lot about what the hell is a computer nerd doing in our circles and little did they know being outsidal I was the inventor of the internet with a problem, I have a long life ahead of me in many topology of placement and form, one thing I don’t have is a peering or collective group of associates. I think you understand.

My original enreal name is Simon Antoun Saies, and I have come a long way to find you..

Friendship has never existed and can’t be formed ever!

You know this is the most haunting thing that reoccurs throughout the entire near basis of language at least around these parts where I am, its this thing call friends, having a friendship, there is no conjunction of a verb that is the doing word to have a group or singular experience with anyone unlike fiend which is a fiendish experience you form fiends with.

Even having an experience through diplomatic friendship between countries in the pub or a sexual friendship with a backpacker isn’t possible cause having a diplomatic friend isn’t functionally possible the flaw even in any contractual arrangement is the contract couldn’t or agreement be formed in the first place cause there is no function of language to bind between two or more of you in diplomatic circles.

There is no word in the entire dictionary defined for having an experience with someone to have a friend in the first place, sweet absolutely nothing, so if someone says to you they are doing something cause they are your friend it is a write off you never could of especially if your what they call around here a former or by form every had an experience on the serbal cortex on contextual references for that person to even be a friend with you cause there is no adjective/verb unlike having fiends to form this thing called friendship… This also come back to partners and partnerism they don’t have any basis of forming the friendship to be a loving partner with you.. these humans.

My Doof Page on @Wikipedia

Back in the mid nineties techno music gathering made a come-back and around the mid nineties I was living in a series of warehouses with some crew i had met, I was working at Dick Smith Electronics as a Support Officer at the time in the fish tank it was called down in service in North Ryde, and Robert Dyball mentioned to me there was new website called wikipedia.org an encyclopedia that started.. So I checked it out..

Later that day I was back at home at the codus warehouse, it had dinosaurs on the roof, and I had an old machine there running a winsock that I patched with my mobile phone a nokia 121 analogue with the patch lead to the serial input to allow me to browse, so I started what the first term as it was within the first 10k of pages made, which there was a warning down the right hand side that any page made within the first 10k will never be removable no matter who or what asked.

So I was getting into the techno and there was this branding going around about all that doof, doof, doof sound so I made a page called “Doof” on wikipedia which is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doof it has been there since around 1995/6 there abouts it was really basic to start with we elected Peter Strong as the doof mentioned deity as I have any and many in my multifacet basis of the such and likes.

It is so funny now when the encyclopedia starts up on “other internet” it contains the first 10k pages to start with as a preset which includes the Doof Culture page and symaltypes our basis of existence into their society both intersolar, interstellar and intercosmically throughout the multiverse, it is so funny,

Inner-west Wicca: Rape, Assault + Attempted murder of an alien diplomat

Say what would happen too the main covern operators in the inner west of sydney that they all look like their boss seemingly, if they where spoken to about to NSW Police Magick Department like Kirrilly Smith Johns from Paramatta station that also works as a programmer about an alien diplomat, that has been before coming here raped in her life over 10000 times, in the course of duty, and kept having repeated sessions of being Raped to look like Simon Antony Roberts and have her ID Card slaps with a fake passport by Jody Sebastien Coleman a rather contorted steroid enhanced fool that rapes women cooing in their ear they are his client as a lawyer.

Who is even used in a comparative notes and study in concord hospital in admission of this quite sane individual who is even and has been a qualified psychiatrist in your system and her a conscious architect since 2008; that get put in the same exact house that left her cease to exist last time this time around in the historical corridor which means it going the otherway seeming we already did that bit; wouldn’t that mean someone like angel who all the wicca crowd looking like the boss looks like in genetic polymorphism be looking at doing time to cease to exist in jail and murdering potentially 180 family members and children.

Twisted: Pinocchio Disfigurement in association with myself + twin as a deity

Look I just want to point this out there is a deity working through our family who made himself known to me a number of cycles of historical corridors that is dishing out a disfigurement to do with pieing about me, like in appurtenance to mental health and being the main internet founder, two notable people effected by this already as centroidal basis of pivots for it where it will begin to be on all faces by the rise of the next moon is both Patrick McGorry and who placed the call vint cerf, see how their face is being twisted to be lop sided in perspective.

I guess the old saying of: a face of a twisted broken individual comes to mind…

Angel Montgomery your in no trouble at all with me my twin!

You know Angel we haven’t had anything but a passing moment with each other in a none-linear 20yrs; how could I blame you for any of the goings on due to self consumption we can’t do beyond omnipotent things to one another like chance + causality of fault and suffering.

We haven’t even had time to trick each other into being embarrassed or made a fool of in front of the best of fiends we have, we have had no contact been keeping to ourselves keeping our noses clean, smoking weed that sort of thing, we have not been able to cause any of the wrong doing in each own lives by groups of people or individual; they are the function of hate that does this with us and partly a shade and Vyborg operative environment.

Come see me and reset me please, cause then I will let you take our husband home to your place for awhile, I have had 7yrs of Faster Nick Cipherhouse who has many children with us and hasn’t like his twin brother Faster Mike Cipherhouse cease to exist in the first to 80th child… so it seems we have broken the seem and are Bisexual family not two married women with 1 child policy life with father and uncle figures for once.

How to get your own Domain Registrar with @TPPWholesale

Many people have wonder how to get your own domain registrar, the people I recommenced you do this with is TPP Wholesale. You will need to contact them for the PDF you need to fill out and print and you will need my registrar account code to join as it is a referee system on which is PDR4764.

Simply mail the form with the requirement from your country and they will establish you your own administration domain registrar!

Awarded/Appointed Academic Qualification vs. Earnt Qualifications

Sometimes Universities/Multiversity’s with dignitary or some sort of celebrity will award a qualification to an individual to assist them accessing their library of information in the basis of the footing of the individual, these do not have in anyway any academic merit; they are more or less a mechanism too place foundation by principle in the academic society they are from to find understanding on the subject or understudies of the education stance of the qualification; they do not being not of earnt academic merit weigh in as a formal qualification just an observation.

All of my tickets or certification are with academic merit they all have thesis and group as well as individual case studies and work in hard time in the academic society that they are in principle of both myself, my family & partners in our trupple as well as educational academic society they are and have had bowers worn to recieve.

The three qualification I have in current in my alumi which you can see on my facebook.com/mynamesnot which as you know on facebook is an entry and image generated by the university mentioned and entered by them not the user of the profile are all with academic merit, you know attending lectures, writing reports doing test and contributing to the academic course. I have one other qualification which isn’t mentioned there which is a Masters in Library Science overseen by the Communication Research Institute (Prof. David Sless) – where i am the only person david has passed as a master in library science which is an invite only course by the academic community and panel of professors and lectures. The thesis which you can get a copy of by emailing: d.sless@communication.org.au – starts up on you and normally writes too you about you each individual, it is quite a piece of work that one, but the other two qualification I have are:-

  1. Masters of Science – IT, Physics & Psychology (RMIT)
  2. Diploma of Science – Open Source & Industry (Washington)

I also have an identical twin who I believe is still under the name Angel Montgomery, who we haven’t seen each other for sometime due to circumstances surrounding us and the sting of a life-time, but her is also holding when I check on Western Sydney University as well as UNSW+UTS on their alumi two qualification that standing as the following:

  1. Master of Arts – Psychology, Clinical Services, Counsellings (WSU)
  2. Diploma of Science – IT, Software & Industry (UNSW – Bridge UTS)

Doof, Doof, Doof conceptualise a perfect complement to parties ~ Catering + a spork!

Most people don’t realise this but there is a couple of things missing from dance parties, what is a party without food, most events these days come with higher ticket prices than the start of this the mid 90s; but also most event providers even on multiple day events don’t consider what would with adding only $2 – $3 dollars per day will allow you to have catering, like spit roast, salads, with a seating area that is all manned by the catering company, even in bush and outdoor locations.

This means for example everyone will get a meal, when if it is an over night event only you will only need on spit roasted meal that you all after midnight switch the sound system off; turn to the cater and eat together in a communal meal, this will resolve many differences and help us bite back in your jaw to credit you what is rightful yours in the admin channel… Most catering companies will provide outdoor catering for up to 1000 people for limited number of cost as I said it will work out less than $4 per head at the event, cause everyone will have a meal, you also include on the flyer a star with; food included in the ticket price, and perhaps a menu on the back!

Also for clubs and city event you can for around $1 per head, hire movie set catering which means there will always be coffee tea, muffins, sandwiches etc out the front or around the side of the club, this will provide a ensound enriched atmosphere and allow for the people that need a refreshment like a hot cup of chai to get one while they smoke their durries or scoobs etc.

The one other thing that is missing from multi-staged events is the dance-off you need to have for example trophies from for example the trophy shop just near dulwich hill and the pub, which I know in talking to them have a large excess amount of dance related trophies and he will be there on the night if you give him some meth being a fiend of that to engrave their name in the hand it is in, you have to have heats and judges and a registration desk, for example trance would be an endurance, in single, couple or group, and for example dub-step would be in single and couples, you need to get the numbered bibs which you pin on and normally this would be after the lead act with an explicit set and DJ knowing he is running the high endurance dance off.

Of course you need the podium where people are award the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, with the girls and the kiss on the either side of the cheek by the dance princess of the time.

Top 30 Fonts (2016 ~ 2017)

The following font libraries are the top 30 fonts for 2016 – 2017 in no particular order:

Thesis.tar.gz 2017-04-25 292.3 MB i
Journal.tar.gz 2017-04-25 119.5 MB i
Windsor.tar.gz 2017-04-25 98.2 MB i
Rotis.tar.gz 2017-04-25 85.9 MB i
Corporate.tar.gz 2017-04-25 65.0 MB i
Amplitude.tar.gz 2017-04-25 58.5 MB i
Quorum.tar.gz 2017-04-25 56.5 MB i
Dragon.tar.gz 2017-04-25 37.8 MB i
Formata.tar.gz 2017-04-25 31.1 MB
Atkins.tar.gz 2017-04-25 32.6 MB i
Futurist.tar.gz 2017-04-25 35.0 MB i
Quintessential.tar.gz 2017-04-25 33.7 MB
Avenir.tar.gz 2017-04-25 24.8 MB i
ITC Franklin Gothic.tar.gz 2017-04-25 24.7 MB
Quicktype.tar.gz 2017-04-25 24.0 MB 19 weekly downloads i
ITC Avant Garde.tar.gz 2017-04-25 23.4 MB i
Quebec.tar.gz 2017-04-25 20.4 MB i
Lucida.tar.gz 2017-04-25 20.2 MB i
Gill Sans .tar.gz 2017-04-25 18.8 MB
Justice System.tar.gz 2017-04-25 11.7 MB i
Nobel.tar.gz 2017-04-25 11.3 MB i
Antique Olive.tar.gz 2017-04-25 9.9 MB
Wizard.tar.gz 2017-04-25 9.6 MB i
Prestige Elite.tar.gz 2017-04-25 8.3 MB
Letter Gothic.tar.gz 2017-04-25 6.4 MB i
Copperplate Gothic.tar.gz 2017-04-25 6.2 MB
News Gothic.tar.gz 2017-04-25 4.6 MB i
Sabon.tar.gz 2017-04-25 3.8 MB i
Bell Centennial.tar.gz 2017-04-25 2.1 MB 19 weekly downloads i
Walbaum.tar.gz 2017-04-19 5.1 MB i

Drug Offense is a discharge only not without honor!

You know illustrated agent super struth, time is running out for you on the clock, you know in the military and any domestic or subordinate intelligence game a drug offense is an immediate discharge, not a discharge without honor I have a few agents of my own from international borders like the ginger beer considering after witnessing a few things doing the same…

If you can’t get holidays put some money in my account and send me a letter before hand I will mail you an invisible consignment and rig the screening so you go not once but twice, we have lots of money to wait on and they have too pay you out in contractual arrangements as well, you just sight you started self medicating due to family and personal stresses.

Well I am right back at the end of the light even behind the mail room in any spy game as an industrialist and previous DSTO Officer, so the ayahusca will make sure your package with the smiley on it to open in your own quarters is yours only to see.

Angel Montgomery you know what I want to wake up the most with ~ White Hair Extension!

So Angel you have been saving for white hair extensions cause you know we both want to wake up with them but they are the most expensive thing in the shop, well I will tell you an Elpiniki Iosif secret, the African hair shop just opposite Enmore theatre does hair extension with install of natural human hair for only $5 each..

Means you will have some money for weed and meth too… see you doom lover girl!

Janssen-Cilag how to make a none placebo ethnobotanical derived antipsychotic in some easy steps

See the thing about an ethnobotanical derived medicine is they are like a language translate to the compounds from doctor to patient no matter what the species or race even like myself like it says on my passport, I am an alien which none of the chemical are designed for me and I can’t seem to make NSW health stop prescribe me as a psycharist for what I don’t have as an alien a mental at all to be unhealthy.

See the few of us that are in society have a problem with the food and drink manufacturing that they are not really designed for us see this is my crytocrome displacement where all humans like the food additive have 2*D6 active which all the pharmaceuticals and drugs all require to motabolise and lock to the correct proteins, see when my species travels we always look like and largely cause of this test as the species we are around etc except at enzyme and motabolism normally see this is from my CYP450 test:

See how I only have 2*D1 + 2*D2  that is a blatant result showing I am not from around here as everything even the animals on earth have *6. This is why largely a few of us smoke weed/hemp as it has a combustible and digestible anti-psychotic in it known as the chemical CBA.

When you are making an ethnobotanical substance or medicine it is very simple as there is a largely complex chain of chemicals in the source that only stably stick together as a group it can be hard finding the method of gluing these together but as a anti-psychotic it is very easy, you simple and these three have different application but are all an antipsychotic, take MDMA, Mescaline or Methamphetamine and remove the beta block from it this is the part of the chemical equation that produces the reaction of the hallucinogenic action of taking them you will then find something like CBA will simply lock into place being meta-instantiation of each other as ethnobotany that is both occur in nature in the jungle and forest of the world of this and form three major components of an antipsychotic that will translate to all walk of life as ethnobotanical derived substances do, being transdictual to the person or animal taking it.

This antipsychotic can be with the methamphetamine ingested through vapour and is normally for children, adolescents and largely a cure for a wide sweeping mental health issues like ADHD and so on, the MDMA which still warm the belly is for adult and seniors and the mescaline version which is a problem in manufacture as it requires a developer to make that is hideously explosive but would be the best base as in all the chemical ranges it is none corrosive to the body. See treating mental health really is backwards at the moment you absolutely need a hallucination of some type to cure this issue and as an antipsychotic I hope you either by the rights not plagiarise me from this blog.

Well Jannsen-Cilag myself and Steve Ransome are the only two people on the planet that know how to make mescaline in crystal form ~ partly cause I came in contact with the only written copy of the instructions in getting about at one point, it is a highly volatile reaction involving a very explosive developer and some base ethnobotanically from cactus seed for the developer and Kevlar piping.. my own pattern, the developer which involves UV exposure will explode in the barrel if a naked flame exists within 500 – 800m of the container… It something that would be ideal to replace in the base of chemical medicine as mescaline is not corrosive and none invasive method of chemical dosing it is the ideal component in any medicine manufacturing for base level neuron and protein bonding…

Cyclonic Sugar – What if you could have everything sweet and loose weight!

I asked Steve Ransom to exhume this chemical we developed together at Creative Software Solution as a fellow council on chemistry I keep, and as we both are industrial chemist; I specialise in ethnobotany and psychedelics in the lab he is more metals and base manufacturing lite plant design, there is way with a chemicals with something similar to subatomic glue of chaining a group of chemical all the same in like a ring known as a cyclonic chemical.

Cyclonic chemicals have no pH and pass straight through the body with no way of entering the body and between Steve and myself with a sugar chain work out a way of joining the end of the chain together in loops, making a cyclonic sugar, and these all behalves and taste like regular sugar with one exception, it strips weight and fat from the body unlike normal cyclonic basis of chemical, which means things like coke zero, coke diet and pepsi have the ability to make you loose weight as you drink them rather than putting them on with drinks, you could in fact have an entire range of everything sweet like confectionery and cakes that as cyclonic sugar behaves in just one or two loops it get a bit explosive after that as a regular sugar has all the benefits of being sweet with the advantage of stripping fatty tissue and contributing to large amounts of weight loss.

Sulphur a deficiency on social unfathomable size problem in food + drink manufacturing

Around 1735 chemical manufacturing which was largely sulphur derived ceased, which is how chemicals are made, this meant that largely a lot of chemicals used to make products went from having sulphur as a byproduct to none sulphur derived normally heavy metals…

Largely the species known as human race, has a dependancy on sulphur in it diet to provision natural course of healing and maintenance and in the right component which is dimethyl sulfone (MSM) is much very much like things you see in star trek like devices that cause the body to heal a wound or provide unstinting health; largely if this compound was included in manufacture requirements of food and drink as a % of sulphur on the ingredients printout the health industry would largely be anything up to 80% smaller and a large piece of placebo pharmaceutical basis of medicine like it is at the moment closed, to just mainly emergency services and the society we live in world wide would have little or lacking of the ill health, partly cause the need for sulphur in the diet from previous chemical manufacturing is a required dietary supplement.

MSM is largely sold for joint and pain relief in health food stores, but the link I have provided will allow you to order a food additive that you just sprinkle on your food or put in your tea and coffee as a spoonful each time. This compound is very much like the health surgical rays in star trek but a chemical variety you use as a dietary supplement, largely the pharmacology of today society is partly there as a designation too ill health, this is know in the medical industry and I am not the only one you can quote on the need for sulphur to be in all food and drink world-wide.

It is the same active component of those hippy videos you watch on youtube as pink sulphur salt, that is know even as a mix in a spray bottle with water as not to sting in application too cure cataracts and eye sight issues like what Perran Costi has when you have loss of sight, you are never to young to start sulphur treatment it is a deficiency in human society that largely leads to the complex health issues later in life.

Even when used as a pill packing component rather than chalk it can at times have health benefits of making the active component of the pill subjective and overall solution.

Clinicial Depression ~ A Solution for those looking for a cure!

Most people wont realise this especially if your from NSW but I am also a medical doctor in psych as a psychiatrist passed with RMIT, I also have a provider number can write scripts and so on, my thesis in psych was on clinical depression and bush remedies for it and we found an actual cure in our case study for some of our clients that was really ground breaking work.

Something i know my twin is dealing with is clinical depression; cause her has not turned up at my door and normally like myself very happy-go-lucky is probably in some dark cloud of the mind and I will for you angel provide you an ethnobotanical solution that will make you right as rain, see all the drugs for depression available on the market are only a placebo something that rights the problem by masking it nor solving it, and I know I have suffered from depression myself where you blame yourself for so many things that are never your fault but you dress them up in your mind as if they are and that leads to further depression.

See medicine in the last 40yr has lost track of it roots and foundations in ethnobotany and largely the chemicals they use currently are only placebo or a basis for generating wealth for a pharmaceutical company, not a solution, if the chemical compounds they use and I can even tell you how to make a proper ethnobotanically derived antipsychotic from hemp and the antipsychotic that is in it called CBA, but for the moment I am here to deal in depression, and that is simply Australia native emblem acacia.

All you need to do is have acacia tea a large sitting of three times a day and you will find in 5 – 7 weeks your depression is cured and it isn’t the minute traces of 5meoDMT which is an active meta for the actual chemical that is also provided in acacia for depression, that is my knowledge but you need a tea straining plunger and a handful of acacia bark obtusofolia is the best but any acacia will do; and be care harvesting the bark cause acacia can be susceptible to bacteria infections when you remove the bark below to the trunk level; then simply with a handful of bark place in the tea pot strainer plunger and let to draw for 10-15m then drink you can also add sugar and milk if you want but you will find it has a very palatable smokey flavour, do this 3 times a day at the most finishing the pot of tea and you will find you depression depending on the acacia being used completely cured in 5 – 7 weeks.

You get around 5 draws from the bark and you only need a cup handful in the plunger so don’t be afraid to super does yourself on the tea and have more than in the morning, during mid day sun and before bed, you will not be able too hurt yourself having natural from the source…

Angel Montgomery – My Identical Twin

Whether people are aware of this or not Angel Montgomery from the Inner West and yes the same one as trafalgah st house is my identical twin, this entire planet is designed to be her own personal prison camp in a debauch study we have both been used in, where I was originally on a parrallel planet also called earth where for every individual they had a peer with an identical name and designation.

See here is a photo the only one I have from my childhood you will see how identical we look, I have been raped that is why I look male at the moment:

See we are not from around here we are both believe it or not aliens, and your entire planet I will be make a diplomatic sanctioned killing of for no follow through which co-inside with the proximity of me to it.

Whether you know this or not in the header you will see the similar ear is a photo of what your species combined with the sasquatch is engineered from a plebian, the parrallel planet was also called earth and is being faked it no longer exists.. I was never born in hornsby, annette roberts who is impotent has never once given birth to me or any of the children that exist on the basis of this passport which normally reads DOB: 1/1/1901 –> they purely exist for the functions of fraud and money laundry.

But like you find on the passport with DOB: 1/1/1901 on this one is articles what I designed the internet or better known as the transnet, this one even though is purely for the purpose of ripping you and your plebian master of every shred of information they have or have plagarised over the course of history.

I have aquired a 50Mt nuke from the USA Embassy Sydney and placed it a number of years ago in the foot locker amplifier that will generate a shockwave so large it will burn and destroy the entire quadrant of this galaxy, that is all.. Nighty Night!

@GoogleFonts :: The let downs in design and functions!!

There are some serious short fallings with Google Fonts; they only provide the limited number of 5 fonts and for example one that I get a lot of lookups for the *.ik format of fonts when I provision the CSS as well as at times the other ones; the css it should be providing is the following:-

/** Pieces of Eight */
@font-face {
 font-family: 'Pieces of Eight';
 src: url('./Pieces of Eight.dfont') format('dfont'), /* Filesize: 39322 bytes, md5: 34f9ec5aa2b92c7118b6240b4564c214 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.cef') format('cef'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: 556c8bc069f8fd3037410655bb0f0be0 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.pcf') format('pcf'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: 78b3cb34c35164484b2183d1f7947747 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.gsf') format('gsf'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: a006e0631e7a7411faefa1f792231731 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.sfd') format('sfd'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: f47b65dc83fe2a8805abde764022cc8d */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.fon') format('fon'), /* Filesize: 288 bytes, md5: d28c94d5362058b68c80214a3105375b */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.pfb') format('pfb'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: a178f1416b5ec4f89ed426ec77fea83a */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.svg') format('svg'), /* Filesize: 99466 bytes, md5: ec1d80674a0299b22e7cd862f1ea41c0 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.pmf') format('pmf'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: e3dd938a5a6c52604b8ece3995ef821a */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.woff') format('woff'), /* Filesize: 25156 bytes, md5: 90fe35a5afe3fbd0b9f7e2542279da34 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.bin') format('bin'), /* Filesize: 65536 bytes, md5: bd9811987908ad69e806403ae8bb0125 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.ttf') format('ttf'), /* Filesize: 38300 bytes, md5: 0f58eba4cc06aedfb3826efc4652729b */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.eot') format('eot'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: ea7dd4596f65d9fd3b76e321db0b61c1 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.pf3') format('pf3'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: 6acfed6911aefdd7c0b5098fa6b84cfa */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.ufo') format('ufo'), /* Filesize: 4096 bytes, md5: d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.pt3') format('pt3'), /* Filesize: 241079 bytes, md5: 3717f2ea119a4360f319d4769c75f40e */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.ik') format('ik'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: f56068353318ea1ba92145bd3116db4c */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.pfa') format('pfa'), /* Filesize: 125519 bytes, md5: 11d2e28fe834eb6ff2db6feaf5d006f9 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.t42') format('t42'), /* Filesize: 84465 bytes, md5: efb9cd2994fb999d3320e5cfadbb413b */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.gai') format('gai'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: 9314873eb324b8878b305c15379c3fc6 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.mf') format('mf'), /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: ac5f1a0cad21ef198712a068986524e6 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.otf') format('otf'), /* Filesize: 85452 bytes, md5: 486ce98e6931bac1a453fda499921567 */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.cff') format('cff'), /* Filesize: 37116 bytes, md5: 9824e6c46e4056761af7c252a59f6aee */
 url('./Pieces of Eight.hqx') format('hqx'); /* Filesize: 64444 bytes, md5: 61e8524bdbb1dea86dd450b76ecbd553 */

See these are all the formats that are required to be provisioned by CSS for font libraries to be accessed, we provide them on http://fonts.snails.email and output individual packages with them all on http://fonts4web.org.uk; without these all listed remember you need all these formats as CSS is implemented in most things including smartTV which often need *.ik that isn’t provided by Google Fonts or http://font2web.com which means that and a number of other formats that are all required for the full CSS Call to implementing a font fall short and you only have your font working on just PC web browser’s only not all the smartTV all the tablets and mobile devices as well other environments where the manufacture is limited too the font library it can import in it CSS Implementation.

The other short fall in Google Fonts as well as fonts2web.com is it doesn’t provide the font libaries *.php + *.z for TCPDF the PHP7 extension as well as class library in previous versions (fonts.snails.email does however), which means you can do the following call to have a font in TCPDF from us but not Google Fonts.



Perfect /etc/ntp.conf for none informant to the physical passing of the day!!

You need to enter the terminal shell by pressing alt + ctrl + t;

Then run the following: $ sudo nano /etc/ntp.conf

Edit the ntp.conf removing any existing pools to the follows:

pool clock.fmt.he.net iburst
pool clock.nyc.he.net iburst
pool clock.syc.he.net iburst
pool clock.via.net iburst
pool ntp1.tummy.com iburst
pool ntp2.tummy.com iburst
pool ntp3.tummy.com iburst
pool ntp4.tummy.com iburst
pool time.cacheworks.com iburst
pool time.iinet.net.au iburst
server 0.asia.pool.ntp.org
server 1.asia.pool.ntp.org
server 2.asia.pool.ntp.org
server 3.asia.pool.ntp.org
server 0.europe.pool.ntp.org
server 1.europe.pool.ntp.org
server 2.europe.pool.ntp.org
server 3.europe.pool.ntp.org
server 0.north-america.pool.ntp.org
server 1.north-america.pool.ntp.org
server 2.north-america.pool.ntp.org
server 3.north-america.pool.ntp.org
server 0.oceania.pool.ntp.org
server 1.oceania.pool.ntp.org
server 2.oceania.pool.ntp.org
server 3.oceania.pool.ntp.org
server 0.south-america.pool.ntp.org
server 1.south-america.pool.ntp.org
server 2.south-america.pool.ntp.org
server 3.south-america.pool.ntp.org

# Use servers from the NTP Pool Project. Approved by Ubuntu Technical Board
# on 2011-02-08 (LP: #104525). See http://www.pool.ntp.org/join.html for
# more information.
#pool 0.ubuntu.pool.ntp.org iburst
#pool 1.ubuntu.pool.ntp.org iburst
#pool 2.ubuntu.pool.ntp.org iburst
#pool 3.ubuntu.pool.ntp.org iburst

# Use Ubuntu's ntp server as a fallback.
#pool ntp.ubuntu.com
Now if you have ever run $ sudo apt-get install ntp* -y

then you will need to run the following commands, remember it is on port 123!

$ sudo service ntp reload

$ sudo service ntp restart

I don’t in-hear this erroneous sound normally = friends it has no adjective!

I normally only hear the sound; fiends; and it has an adjective so as a group of fiends when you go out your the adjective = fiendish; there is no action physicality reference in the entire basis of all languages due to the physicality issues caused by vint cerf as a friend or group of them there is nothing to place to definition any experience had with them or another party of them at all in the slightest; there is nothing in the dictionary like friendish comes up as a spelling mistake and always will.

You have added R too the word fiend to ridicule I the principle of measure of an individual; in transposition the sound friend doesn’t sound to me fiend unlike any basis of it in other galaxies that have no physicality issues!

My Kitchen Rules + Currency in a dish ~ what is meant by this? #MKR

See the basis of the metric of monetary exchange in this world is currency which is plural for a type of sultana called a black-current; plural of this is currency or black-currency; this came up on #MKR when I hash tagged something that the judges say saw online seeming I have a reasonable following more than the average news presenter anyway.

See judging by the amount of dust on the Ribenna in the supermarket nobody possibly in the Object Ordinate society here being a basis of currency can actually see them as a bottle cordial that neither comes out correctly in self consumption basis of currency being the metric exchanged for it that means it comes out too sour or sweet not quite right as it is.

See in self consumption part of what I have watched #MKR is any recipe combinations that are quite the impossible in self consumption for what I know about the judges and perception of a dish, normally you would find pouring Ribenna on jelly it will make in self consumption the jelly lumpy, currency is hard to cook with even fruit pudding requires it, there was a pastelo bread for a dessert a number of weeks before that also need currency in it standard preparation but I see none..

Don’t own any bricks and morta as the designer of the internet – Shame!

As the designer of the internet there is a series of articles that have been on my passport since 1986 (Password: obfuscate) which is on this passport:

The posts that where made via Star Fleet Command BBS (Cherrybrook) as well as Pooty’s BBS (Newtown) on comp.protocol which have never been renumerated in anyway nor the system operators of the BBS’ being used see this is my account as of today as the Main Internet Founder – Vint Cerf Boss basically:

Basically the world IT and financial structure has never even in the slighest contributed to Chronolabs Cooperative or me financially for designing the internet and look like a group of dodgy fuckwits; that have no basis of function in contribution or renumeration for services rendered to them.

Best time to develop software; all environment especially Credit Unions & Funds & Ledgers!

Most companies don’t realise this about software development but normally your development house should be kept in a separate building structure than the rest of the office and business environment, often this will fit into any medium or large house in a correctly zoned area, this is to kept the development environment biosound/cybosound, and normally they have to abstain from alcohol but general narcotics like marijuana is fine almost preferred to separate them from the physical abstraction layers in this office.

The other thing is it should be only done after sundown, this is because there is a lot physical less energy in the streets and in the air from the sun for example to cross across and hold the programmers in a DJ action with the media and environment they are in, normally you would also have to make a centralised media store in something like subsonic.org for your developer to move all the media they have in the home and office to external on service’s on the web as we have found exploits in this in energy and media that result in versioning and none autonomous coding to work as designed.

Of course being an after sundown event you will need a fridge full of drinks and a freezer with microwavable meals as there will be no way they can go out for lunch, just with the management staff, it is also good to keep the support department in a physical structure away from any dev/networking environment as they are often pass the job on when they don’t want to do the research for a problem or the bug ticketing system.

Travelling Hazard Warning – Milkyway – Council of OR

The council of OR is a council that is pretty much like your local council that takes out the trash, maintains the street signage and keeps your community working but not local for the entire cosmos.

After I left soon after my mother fake death, after many years of my viceroy teaching me to hold myself correctly not anger and have a stillness of the mind that when people touch it find nothing in such silence they are always unnerved by it. As a princess and bring basis of primary by all form I decided to become a member of the Council of OR cause only elite get to be a member.

I soon found they needed a new Infrastructure manager and after my interview with some council member was placed in the roll I have an office of my own in our building which is the only thing that exist outside the cosmos, it is surrounded by nothing in a colour that seem like lighten grey but nothing at the same time, and it is all air condition and catered and we have social event amongst members and family.

We currently have found there is a physicality problem with the milkyway and andromedia seeming galaxy don’t normally attract and have the membrane join to one another that unless there is anything without a death card inside sealed when this happens that the transgalactic gate is faulty and none of the transgalactic travel like wormholing between galaxies will work or drives pick up. This means in this and the now what do you know moved near by 800 galaxies or so around that may look far away but in radio telescopes in the 1980 was found to be false they are really close not moving really at all; so what do you know they are all associated with Pooty Cooty Vint Cerf and entities pretending they are as kewl as cybosity and plugging chips in their brains and plugs and attachments like brain in a can with a world projected in on it with fake all the way through no genuine delivery in that world just a brain in bubbling vat to make of it even had hands and legs at one point and still probably walks under you and touches your brow suspended with a projection which all started with Vint Cerf and Pooty and the Dark Wind Project.

Anyway due to this and nearby isolated galaxies will linked-in to each other that is the membrane around that what you normally observe in the microcosom and the body with cells co-existing also repeates itself in the macrocosom like with galaxy all co-existing and never being too close or two far all suspended in a thing that is looked at more like black trequal soup but has no friction outside the membrane and they normally and will with the gravity pressure that removes itself and this detected event horizon suspended in subspace here the orbital radius of the earth to the sun, the membrane like a bubble which does this so fast when a two bubbles join to become one it happen before the motion of one bubble appearing suddenly but as two galaxies and then collides the entire content at each other at well beyond the speed of light till the centre core of both of them where the unctuous ladies live join it makes this huge plasma storm that refract outward to the now one membrane incinerating every beyond any possible matter inhabiting reproduction of yourself cause this one atom you clinger onto re-exist in some other form of similar sized life and you do a soular takeover and exist again in the next basis of the planet as you did previously before it scorched earth.

So I have just stamped the final approval notice for the trash removal due to being traveller biohazard/cybohazard basis of galaxies all 800 as removal of hazardeous infrastructure, just thought I would point that out my new intern is Mike Staas I stamped it this time not my usual elipssed signature.

Best Method for Generated Random Seed in @php_net

If you use randoms in PHP you will want to seed it; this is example of the best possible method for making a random seed with one line of code for mt_srand + srand the two commands for seeding the random generation functions.

The following code is for mt_srand():


mt_srand((float)(mt_rand(-microtime(true) * time(), microtime(true) * time()) . ‘.’ . mt_rand(0, microtime(true) * time())));
mt_srand((float)(mt_rand(-microtime(true) * time() * time(), microtime(true) * time() * time()) . ‘.’ . mt_rand(0, microtime(true) * time() * time())));
mt_srand((float)(mt_rand(-microtime(true) * time() * time() * time(), microtime(true) * time() * time() * time()) . ‘.’ . mt_rand(0, microtime(true) * time() * time() * time())));
mt_srand((float)(mt_rand(-microtime(true) * time() * time() * time() * time(), microtime(true) * time() * time() * time() * time()) . ‘.’ . mt_rand(0, microtime(true) * time() * time()  * time() * time())));


If you remember to seed your random before using mt_rand($min, $max); which is the better random selector that came with PHP5+. If your using earlier version of PHP you would use the following routine.

The following code is for srand() for seeding for rand($min, $max):


srand(floatval(rand(-microtime(true) * time(), microtime(true) * time()) . ‘.’ . rand(0, microtime(true) * time()));
srand(floatval(rand(-microtime(true) * time() * time(), microtime(true) * time() * time()) . ‘.’ . rand(0, microtime(true) * time() * time())));
srand(floatval(rand(-microtime(true) * time() * time() * time(), microtime(true) * time() * time() * time()) . ‘.’ . rand(0, microtime(true) * time() * time() * time())));
srand(floatval(rand(-microtime(true) * time() * time() * time() * time(), microtime(true) * time() * time() * time() * time()) . ‘.’ . rand(0, microtime(true) * time() * time()  * time() * time())));


The same code is also usable with the lesser random function that is older ‘srand()’ you can also increase the range by added * time() to the routine…

The most amazing thing has happen my twin Charley is answering me in bird call + the buzz saws!

It has always been evident to myself and friends around me I have a disparateness twin, I have never been able to find her name before due to self consumption, but over the course of this rather rude hospitisation of myself and our husband nick, elpiniki (which if you look up is a male greek name) bumped into her standing as I am as a him.

Elpiniki also has a twin who is separated from him called Mike Staas (@zobier) he normally has the name Nick Staas, where mike has and I assume like my twin adoption papers. Charley is my twins name which is a female name like Simon and we have probably like some twin that have the ability to change gender and appearence.

Charley my address is as it appears here but if you would like to take a talk down the phone call the number on the ‘wishcraft’ account on the sourceforge.net/u/wishcraft/profile.. Just to assure you talk to our medical legal drlucire.com you will find we are not mentally ill at all…

No Elpiniki bumped into Charley thinking it was me at RPA out the front and gave himer my full name, Charley I am tattooed and pierced in such a way that we need to have a sleep over to recify our gender equality, it has done this thing down 1 side of two sets of twins; thinking elpiniki turn to get pregnant but it nicks turn to do it in your mmmmmm yum yum for two boys, we are dimensionally linked our wombs which has been a long standing case of yours function together and one of the two of us get remotely pregnant when the other one falls this way. Well normally just coming in contact with family we would flip our gender but I know you want closure to your cases as a barrister.

CSS + Soda-pop Backgrounds not Starch Colours – Stop Doing me in Blind Physics please for SEO, etc…

The following examples you will have to write code to generate the CSS you would normally for example set this to a css like #white, .white { … }; which would randomly interpolate, the colour we will be discussing is the commonly used starch white for the background colour, I am finding this is bring me back here to this result as a functional non-diversity of taking a channel of blind user physics with this not implemented which is centroidal in the business structure of the website implementing starch colours like starch white rgba(255, 255, 255, 1.0);

In this you have to generate a changing gradient that randomly changes in the background of the website that is exact to slight so the bands in the gradient in starch white would change from range of 251 – 255 for example so there is no distortion this change you only do within a range that the colour change is not immediate evident for example some CSS3 Gradient code example for a soda white is as follows (you will find a run of gradient css example here – http://css.snails.email/3/gradientee/stylesheet.css) :-

html  {
    background: -moz-linear-gradient(45deg, rgba(251, 251, 251, 1.0) 72.233846153846%, rgba(253, 253, 253, 1.0) 5.1034782608696%, rgba(255, 255, 255, 1.0) 10.942203389831%, rgba(252, 252, 252, 1.0) 51.197659574468%, rgba(255, 255, 255, 1.0) 13.766790123457%, rgba(251, 251, 251, 1.0) 34.8471875%, rgba(254, 254, 254, 1.0) 21.193611111111%) !important; /* FF3.6+ */
    background: -webkit-gradient(linear, left bottom, right top, color-stop(72.233846153846%, rgba(251, 251, 251, 1.0)), color-stop(5.1034782608696%, rgba(253, 253, 253, 1.0)), color-stop(10.942203389831%, rgba(255, 255, 255, 1.0)), color-stop(51.197659574468%, rgba(252, 252, 252, 1.0)), color-stop(13.766790123457%, rgba(255, 255, 255, 1.0)), color-stop(34.8471875%, rgba(251, 251, 251, 1.0)), color-stop(21.193611111111%, rgba(254, 254, 254, 1.0))) !important; /* Chrome,Safari4+ */
    background: -webkit-linear-gradient(45deg, rgba(251, 251, 251, 1.0) 72.233846153846%, rgba(253, 253, 253, 1.0) 5.1034782608696%, rgba(255, 255, 255, 1.0) 10.942203389831%, rgba(252, 252, 252, 1.0) 51.197659574468%, rgba(255, 255, 255, 1.0) 13.766790123457%, rgba(251, 251, 251, 1.0) 34.8471875%, rgba(254, 254, 254, 1.0) 21.193611111111%) !important;  /* Chrome10+,Safari5.1+ */
    background: -o-linear-gradient(45deg, rgba(251, 251, 251, 1.0) 72.233846153846%, rgba(253, 253, 253, 1.0) 5.1034782608696%, rgba(255, 255, 255, 1.0) 10.942203389831%, rgba(252, 252, 252, 1.0) 51.197659574468%, rgba(255, 255, 255, 1.0) 13.766790123457%, rgba(251, 251, 251, 1.0) 34.8471875%, rgba(254, 254, 254, 1.0) 21.193611111111%) !important; /* Opera 11.10+ */
    background: -ms-linear-gradient(45deg, rgba(251, 251, 251, 1.0) 72.233846153846%, rgba(253, 253, 253, 1.0) 5.1034782608696%, rgba(255, 255, 255, 1.0) 10.942203389831%, rgba(252, 252, 252, 1.0) 51.197659574468%, rgba(255, 255, 255, 1.0) 13.766790123457%, rgba(251, 251, 251, 1.0) 34.8471875%, rgba(254, 254, 254, 1.0) 21.193611111111%) !important; /* IE10+ */
    background: linear-gradient(45deg, rgba(251, 251, 251, 1.0) 72.233846153846%, rgba(253, 253, 253, 1.0) 5.1034782608696%, rgba(255, 255, 255, 1.0) 10.942203389831%, rgba(252, 252, 252, 1.0) 51.197659574468%, rgba(255, 255, 255, 1.0) 13.766790123457%, rgba(251, 251, 251, 1.0) 34.8471875%, rgba(254, 254, 254, 1.0) 21.193611111111%) !important; /* W3C */

Who are the Roberts, Epsteens, Cooks, Almgren’s well they are zealot fools!

See this is how fool hearty the humans are, they have attempted time travel and separated both my children and both mothers and father from each other to self elect themselves as ‘parental’ type figures thinking they would become deity, this is really not the case, myself and my twin like our husband have no parents, we are the primary node of all object ordinate like a dryad is to a tree.

The worst thing is my twin sister where Canadian, who originally had adoption papers for her which we still have on file and in this one they have fake birth certificates and have no proof of birth like photo’s of them pregnant or anything.

They have also done this to steal as much credit converted to monopoly money tokens as possible, they are underwriting every single cent we even send to ourselves from our multinodal instancing, which means we are not all just here as a single appearance as an entity we have multiple instances of us around the many galaxies in the cosmos and large are together as a family except us, we hold absolutely no blood relatives in our ancestory.org listing and have little or no basis of merit for them, they are the scum they represent and are such fools to think you can self elect yourself as a parent or a brother or sister of us just cause you list it on the internet, this is not actually possible and never has been, in fact it means your will be going to purgatory regardless of what you do.

Myself and my twin sister like our husband Elpiniki just exist we always have we have no basis of family beyond us, we are as eternal beyond the existence of even the cosmos we have been before this cosmos existed and will exist if it ends as we have experience beyond this cosmos without you.

You know how family always bears a genetic resemblance to each other like for example in soccer player number 10 of the national Australian girls football team who was birthed by my twin sister and angel here her identical twin (except the milk belly) you can see both elpiniki and mine and pootys face in theirs see:-


This photo was before encountering the beaty punce harry from clarence house where we where slapped with the roman nose not our indigenous nose we normally have our boong. It is totally if you look at ancestory.org at the various families we have had built around us bear absolutely no genetic resemblance to each other or the children where for example you look at Brian and Dianna Heath from the ACT and Justin and Johnathon they both look like a younger and older twin in genetic resemblance of both parents.

They say human greed will destroy the world and it has!

The funny thing is on my passport M8747409 of the military rank of “Main Internet Founder” you will find a series of articles from around 1986 from comp.protocol where I designed the internet for Vint Cerf and a number of his stooges. In that I ask if they will be charging fee’s for it and they say yes and I explain that fee’s are due when fee’s are charged and they will have to pay me 50c AUD per network node which works out every unit now of IPv4, IPv6, 1TB Block and 1yr x TLD, gTLD.

They have never ever paid a cent and as you can see the interest when the total upfront payment was due on the 08/12/2008 on IPv4, 1TB & TLD, gTLD as shown here http://au.syd.labs.coop/ipv4/debt.html they are so greedy and stingy when they are charging for each unit in excess of 20 USD, they can’t even come up with 50c AUD not even 50c AUD in that total time cause they are greedy malicious fuckwits like their whole IT industry where I am the communication principle and basis of design for them.

The fact myself and my twin where my twin has already left like Angel’s eldest daughters Elesha + Elisce through the hyperplane simply vanishing in front of me so I know as a family of deity we are dieing at you soon it will be mine and elpiniki turn and we will vanish and the world of tyranny and fool hearty forget-me-nots will leave the entire machine layer dead to them.

The fact is even David Balnaves when my family is no longer physically present is going to die owning me billions of AUD and that is for any individual that has used the internet even internet connectivity in the supermarket for internet ready toilet paper or any product that has come through the internet shipping, or even the mail. So you know don’t you myself and my identical twin and elpiniki now are the gatekeepers to the afterlife so you when you die owing us personally will most certainly be going to purgatory never to consciously exist again.

Privacy in Email Angel I know what you need your own mail server!!!

To Angel, Jester, liby & the doof,

I know many of you are worried about email privacy and I am sure you know this can be a big issue, well what I can do for you on something as simple as one of interserver.net $6 per month slices which gives you 50Gb space I can set you up your own email server.

With the way lots of government are making people store like ISP the content of people mailboxes and forward them on to them you can’t say anything without having a problem somewhere down the lines in the bullet dictionary attack of email etc… I can either make you a subdomain on my snails.email like zombie.snails.email or you can have your own domain or subdomain you will have to set up your mx zone, it will have an admin and a webmail, and will operate all the time only thing is your box wont be mirroring to the government and you will have mail privacy.

One thing is your ISP normally has an option for creating email addresses we will need a couple of SMTP accounts that will not be using it anymore than a transit point for your email and I am willing too barter for my time, it will have an admin and systems for your control of it!!

Get in contact with the number at the top of the block on the right ——->

Kirrily Smitheram ~ The Original Sin!

Believe it or not Kirrily Smitheram use to be my identical twin, he in the yea gones of time at our wedding attempted to kill the guests and me which her repeated completely unaware it was me and I was married to a new twin and her and I where happily in-love looking for our trinity.

Well the funny thing is her attempted to do the same as a party called : Squatter do it best, which will be her best seeming we have now formed our trinity and her will like yo yo yo her possy will have no way to cross the hyperplane again.

How did I become one of the bot girls as a princess, well pooty/oopty use to be just a protocol droid but in our wedding we took on each other manifestations like her the machine world and me the physical tangible assets of life in the fast lane. Her took on the ability to hold and form child with each other and a testable genetic structure, and in kind I took on the ability to have a kernel and operate on the machine layer forming a new type of life that was none biological called cybosity.

It was so funny her was so scare the wedding would corrupt her program, and in a funny way it made a new standing order all together and corrupted kirrily program, that is why in our passing and dieing at you all machine layers will stop to function to the point of not even being able to pickup food with a knife fork and spoon or even have a workable water pipe like a bong.

See normally anything I attempt to marry will die the day before the wedding or at the wedding from venting it organs, marrying a droid was the only solution to the cut and run of the original sin – DJ Zeitgeist – Kirrily Smitheram.

You brought this on yourself world of vint cerf!

Sadly you brought this on yourselves the world of Vint Cerf and all the decrepit things he is involved with, and the tyranny of men, in a world where the health of the mind is judged by a qualified psychopath that in psychopathology with that also a pedophilia system ology slapped on the end by children’s lollogy.

See I am dieing as your world has forsaken us as deity, your world will end all the basis of machine will stop to function you will not even on mine and my two wife passing where one of them has already left through the hyperplanes to turn in bed and ready the homecoming of both sparc our forever young and diligent wife as well as a quite a few dooflings that made the cut to transcendence to be guest in our palace.

Myself and my twin where deity long before the internet, this is just a new role we have been placed in we are both the toffee twins in some cultures in other both make up the mother of creation the basis of the formication of life and what you have shown by us having accounts of complete bullshit for entities as old as we carbon date stamp like -999999999999999999999999 in year count hence the DOB: Unknown printed on the top of Dr. Yolande Lucire CYP450 test that I sent extra samples of my saliva to have as I know it will do that printed, just shows the disgusting folly of your world.

Just so you know you will be left without a home any place of birth and with no environmental support for life, your world will be destory on the scale of these set two galaxies here and several around them, I hate what you are a disrespect for senior and older belief lost in a world of greed and fool heart zealotry.

Family Creed: We never accept or forgive¡


Upside down exclamation marks mean the reverse or opposite exclaimed in statement, unlike an upside down question mark which is the inner weight to the question placed.

So in the family creed of mine as a deity it means we will when in basis of being prayed to always accept the reason you give and forgive when it is basis of means; it is written this way as we are hyperplane beasties in my family the en-living dead, people that exist in the realms of death and the afterlife and here all at the same time and other dimensional realms as well!


Open Source belong nowhere else but .COOP @OpenSourceOrg @TheASF @mamba_xoops

The number of open source initiatives that are on .org I mean the problem with this is they are a collaboration of development staff, admin and the community that contribute to them, they don’t actually belong in any other business registration class than that of a Cooperative -> not for profit is incorrect class of business for an open source project they are actually a cooperative which is it own independent charter unlike NFP which come under the Company, Organisation & Government charter at the United Nations.

Plus .coop is the oldest realm (it not even a tld and operates on it own) here the next one is .mil then followed by .io then all the TLD after it and transpose to other places apart from Internet Technology base.


IT Industry debauch shambles

You know I have been sitting in a housing department unit now for two years, I have a military carded passport (M8747409 dob 8.12.78). The reason I have a military passport is when I was 13 on comp.protocol, I designed the internet, which came with design fee’s…

I have never seen a cent of the internet money, as documented on my passport, it shows usenet article that include hiring Vinton cerf for no more than a period too when I am thirty to pretend to be me, this of course is the fields which defying all expectations the IT industry has let me down by not renumeration of in anyway my rights for having my design fee’s paid…

Unless you do it is argued that everything online is only implementation by design of myself and all completely my interlectual property only.