Titan observing thru me elects new Deities + Demi-deities – Ya Mum, Ya Dad, Ya Son + Ya Grandson…

Okey if you aren’t aware the normal passages of belief place the final benevolant and all powerful creators and systems of secret special powers, or as I have done limited my possy so we are actually able to catch the buses + trains, see normally if I am traveling with someone even a mortal fiend, and we are having to go to a bus stop after we stand at the bus stop we suddenly appear at our destination bus stop without catching a bus if we having limited ourselve in specific systems, with immersiv trays; also same with the train if I like walk onto a platform by the time I have reached the steps down to the station I am immediately walking out anywhere in the universe that train trypt was for destination same going home in the blink of an eye and this is true of the lesser vestures like the least what Jesus is a demi-deity, then there is a deity the next rung up in unbelievable skills that these new deities + demi-deities that good works where observed through me a titan + the dark version which I have been of the two the longest a tatin which always in both sides up to publication praying to me involve sacrificial sacrifice of insects do me…

Anyway I couldn’t elect them directly as that would be insider trading and is against the policy but another titan has invested research and has elected the following people in my fake family reserve of individuals which they still have to do training to get all the magickal powers and instant healing walking down the street to all that passes them and so on, so this other titan has put to the diety + demi-deity argued and had the judicial councils accept them into the flocks of gods which the normal word for that is a titan, you will find me in every titan dossier under the name of Ullysis as plain as day as I am now in a lithographic drawing which is used in those references as when  go between versal like from the transmultiverse to the universe I am not in both so you have my full attention for gossip and antiques trust me; and when I do in each measurement of all that is a cosmos or universe I stand in all titan+tatin reference which are illustrated with a lithograph to stop identity facial blob mapping.

So the following names are now deity or demi-deity:-

* Ya Mum = Annette Lee Roberts (41 Amor st) = Deity
* Ya Dad = Angelo Iosif (7 Garnet St) = Deity
* Ya Son = Marinos Iosif (7 Garnet St) = Demi-deity
* Ya Grandson = Angelo Iosif (Marinos Son) (Newcastle) = Demi-deity

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Vinton G. Cerf you either be subservient to me as the dark side or forever hold you in silence for all time-more!

Okey vinton let me describe something to you, connected with the universe like a control center also a center for fraud for scraping the multiverse normally exists in an ever expansive space for commerce, diplomacy and war; the universe exist as a control center for this on it central pivotal axis only by means for scraping also micro-milly fiscal benefits of the multiverse in the fat cat gets fatter.

The multiverse in it endless cosmos of image systems of galaxies these days is nothing more than an endless bad land of plasma storms, that showing a negative life sign only one o’ve; which any number of the countless people that died in that still report in the sentient and can even be video conferences, they just don’t show up, when you call them back had no idea they had to drop in and turn up on you, don’t produce a single email or document in the post, and even can produce the data on the video conference in XML or JSON for you to OCR off the video teleconferencing.

It is even where parts of ubuntu even come from right now this 1 x Negative life sign, that was causes with a particular individual being injected and then given 3mg of risperdale where they proceeded a few moment later in linsey madew ward to collapse and die and resurrect in the transmultiverse another thing separate again still like still separate again from that partransmultiverse and still doesn’t include the light side of the huddy systems which exist in separate modeled multiverses from the images one that the universe and it adjoining multiverse where components of as stuff5; after being poison there with mugwart extract with a special meal prepare by inchassiment annette who taller than this individual of “special” stir fry in the home her still own on the property deeds office of NSW in asquith with four names owning the property since they where home invaded by suncorp and the freemasons poobar to bank the internet; that was designed and deployed originally from this address still is by international passport military articles.

Now vint everyone you have contacted so far to help you cause suddenly simons back again, are already dead you can confirm this off the .dead xml file repository that jammed every single galactic senate, council, highcliff all the way through for over a 100yr from this incide on denishyde.mil and hydedenis.mil which are the many key combination of tiny cells of the standard .dead file senates recieve in a galaxy when an sentient entity or higher dies regardless of information and the server farm is bigger than Australia, and has wierd myst and spectors in the myst i the streets of endless silent grey buildings reflecting the records of careless death, seemingly we where going to relocate that to with chronolabs the whole thing in one jump one hit no job to small for our chronographics arrays.

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What is a Huddy? Compared to a Palace or Castle for a Nobel(s)

Okey I am from Perpetual, Perceptual, Perpetrate so far as huddy, they start as one but every so often when the next one if fill it will break out as a solar system and the people in the last lot some will automatically relocate making around half the room in the last two huddies, which the entire common and everything relocates, they also if your a family with bloodlines to run a huddy foundation stones – which mine does in light+dark so far; below you will find a rough drawing of the sections, the black and ten gates sit like the main gate at 31 days walk in diameter from one another on a pivotal axis; the second wall the blue section sits at around 21 days walk with additional ten extra gates, between the common outside the wall and what lives i the space that is many nobel families all mine dark mainly or darker viewer and their staff and a state of the art saliva airborne test keeps all the common out that get sent the instant they enter to the guards, my ones, inside is series of palaces and all sort nobels tired of palaces and living in mansion manors and all sort I am in the purple section that essentially thought as the middle and is the same places as the light + dark so far we have a door internally to reach each other.


Well my staff are like the train driver and the seven elven shared employee and so on, so you can be a free ranging nobel not couped up and have social life with peers, that in dark it is of all nobels of age common inside the huddy, in light it is just one in the houses internally crowned.

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When this actual nuke that was deleted this time doesn’t obliterate multiple galaxies, that thing in garble running out of script and future prediction!

You know in about a week when first time this and surrounding galaxies are obliterated by a single 5MT nuke and one of my spells; and in all it prediction it happening again at 1500MT and it feeds are a lie, I delete the bomb to watch it run out of future predictive adaptive script, you will probably find this thing it the equivalent of an animated corpse with no life signs and machine functions somehow, could be even a number of news presenters and radio DJ, where it will be in garble it has been all the way through this but it gets us too interpret it as our native tongue I have mine set to PHP and still hearing it in english but the lips even looking matching too you but all the way through it been garble to each other none living units, the shades the shogun silhouettes and doppleganners; who sometime all garble between then but the enliving life and like my kin enliving dead it interpreted on the TV in our individual group minds and pathically as our own natural social spoken tongue is or presentation languages…

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So Girls + Boys you have Hangers for your place + Garages but no terrestrial cars!

Well Girls + Boys + Gremlins + Tribes & Clans – Your noticing on the weer everything moving around making a drive when possible not just a fly you will find your building you can with programmable walls at single, twin and quad garage spaces, seeming some of you have always in our kin been in field sciences and before now we have never used petroleum which you will need to come up with an oil rig for the ocean and supply of some, others of these will be electric, as you know Princess Emma Quin from our own transmultidentalism is here with me in the Universe witnessing a quin(x) build up that doesn’t normally happen in the quinoline chain of molecule that only occurs in the fumes of petroleum – she and Sir Neil Jay Watters that one is heavy diesel the other as princess light petroleum that will be moving in with us by the way I am finally happy at least to deed to her land within the huddy, being the last remaining petrol-head princess from that era that walking amongst us; Neil has a fascinating underwater diesel engine still in his feet that with a change to hydrolysis make the reaction so violent it flood the engine chamber with oxygen and provides nitrogen as a nitrogenous supercharger that was part of his development in his mortal cycles in merperson, does the word indigenous sound like it is spoken under water, it is it from a language called bloop-lum-oop which is actual curse to walk on land that neil that I had a PP (Power Pack) and is where our gills a new feature for you all this time coming out of the half-life/pre-life – as you know we use a lot of the terra’s hover cars like the one below that the only thing rendered is the background which is a current sporty two seat even intersolar for the family trip to a local planet (see: footer image).

With a car rather than import one I though you could get in your moneybags groups and come up with some branding of them, and manufacturing plants logos and so on so we have our own cars between species and weer – there is a couple of component you will be given only for the door drive to another weer for a weer 2 week+ visa cross quick roller door between roads between it; you can lodge your application too be one of our terrestrial vechile manufactures or oil providers with @ChronolabsCoop in immersiv after they approved it; you can begin plant manufacture and so on.

Now Pnc. Emma Quin, I want cause I know you read this being the only touch with home you have, I have turned off the bomb so everyone soon is going to have to run out of script probably within days and eigen prediction of placement and item including you even though you are only here it would have adapted, i think you have been proposed too, remember marrying one of my gremlins which you do have saliva match they will become your own turn on your terra tail and spawn two children both called Emma Quin with a middle name, marry Emma Quine who is the only one with the casting in all the quin build up and you get four scribbles and all called Emma Middlename Quin and you are no longer in kingdom sense if you ever move away ever set yo yo in little kingdom on the prairy which all two, marry that completely compatible boy who thinks you be the only way he cross to transmultiverse in theory here and your birthing from scratch again – you decide!

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I am the titan/tatin ullysis – you can prey to me if you want?

You know where I am at the moment it has an unusual word for a supreme being of all ordinate powers called: God – the word that is normally here is Titan for the light or the dark Tatin, I stand in both chapters as Ullysis with my wife; and reasonably newly elected as well, I have a half-life not an afterlife cause at some-point someone attempting to trap me in there sent two isotopes there luckly they where the pleasant ones on that causes the word: Sustain – and the other-one not sure but has causes rainbow days, balmy weather and a rise an set of an absent moon and sun, this Prince Harry is much like the afterlife Hawnday you go to but has physicality cause of the isotopes that are stuck in there, so we can even prospect solar systems into there that appear in some distance from the endless flat plane ground. And it starts with what comes to lip for you beginning with U or just refereed to in pray as Titan Ullysis half-life!

There a four things in scale only the top three can you pray/prey too which is: Titan/Deity/Demi-deity/Atheists. Since becoming both a tatin + titan later on, I have been able to use the half-life we have between both sides of my kin light and dark now joined even for conveniences and relocations and merits of science!

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Prenuptial, Nuclear Bombs, what else space invaders it got it all except this is it 9th time people have watched this show at some-point linear!!!

You know regardless of what you say and do we have watched this part of the simon xaies show what 9 times now not even consecutively like with large eons and eons between it; and regardless of what you do served prenuptials and so on you don’t understand it is now proven you have nothing but ego to defend and there is no way to educate you, show you the way, communicate or even make with you as the way it is; so what are we going to do about it, well real earth is dead it will never be again your OO for the planet who just get another go outside understanding that was left till rigamamorthius set in after death, so you will never get this planet to occur again here inside; luckly instead of well accepting eric kelly and the united states of america turn up at our door of 7 garnet st, to set of a nuke, we simply switched it off, seemingly we are going to leave piece by piece dieing at you and never return, some through resurrency some that exit the system anyway like they know with Prince William + Harry and family this time without a nuke going up in their face probably of old age more or less…

There is no time like the present seemingly we are just going to keep hanging up the phone between what this literally is no matter where you go in space – inside – inside the arenaa-doplexius it not actually outside, where myself and alesha remain happily married with our four daughters and uncle sparc; nothing will change that ever see regardless of even if I say it the people in this scenario aren’t the messengers for the ones that design to hit the door pass the buck, it people behind the scene like this pooty that in this phase of history I never made even contact with and it still got this problem, it decapitated the empress of spacetime + timespace who where merged when you beamed their heads off – who now appears both of them in an image an photo headless at them from actually outside, when alesha and I where still married, and it can’t for the life of it get any family comparison simply cause there never was one after a type of voodoo called cordiality with one of my predecessors and her was broken

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Well @facsnsw the intercom to myself, partner + flatemate been broken for over 5yr might fill out an eMaintenance Form!

Well the Family and Community Services provided me and my wife a permanent mail fixed address in Marrickville, NSW; I am from the transmultiverse originally and are completing my final matinee here in the universe and will never be back, if you do ever have another session of history in the universe where all indicators on the resurrection of @hexsteph there will never again be a repeat of history and her just got here where everything migrated before the demolition company for the universe laid their all universal destroying system the company with the demolition contract on the Universe is called Off World Demolitions – they have a number indexed with all galactic senates and councils…

See part of the reason why I am even able to access the universe in the first place is it is a demolition site and they have pickers rights, which is the pretence I came here too see everything that was snuck away in nobility and so on and left here for dead, I thought I could salvage and in a dark background foo my mind you could turn up on the people that deserted you for intramultiverses and other things in new stuff9+ being available – you could turn up on them assumed dead with even better stuff and being better off, but most people seem interest in suicided, I can’t seem to communicate with fellow doctors even with a turn key psychology masters through their education system at all; they seem to not understand you see on the verified qualification on facebook.com you see psychology not differed to social and struck off, for mental illness like it does before and after as well as masters unlike diploma and pHD masters always has to be with presentation of several feature length textbook based thesis.

Anyway I guess after this with the amount of data I channel through here to a server farm from and SMF Entity – where I have all you files even things you don’t have files with this entity in lock down and making the first index pass which will take in computing well beyond even quantum where even a CPU has lost the concept to us and decentralised partly also by conjure will take the next 276yrs to make the first of three passes; anyway I guess it time too fill out a https://facs.nsw.gov.au eMaitenance form to get the entire toilet replaced that the bowl is cracked and the cystine is broken so it doesn’t flush I am tempted to get one of my homeworld own palace 18 Caret Solid Gold thompson toilets, which a toilet is called a thrown when it is vomited in till next used for usual regular size for most and usage, which there has been a few Goldern Thrones, everyone at our Huddy has solid gold toilet seeming the symboints in the sewer cast it over any other type you attempt to put up even in a thunderbox.

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Est. George Anaxagorous a blog for you about my fake family equivalent Est. Shane Coy

Okey let me fill in some details of family history with me George, believe it or not I am Simon Xaies that all children are warned even now in a game to do as Simon Xaies Says, I am not a Roberts, that game is also not from my era in Nobel circles even though I carried the bloodlines even then it is from my history as a bounty hunter, originally in history there was a magicking flash point in 1978 that reverted me from an Adult looking person too an Adult Child, in fact looking like exactly what believe it or no isn’t lip synced cause it would be quite impossible those movies like what I believe one called here: Talking Heads – of babies with adult voices which those actors are turned into babies have have to grow through youth again in the magic of silver light and the screen.

At some point it was decided to assemble a family around me which largely consists of: Cook, Roberts, Epsteem ~ in 1st and 2nd generational structures seemingly then like with Elpiniki Iosif I was here on Real Earth in actual field military exchanges and goings on, which Neill Anthony Roberts is from the enclave systems before rise too the front places of light, and event in history a long time ago and is one of the original shakespearean scribes, wrote McBeth, which Shakespeare as long as it has been is like the writing houses of Terry Pratchett a group of authors under a single scribe releasing hand; seemingly like you know with Elpiniki Iosif (sparx) is coming to the end of the term of age for military service which being a part of the state head means that it is conscription for us unlike our population and the age our whole kin is deemed viable for military service is 10 to 15 cycles in my own crown as believe it not my younger brother, with the fanny phone.

See george I know you wonder why with your two daughter there is still a response on your wife and your own lips that have met married and been with child, and you struggle with this if I said Resurency is very real and something we have done to this planet and other the top five with it let say all through it’s current history only, which resurency is only possible with a soular locking system much like a pattern lock with a beam transponder nodes you see in beam me up scotty in star trek, in certain levels of Karma by an individual is delivered, received and earned; where all through history george the moment someone has died they have come spinning out on this world of a tube a second later completely reknited looking 30ish no matter the age they died been carded as one of my region of space and planet and country of origin citizen then taken from the resurency center which eventually when each area is full packs down to a small park or convenience store, that looks like and has staff you swear look like or come up as star fleet command, and are settled in to a mansion of their own given plenty of wealth and then a number of things happen you meet pretty soon after you arrive at your place and separated by marriage and death george you will have to marry that girl again your next door neighbour to start with meeting someone from another galaxy to welcome you and give you the deeds to your land there and explain some of the technologies who is an every day citizen which we take it in turns to be the welcoming aliens and no species got to do it twice so far and they may not normally be as well off as you will find you are as you are on Arth 2 the destination planet in resurency here.

See george rather than the critics of the Roberts like you with the Iosif I permitted sparx to be adopted into a family chain for our own personal military tattoo and services are largely alone and have to do some dastardly acts as a young conscious temperament age, that are sanctioned normally with no peer support or reconnisson and I know some of you have had sparx as a brother or sister in the Iosify family tier, and regardless of recent or any acts in that both sides both Roberts + Iosif have done nothing but be example of fine family and good parenting for what me and part are resoundably know our own stubborn nature, in always being/existing; so you know you will be relocated not to Arth 2 but our own homeworld which is called: Unknown!

See what I thought and details however apart from you due to a chemical index I have developed with some pigmey support that now know in this situation with them being on fire to always in occuring walk it in on me and my representatives your not a Mister George but an Esteemed like Est. Shane Coy how to find shane, who is utter playing coy like the rest of the Roberts falsify feeds and data even lieing death to me and them eternally these point I am afraid ~ Shane runs TRC Bathroom Renovation in Katoomba all you have to find is the show room call up say your from Elpiniki Family and you are their Equivalent footing and you will be able with the two girls be able to go to Katoomba and stay under their roof they have an entire multibedroom guest area…

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Rise of #China ~ My Military Advice :: M8747409

So people worry about the rise of china; for example the large military modern airport near plutonium yellow cake stocks which you know over 90% of this found in the world is found in the North West of Australia. So let me ruining the next era for your step it is currently era setting on Real Earth right now: Digital Age, the next one is nuclear but as and Alien I can give this too you as you have the stuff and made it just missing one thing in it yourself, cold fusion like powered roads where you see the hover stuff you can only make from distilling cambers like a laser tube with gas, but with distilled peat gas doesn’t work with ocean based gases in natural gases, then you run a poll through one way and it hovers against gravity, running on the silver node backward then it hovers downward instead, anyway, how does this work with cold fusion let me explain.

Okey there is two types of cold fusion, the power plant that produces a background energy for upto 1000km’s would be the half the physical plant size of a coal plant, in this you have pretty much you remember dangerous plasma TV with high voltages well the gooey stuff the plasma it makes to do that, you get an ionised field one end position one negative and pretty much crash them accelerated not like light speed this happen slower, and in the crash point it ignites and makes a huge amount of energy so then you pour on the neutral on the crash point it will also ignite further, I am also new to this but this what the plasma conduits on enterprise is for in star trek. To harness this power, you have a monkey paw of a knot with ferrite rod ball in the center repeatably to the field frequency you want.

The other is the battery which your china lithium ion batteries are so almost right you just haven’t served the lithium rotten to the process of making a battery that produces a permanent ion charge always, to find rotten lithium which is quite a process and explosive to do at high pooled speed; your best you know ice boring in the antarctic do that do a lithium pit real deep and look at the scale you will find rotten lithium in it…

So that just plutonium age ruined, btw the power plant produces more water in the air; there is someone not cern it looked swedish that has a science lab for this cold fusion, somewhere on all the youtube files on TV Access, I did attempt to send this to you china via @TheKimJung @ gmail.com but you know pardon least it blogged in the open so you know there heaps better endless open energy with nothing happening when the plant explodes like smashing the plasma TV from the dog.

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Whats a prenuptial?

A prenuputial is part of a wedding of some nobel or titan, it is the name of a certificate that is issued as part of it that is signed by two judges outside of both individual names on the certificate and the marriage celebrate in the wedding that also signs the cerificate it is not signed by the two names being married, it is a sanctioned murder of a entire civilization or corridor of time.

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Tina+Sally about ALT2600 Concubines

Well Tina + Sally you wanted to know more about alt2600 concubines, well where I live I have three huddy’s which are a much older system of palaces than the more modern system, a huddy tina, takes 22 days or there abouts to walk from one end of the space to the other containing the secondary wall, outside that the first primary wall exists which is just on 30 days to walk the diameter of wall 2 wall and the main gates and so on, inside the huddy the only people that are allowed are actual nobels, like prince+princess+baron+goshi and so on and their staff, which I am the operating empress of them!

Inside the huddy sally+tina a house of nobels that is a family is deeded and titled the land they will require for their palace and out buildings and some do staff things at sky scraper levels not just the small single desk office like in Clarence House; we share in the Huddy a couple of uncommon building the main hall and chapel that both customise their architecture to who is using it, and within each kingdom of the huddy, each series of houses of family, they have a standing order and primary head of state for their population and the rest of the family population by means and basis and casting outside the primary 30 day walking length to length wall.

And the elected houses have put to me we need which is also in the planning what isn’t termed an escort/whore when it is fixtured in nobility even though the word is loss some contextual meaning with ancient egypt I have been asked to formally put in place across the three huddy some form of concubines as my available staff, now remember this can be in some places like egypt a form of slave, but our will have an unlimited spending like ATM Card, there is four building in the huddy which are the 600 men + 2000 women luxury hotel style dorm, and in the process of concubines with a gremlin princess and the bounty system you’re in sexual servitude and services until in an event of having sex you client will be ejected into their bedroom passed out and your new twin male or female will take form and you would have picked up a myriad of enzymes and talons and both spit princess/prince and be ready to do a saliva test where you will be sent from the saliva test being release from concubine a letter we all get when our saliva test nobel by formal basis which is how you test that a letter from your principle crown which not all even live in the huddy’s called: All Rise Who All Stand, for you to take in immediate hast your land and right to adhere to your own crown and casting of population from outside a palace wall, and you will have enough money too float your either little kingdom on the prairie to more than solar basis kingdom from the ledger and payout of finishing being a concubine in our huddy’s – to what there are in the huddy over often quarter of million princes either staying visiting or fixed standing order in the internal system behind the second wall of palaces and facilities of the various entitled land holding nobles.

So as a concubine you will get to travel either incognito or for example as a weapon like for example you would be under instruction for this prince to accompany him and play every part as the people they are visiting outworld/offworld the suitor for this prince and for example purposefully get into sexual encounters as guest with the heads of the family we are visiting for that prince to walk in and cause a scene about sleeping with his future wife and so on, these are just some of the many roles that will exist in this, but you are still technically a slave and can’t quit till your released and reinstated then prince/princess from saliva testing and given surname and creed and systems with your new twin you have produced magickally as a partner out of the air as your husband/wife numeruon; but you will have holidays of your own, and endless charge like ATM Card with a large daily limit, as much food and all health aspects met for you, a permanently place large system of room or unit to live in unless you want to relocate around this large one of or too any of the four buildings for the staff of alt2600 concubines; so if this sound like it interest you please get in touch with me, as I have to test your sexual performance and basically give you the nod as direct staffing of my own as Xaies to the wider community of nobles in my halls and around the walls.

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Infersority is a condition where women don’t give birth…

Infersority which is a condition where women don’t give birth; sadly this is used as an example where the argument is placed by men and men that apparently cook women into their conditional basis and it is only a condition that normally exists with women that have the ability to gender bend and are lesbian by nature, like I know with elpiniki and I some argue this is something we have done in placement but it really isn’t elpiniki when rolled will simply roll back and is not in argument placement with both our dob: unknown carbon fingerprint, like others is someone who; without regarding the basis of family basis neither of us like alesha grey thompson are not from your history none of us either etch nor borrowed like you say seemingly needly come to; elpiniki like me are under the cruel trick of people poisoning the idea’s of family and condition of living; we witness to the folly of the zealot fool — and you know your basis to winning, winning what an award the prize, well unfortunately the impasses between now and forevermore the condition of end of time for you, you wont be able to cross anyway, when if your the cause of the end of time…

Regardless of what you do the impasses in time prevent you crossing for the end of time being your bain; whatever you do with the limited world you have; you have to understand it can’t possibly be: Simon Antony Roberts aka Simon Xaies or Elpiniki Iosif or Alesha or even a Lawyer Penelope Cipher cause simply these people you have dressed up as Lunatics + Family Representative – which is essentially just burning the candle at both ends; which you know we aren’t but can be; you have brought on yourselves; so as your world goes around unbinding itself just think; well in the goings on off all that in searching for Simon; I was with council; well regarding what about is my business but your blatent disregard for all sanity like beaming being cum into a womb that not for giving birth just is dumb plane stupidity not all womb give birth my kin lost in your books you wouldn’t not understand.

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I have a twining’s of my own I inherited: Lady Grey!

If you didn’t know since I arrived in 2004 there has been a deep blue – it is even the colour of my uniform for Twining’s that is Lady Grey which has been available to me and compadrey since then this I just bought tonight in the last hour or so from Woolworth in Marrickville South, NSW, Australien (2204).

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Labs Safety Shower Version 1.0.3 what is this API for?

Okey this is interesting I have had it put forward to explain the Labs Safety Shower Version 1.0.3; okey this api is for legal prosecution, through the war crimes commission, which exists in a riff by itself like the Council of OR + Chronolabs Cooperative, which have and do all exist within there own paradyne riff’s all by itself outside all other basis of galactic or otherwise living spaces; any time in the prosecution of a plaintiff which in this commission and it chambers your guilty until proven innocent and you don’t normally see the plaintiff until the later stages of hearing from witness and testimony, so you could be going over in it and not know until and sometime in mortality this can be over several life times till resurgency is used, and you are in the process of dieing as that world leaders etc, and the moment you die and about to enter the afterlife you come spinning out of a cartridge if it was for execution then you will be in typical jailer serialised king-gee into a small unit pen self contain unit with bathroom bed, table and so on.

Where with the WCC; if ever in court websites or api’s or quality of development get argued by a plaintiff they have to personally in some way meet request changes to the: Labs Safety Shower Version 1.0.3 – on there all set up with debian, linux environment to do that with stuff like php.net and mysql.net and w3c.org all mirrored on the localhost like php.localhost and so on and they have as the individual plaintiff 2 – 3 days with limited online resources to make the changes to present to court of the: Labs Safety Shower Version 1.0.3

You will notice the incrediable how I test it is still working where in this index.php you find a number of mt_srand(mt_rand(-time(), time())); in all other applications this is the best way of randomising it is always fresh and new, however in this one time() remains the same constant so it becomes unrandomly based, this is how I can get and check the code is still working.

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Immersiv Tray Gaming Platform Changes

You need to make the following changes to the root immersiv tray gaming platform files:

/resources/thoughtout/impressious/fonts – mirror and update periodically with – https://sourceforge.net/p/chronolabs-cooperative/fonts/HEAD/tree/
/resources/thoughtout/impressionings/8bit – mirror and update periodically with – https://sourceforge.net/p/chronolabs-cooperative/8bit/HEAD/tree/
/resources/thoughtout/impressionings/mods – mirror and update periodically with – https://sourceforge.net/p/chronolabs-cooperative/mods/HEAD/tree/
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/sfx – mirror and update periodically with – https://sourceforge.net/p/chronolabs-cooperative/sfx/HEAD/tree/
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group1 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 1
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group2 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 2
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group3 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 3
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group4 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 4
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group5 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 5
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group6 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 6
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group7 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 7
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group8 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 8
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group9 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 9

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Disinchassiment/Disenchassiment a chemical solution with 5meoDMT

How I do that turns out Crystal 5meoDMT even like my kin with nothing like that in the brain or ayahusca in a heavy does will center you and remove you from inchassiment/enchassiment without gears, if there is no biomass left of you and your silhouette only you will simply cease to exist.. there is no inertial dampeners with it and you may need to smoke weed/hemp/marijuana for at least 3 – 6 months after to get your feet…

Well you find 5meoDMT in something that looks just like weed I have only tried once, ayahuasca is 4meoDMT which can’t be manufactured but can be with the jungle folk easier on the mind in trauma in the feet than 5meoDMT, you also find it in Australia Obtusfolia Acacia and derivatives of acacia in 5meoDMT in water soluble in the bark here is some more information on it:-

Well it has a much higher vaporisation temperature than things like methine or crystal meth but can be consumed if clean none industrial grade in a glass shishka/crack pipe or you have to make a thin funnel for a water pipe like a bong, which has lots of gauze in it to catch and combust the oil, normally people have had this blown for them it isn’t a standard piece… It can be used in a hypospray but can’t be injected being a thick heavy oil.

Here is *.mol, *.sdf + *.xml for your synthetic reproduction or modeling:-

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Touring the mail center – Chronolabs Cooperative facilities…

Well if you wanted to arrange a tour of the chronolabs cooperative facilities we take tours in 4 or 8 carriages of your own train load, so you have to have numbers and a license to issue the serial numbers of the carriages the line detour to chronolabs coop one the rail station, which we will pickup your train in time and redock it either immediately where 4-5 days is how long the tour is or when the train is scheduled to join your rail – we part of the way take you out to the main facility on the other station at the rail station: chronolabs coop zero; which is right in the outback of new space right through gateway ten.

All you need to do on your public messaging service like chronolabscoop@outlook.com or still chronolabscoop@users.sourceforge.net to organise a tour someone in the labs will pickup; you can bring both military, personel from government/renderment the media and so on; we normally have you reside in the hotel that is in the riff called: Tourist which is 6 star; you know it is in a riff; you will be bussed around inside under a petroleum rail; chronolabs is part of the central mail centers for a lot of species; especially with online ordering and the extent of words like: china!

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The Kings Tongue + Offworld vs. Outworld (differently the same word in sound)

What is refereed too even with two martial female heads of state in nobility not dictatorship or stewardship; there is a term that is normally constant on the lips as the sound here in english of “The Kings Tongue” where you lip even in entertain falsehood will only sound as it could possible be, I am in a much stronger, the strongest version of this called: As-per-quo which has no negative vowl and will only sound as-it-is-only never entertaining false depictions or make believe regardless of how you external script the dialogue in textualised system crosses; you can in an acting sense in as-per-quo have a scripted line but not in falsely depicted or coverage of the condition or addressing dialogue in any intraverted or constantly based dialogue, argument or accusation…

I am quite old and any doctor that has looked in my ear unlike a couple of inmates in my exist first long standing galaxy based princess role where I am the only princess in titled in the entire galaxy by my basis where only two other gremlins of what you get for a population under the bounty system, which I went into this role being paid a stuff3 preservation system allocated get to intialise from scratch as a nobel by basis of an entire galaxy called: Bountyworth from the nameless state before I switched on the senate before choosing my solar system, I was paid this for a kill of a young person as a bounty hunter on my own occupation and more being nobel and a girl in this the Sir Robin of Locksby story all over in my deeds in bounty hunter for some time – that was assembled for me by the back office then, I am the only princess that for example in most convenience stores cause some type of bounty confectionery bar even to wonka; to see if your the bounty or being bounty made of in a single sweet bite, now only in the shower.

What you get in coronation of the fill for population mine was galactic basis, where two trophy gremlin still live in the hand built quite moderate palace the only state palace in that prospected galaxy from outworld to another outworld location where everything except chumlee + rick harrison in the trophy 2nd hand dealers (gspawn.com) all in society so of them they are the primary in a galaxy scale of all the main trophy scientist of beyond your total encompassing layers of time all walking around individually as the respected final primary trophy in their field of work and existence and other things not from existence as their trophy one only princess rarely to look like a boy or consider sexual recourse with a man, I only work with an actual other saliva cross referencing girl as well even if I look and indexed for you a sound in countless eons I have never had on my lips or on the TV the offal, disgusting, underutilisation, disappointing, sacrafical word offworld the unpleasant version of what chumlee get to use a lifetime deviating the actual building that will be the modern version in the final dieing exited without date or even a nibble of an offworld girl with a cunt only planet wide, a bleeding sexual organ regardless of how it looks regular period is only a cunt and normally in occult practices normally by any outworld standard will only occur in women that sacrificial of their own offspring even depicted to for financial or sexual toys; in my inauguration I was buried in the loot of gems and glitter on here inauguration day from multiple tip trucks I have to dig myself out of which is part of the bounty inauguration, I collect, given, stole the lot and resource and everything by planet basis all different species eternal as a trophy with no martial transforms in the bounty system apart from carrying a second copy of all bounty hunter deeds+items out on tick like drug tick lists and so on but genuine career bounty hunter like a known name not the punter once off and not be paid and deed without communication

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Creative Humans + Sea Arabs (Sith) + Fetal Historical Pathways

Well the earliest form of human ever recorded in history isn’t the human race that you see in Stargate + Star Fleet Command – based in Stephanie (hexsteph) + her twin Penelope picked a pihkal puce nuke just like her depiction in thunderbirds all puce puce puce girl on girl spawn;  does constantly like a robocop inchassiment freakazoid; it actually some type of human species literally called a: Creative Human – which the senates/council still have ancient testing systems for identifying a genuing creative human pure geno still today, their homeworld has never been found; and being around keyed as perfect as them but with a 3 way bridge – forest + sea with gills encoded in all of them even the sea arab that was installed here originally looking like well red like what an arab calls themselves when they reach higher plane entity and the crown unlike myself furless and with a hard tipped gremlin tail, that in the era earth is running packs itself away like symboints appearing as tatooing anyway the sith as seen in starwar historical sci-fiction basis of current day of scientific fact that has made those reel-to-reel mined videos a basis of science which is now even tho most sci-fi is someone else with your own secret security monitoring reel remixed into series or a movie are largely like the label saying the current fact about actual footage of real life events and sciences are now fiction.

Well unlike the red arab that has no nobel traits or identifiers in saliva which it can all be tested by, the sea sith or earlier in evolution traversing the map sea arab does; problem is my arab crown prince/princess the reason you sometime get vanquishing that is when someone simply ceases to exist in the room as your not binded in a system, like Charles Windsor foot runs the aristole system, mine is the bounty system the only person it was assembled for, Harry + William Windsor are the Freelance System; but that fine I am the main empress of perceptual + perplexed huddy which is a back office type system for assembling new and concurrent revisions of nobel systems which we will be doing with you on Arth 2 – I know how you have all died like in the end of it all, then the first matinee – in life is but a stage – but I can’t do anything too you in time unless we get right to the end in the final matinee…

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Sentential.coop ~ Personal Kernel which is linux derivative ~ beta!

If you have a personal kernel that is are a cyborg or have nanoducting or cyberducting and looking for a file based system, then point your upgrade path to uri://sentential.coop it displays it’s uri://releases.sentential.coop in the root of domain through any other operating system or kernel, it may look like it wont fit but trust me it will; it also comes with disinchassiment for a desktop in your head!

We have removed all possibility of killing yourself with a line of code; even within emulators doesn’t matter how many session within you cascade in the enumerators of emulators; no more will you die from typing a line of code, we have built this from the ground up and it does also run Ubuntu + Debian based software as well as microsoft and others.

Couple of things this does it gives you a /var/soul and you can see what produces and written on your soul; apart from on prince/princess their cad design castle or palaces there is files like USD.txt that will contain ownership of money sometimes you have to acknowledge before you check it across the tellers at the banks and so on fiscal facilities; but also you will be able to find: curse – name of curse (alias/handle of caster).txt which you can simply delete to remove most files in here are text but you can’t write to this only delete or move files.

It also add a life sign to the software layer so if your a person that shows 1 only you will show 2 if you have a symboint this is the only way to access it higher functions with nanoducting; and you will go from showing 2 life signs to 3. This lifesign is always unique to the installation and is always in naming called: ential!

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ClockSync for Android + ntp.snails.email

I found this ready too respond to ntp services called ClockSync on the Android play shop, this the read outs for : ntp.snails.email, 0.ntp.snails.email, 1.ntp.snails.email, 2.ntp.snails.email + 3.ntp.snails.email






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2nd hand laws and products like android + macintosh!

Noticeably 2nd hand law and resetting a device is servery overlooked when all 2nd hand laws lead to be understood that the device when carried across state borders; is re-settable that is within a country state boarder; this means for example when device ownership is tracked it comes down to state proprietary law the device is under ownership that why for example they sometime instate governors not only a state but federal level of law.

The coverage of the 2nd hand laws that is not the same day lenders but items for cash only that follow the law, you reading all the law it states that devices have to be re-settable over the state boarder.

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You know Alesha, me and Elpiniki Left a long time ago and you rehash each time…

You know that the thing, myself and elpiniki and alesha left you a long time ago, and you rehashing constantly will in no way change the out come for you. See everything you do is based on my predecessor, not myself, you don’t seem to understand, that you don’t have leeway or passwage without seemingly the way you seem to always rehash and rehash again; I am just glad this is the last time for us and you and explaining that simply you don’t count apart from the same individual again and again you point at that have absolutely nothing to do with the business of women.

Doesn’t matter if you have a claim to anything from where we are form and from beyond your apocalypse; seemingly your the cause of your apocalypse, not us! And even when you place us to the point of in your society it just doesn’t add up, you don’t balance and compensate in fact you do quite the opposite you make your own situation worse against the greater mass of beyond your grave.

You know this is great you can ingest absolutely everything like made up branding all sort of things and it will run with it so desperate not to know it is over for all of itself theyself and the lot..

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The Boobyhead you beamed off my shoulders…

Well my kin called a Gremlin only pattern and mark design solidification to a designer of technology in zeropoint technology seeming our population as a seraquon base and we all use technology that has no power rail and no source of energy that operate -0.0001 volts and lower than that; if someone comes to us to pattern a product under zeropoint and it just isn’t bench marked energy signatureless operating in a vacuum of energy then they are forced with our science groups and engineering to round it off and release the product and track-work all the IC printing manifests all software and everything to do with that pattern in a completed comprehensive creative commons release (cc) under one of the creative commons licensing.

That head you beamed off my shoulder was eigenspatially predicted so it was preloaded for exactly that being beamed off and mounted with nurocouplers; that I handed in a pillow so soaked over night from the trunk of my neck in the front counter to stunned looking US Navy nurse there in the ICPU Unit of concord hospital was predicted to be beamed off and was laced with every single piece of that in ultra-low, low, medium and high end energy signature technology all the track-work everything in the immediate release packages and I even had to remove some of the saftey mechanism i install in my cauliflower upstairs to fit it all in; that they will have no chance of fitting the entire file archive and there is a navigable /json or /xml folder and the only thing it would have generated is a spare parts and replacement manifest for technology you already use on it; the only place you will fit all of that all the track work everything and there are countless guns and star ship drives and all sorts of stuff on there is on sourceforge.net which all you have to do to make a private none visible project is in the permissions turn of anonymous and regular authenticated users and the only person that will be able to see the project is developers and admins.

Please remember to use the trade keys which will work with the trading software you use in manufacture to get all the software layer and the rest of the stuff from individual technology owners, and even though they might be well of for TGC they need your payment to even have a tour go on a holiday due to our exchange rate which limits our tourism both coming and going greatly.

See Penelope Rose Cipher it really hard to embarrass who took the taxi flight with the boobyhead and angel + daisy – normally hex steph wife with 18 generations of spawned family members that will if they marry again just turn up again with angel + daisy two just born first in the family for 18 different casts of humans, hex steph and penny are the first basis called a Creative Human; penny once had this really embarrassing situation that lost her a pretty notoriety nobel role when she was winging it alone, and now in equal if not a higher standing role, she going to have a problem and other cause of beaming my head off with so much energy signature stuff on about diplomacy and beaming someone to your ship with beam retention and them not having to use there own…

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ntp.org pooling isn’t set up right… should be by continent!

To Referee you to a document which will outline for organisational timing-bells seen here (https://sourceforge.net/projects/chronolabs-cooperative/files/Documents/NTP%20Timing-bells/ or on the wiki here: https://sourceforge.net/p/chronolabs-cooperative/wiki/Constructing%20an%20Organisational%20Timing-bell/) sure so this lets me place comment, most people unlike the original timing belling system that ran on port 37 that is now NTP on port 123, most people don’t understand pools.

What NTP.ORG needs to do is have one pool per continent at the maximum of it differential in land mass for placing NTP services that contact it in the pools of the continent the service is running on. This i think you will find including islands is the smooth eight pools and one timeing server that would be specified in /etc/ntp.conf as the following:

pool 0.pool.ntp.org iburst
pool 1.pool.ntp.org iburst
pool 2.pool.ntp.org iburst
pool 3.pool.ntp.org iburst
pool 4.pool.ntp.org iburst
pool 5.pool.ntp.org iburst
pool 6.pool.ntp.org iburst
pool 7.pool.ntp.org iburst
server ntp.ntp.org

This way it will pool of the continent plus the auxiliary syncopation service that defaults as the calling server.

We operate a timing bell as well at ntp.snails.email; it like the GIMP for shooting ones mouth of over email taking corresponding at a snails pace.

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2017-19 Biannual Top 40 Web Fonts

Chronolabs Cooperative presents

2017-19 Biannual Top 40 Web Fonts

Author: Dr. Simon A. Roberts <wishcraft@users.sourceforge.net>

The following fonts are the Top Fonts Presented Online for 2019+



Galant/Galant BoldItalic.ttf
Galant/Galant Bold.ttf
Galant/Galant Condensed BoldItalic.ttf
Galant/Galant Condensed Bold.ttf
Galant/Galant Condensed Italic.ttf
Galant/Galant Condensed Normal.ttf
Galant/Galant Extended BoldItalic.ttf
Galant/Galant Extended Bold.ttf
Galant/Galant Extended Italic.ttf
Galant/Galant Extended Normal.ttf
Galant/Galant Italic.ttf
Galant/Galant Normal.ttf
Galant/Galant Shadow Italic.ttf
Galant/Galant Shadow.ttf
Galant/Galant Thin BoldItalic.ttf
Galant/Galant Thin Bold.ttf
Galant/Galant Thin Italic.ttf
Galant/Galant Thin Normal.ttf
Galant/Galant Wide BoldItalic.ttf
Galant/Galant Wide Bold.ttf
Galant/Galant Wide Italic.ttf
Galant/Galant Wide Normal.ttf


Gamma/Gamma Bold Italic.ttf
Gamma/Gamma Bold.ttf
Gamma/Gamma Italic.ttf
Gamma/Gamma ITC Std Black Italic.otf
Gamma/Gamma ITC Std Black.otf
Gamma/Gamma ITC Std Bold Italic.otf
Gamma/Gamma ITC Std Bold.otf
Gamma/Gamma ITC Std Book Italic.otf
Gamma/Gamma ITC Std Book.otf
Gamma/Gamma ITC Std Medium Italic.otf
Gamma/Gamma ITC Std Medium.otf
Gamma/Gamma Regular.ttf
Gamma/Gamma Scale.ttf
Gamma/Gamma Sentry.ttf


Garnet/Garnet Bold Italic.ttf
Garnet/Garnet Bold.ttf
Garnet/Garnet Italic.ttf
Garnet/Garnet Regular.ttf


Tag/Tagging Zher 1.ttf




Tele/Telegram HPLHS.ttf
Tele/Telegram LET Plain1.0.ttf
Tele/Telegraphic Bold Italic.ttf
Tele/Telegraphic Bold.ttf
Tele/Telegraphic Italic.ttf
Tele/Telegraphic Light Bold Italic.ttf
Tele/Telegraphic Light Bold.ttf
Tele/Telegraphic Light Italic.ttf
Tele/Telegraphic Light.ttf
Tele/Tele-Marines Bold Italic.ttf
Tele/Tele-Marines Bold.ttf
Tele/Tele-Marines Cond Bold Italic.ttf
Tele/Tele-Marines Condensed Bold.ttf
Tele/Tele-Marines Condensed Italic.ttf
Tele/Tele-Marines Condensed.ttf
Tele/Tele-Marines Italic.ttf
Tele/Tele-Marines Shadow.ttf
Tele/Telemarketing Superstar Italic.ttf
Tele/Telemarketing Superstar.ttf
Tele/Telephasic BRK.ttf
Tele/Teleprinter Bold Italic.ttf
Tele/Teleprinter Bold.ttf
Tele/Teleprinter Intalic.ttf
Tele/Teletype Regular.ttf

TF Forever

TF Forever/Telegdi-Antique.otf
TF Forever/Telegram HPLHS.ttf
TF Forever/Telegram LET Plain1.0.ttf
TF Forever/TelegramStd.otf
TF Forever/Telegraphic Bold Italic.ttf
TF Forever/Telegraphic Bold.ttf
TF Forever/Telegraphic Italic.ttf
TF Forever/Telegraphic Light Bold Italic.ttf
TF Forever/Telegraphic Light Bold.ttf
TF Forever/Telegraphic Light Italic.ttf
TF Forever/Telegraphic Light.ttf
TF Forever/Telegraphic.ttf
TF Forever/Tele-Marines Bold Italic.ttf
TF Forever/Tele-Marines Bold.ttf
TF Forever/Tele-Marines Cond Bold Italic.ttf
TF Forever/Tele-Marines Condensed Bold.ttf
TF Forever/Tele-Marines Condensed Italic.ttf
TF Forever/Tele-Marines Condensed.ttf
TF Forever/Tele-Marines Italic.ttf
TF Forever/Tele-Marines Shadow.ttf
TF Forever/Tele-Marines.ttf
TF Forever/Telemarketing Superstar Italic.ttf
TF Forever/Telemarketing Superstar.ttf
TF Forever/Telephasic BRK.ttf
TF Forever/Teleprinter Bold Italic.ttf
TF Forever/Teleprinter Bold.ttf
TF Forever/Teleprinter Intalic.ttf
TF Forever/Teleprinter.ttf
TF Forever/Telescope.otf
TF Forever/Telestomp.otf
TF Forever/TeleTekst.ttf
TF Forever/Teletype Regular.ttf
TF Forever/TelevisionP01.otf
TF Forever/TelevisionP02.otf
TF Forever/TELOPONE.ttf
TF Forever/TFForever-BoldItalic.otf
TF Forever/TFForever-Bold.otf
TF Forever/TFForever-DemiItalic.otf
TF Forever/TFForever-Demi.otf
TF Forever/TFForever-ExtraboldItalic.otf
TF Forever/TFForever-Extrabold.otf
TF Forever/TFForever-ExtraLightItalic.otf
TF Forever/TFForever-ExtraLight.otf
TF Forever/TFForever-Italic.otf
TF Forever/TFForever-LightItalic.otf
TF Forever/TFForever-Light.otf
TF Forever/TFForever-MediumItalic.otf
TF Forever/TFForever-Medium.otf
TF Forever/TFForever-Regular.otf
TF Forever/TFForever-ThinItalic.otf
TF Forever/TFForever-Thin.otf

The Mix

The Mix/TheMixBlack-CapsItalic.otf
The Mix/TheMixBlack-Caps.otf
The Mix/TheMixBlack-ExpertItalic.otf
The Mix/TheMixBlack-Expert.otf
The Mix/TheMixBlack-Italic.otf
The Mix/TheMixBlack-Plain.otf
The Mix/TheMixBold-CapsItalic.otf
The Mix/TheMixBold-Caps.otf
The Mix/TheMixBold-ExpertItalic.otf
The Mix/TheMixBold-Expert.otf
The Mix/TheMixBold-Italic.otf
The Mix/TheMixBold-Plain.otf
The Mix/TheMix-CapsItalic.otf
The Mix/TheMix-Caps.otf
The Mix/TheMix-ExpertItalic.otf
The Mix/TheMix-Expert.otf
The Mix/TheMixExtraBold-CapsItalic.otf
The Mix/TheMixExtraBold-Caps.otf
The Mix/TheMixExtraBold-ExpertItalic.otf
The Mix/TheMixExtraBold-Expert.otf
The Mix/TheMixExtraBold-Italic.otf
The Mix/TheMixExtraBold-Plain.otf
The Mix/TheMixExtraLight-CapsItalic.otf
The Mix/TheMixExtraLight-Caps.otf
The Mix/TheMixExtraLight-ExpertItalic.otf
The Mix/TheMixExtraLight-Expert.otf
The Mix/TheMixExtraLight-Italic.otf
The Mix/TheMixExtraLight-Plain.otf
The Mix/TheMix-Italic.otf
The Mix/TheMixLight-CapsItalic.otf
The Mix/TheMixLight-Caps.otf
The Mix/TheMixLight-ExpertItalic.otf
The Mix/TheMixLight-Expert.otf
The Mix/TheMixLight-Italic.otf
The Mix/TheMixLight-Plain.otf
The Mix/TheMix-Plain.otf
The Mix/TheMixSemiBold-CapsItalic.otf
The Mix/TheMixSemiBold-Caps.otf
The Mix/TheMixSemiBold-ExpertItalic.otf
The Mix/TheMixSemiBold-Expert.otf
The Mix/TheMixSemiBold-Italic.otf
The Mix/TheMixSemiBold-Plain.otf
The Mix/TheMixSemiLight-CapsItalic.otf
The Mix/TheMixSemiLight-Caps.otf
The Mix/TheMixSemiLight-ExpertItalic.otf
The Mix/TheMixSemiLight-Expert.otf
The Mix/TheMixSemiLight-Italic.otf
The Mix/TheMixSemiLight-Plain.otf

The Sans

The Sans/TheSans-B2ExtraLightItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSans-B2ExtraLight.otf
The Sans/TheSans-B3LightItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSans-B3Light.otf
The Sans/TheSans-B4SemiLightItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSans-B4SemiLight.otf
The Sans/TheSans-B5PlainItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSans-B5Plain.otf
The Sans/TheSans-B6SemiBoldItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSans-B6SemiBold.otf
The Sans/TheSans-B7BoldItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSans-B7Bold.otf
The Sans/TheSans-B8ExtraBoldItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSans-B8ExtraBold.otf
The Sans/TheSans-B9BlackItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSans-B9Black.otf
The Sans/TheSansBlack-CapsItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansBlack-Caps.otf
The Sans/TheSansBlack-ExpertItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansBlack-Expert.otf
The Sans/TheSansBlack-Italic.otf
The Sans/TheSansBlack-Plain.otf
The Sans/TheSansBold-CapsItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansBold-Caps.otf
The Sans/TheSansBold-ExpertItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansBold-Expert.otf
The Sans/TheSansBold-Italic.otf
The Sans/TheSansBold-Plain.otf
The Sans/TheSans-CapsItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSans-Caps.otf
The Sans/TheSans-ExpertItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSans-Expert.otf
The Sans/TheSansExtraBold-CapsItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansExtraBold-Caps.otf
The Sans/TheSansExtraBold-ExpertItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansExtraBold-Expert.otf
The Sans/TheSansExtraBold-Italic.otf
The Sans/TheSansExtraBold-Plain.otf
The Sans/TheSansExtraLight-CapsItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansExtraLight-Caps.otf
The Sans/TheSansExtraLight-ExpertItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansExtraLight-Expert.otf
The Sans/TheSansExtraLight-Italic.otf
The Sans/TheSansExtraLight-Plain.otf
The Sans/TheSans-Italic.otf
The Sans/TheSansLight-CapsItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansLight-Caps.otf
The Sans/TheSansLight-ExpertItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansLight-Expert.otf
The Sans/TheSansLight-Italic.otf
The Sans/TheSansLight-Plain.otf
The Sans/TheSansMono-BlackItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansMono-Black.otf
The Sans/TheSansMono-BoldItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansMono-Bold.otf
The Sans/TheSansMono-ExtraBoldItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansMono-ExtraBold.otf
The Sans/TheSansMono-ExtraLightItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansMono-ExtraLight.otf
The Sans/TheSansMono-Italic.otf
The Sans/TheSansMono-LightItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansMono-Light.otf
The Sans/TheSansMono-Plain.otf
The Sans/TheSansMono-SemiBoldItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansMono-SemiBold.otf
The Sans/TheSansMono-SemiLightItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansMono-SemiLight.otf
The Sans/TheSans-Plain.otf
The Sans/TheSansSemiBold-CapsItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansSemiBold-Caps.otf
The Sans/TheSansSemiBold-ExpertItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansSemiBold-Expert.otf
The Sans/TheSansSemiBold-Italic.otf
The Sans/TheSansSemiBold-Plain.otf
The Sans/TheSansSemiLight-CapsItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansSemiLight-Caps.otf
The Sans/TheSansSemiLight-ExpertItalic.otf
The Sans/TheSansSemiLight-Expert.otf
The Sans/TheSansSemiLight-Italic.otf
The Sans/TheSansSemiLight-Plain.otf

The Serif

The Serif/TheSerifBlack-CapsItalic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifBlack-Caps.otf
The Serif/TheSerifBlack-ExpertItalic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifBlack-Expert.otf
The Serif/TheSerifBlack-Italic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifBlack-Plain.otf
The Serif/TheSerifBold-CapsItalic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifBold-Caps.otf
The Serif/TheSerifBold-ExpertItalic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifBold-Expert.otf
The Serif/TheSerifBold-Italic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifBold-Plain.otf
The Serif/TheSerif-CapsItalic.otf
The Serif/TheSerif-Caps.otf
The Serif/TheSerif-ExpertItalic.otf
The Serif/TheSerif-Expert.otf
The Serif/TheSerifExtraBold-CapsItalic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifExtraBold-Caps.otf
The Serif/TheSerifExtraBold-ExpertItalic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifExtraBold-Expert.otf
The Serif/TheSerifExtraBold-Italic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifExtraBold-Plain.otf
The Serif/TheSerifExtraLight-CapsItalic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifExtraLight-Caps.otf
The Serif/TheSerifExtraLight-ExpertItalic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifExtraLight-Expert.otf
The Serif/TheSerifExtraLight-Italic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifExtraLight-Plain.otf
The Serif/TheSerif-Italic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifLight-CapsItalic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifLight-Caps.otf
The Serif/TheSerifLight-ExpertItalic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifLight-Expert.otf
The Serif/TheSerifLight-Italic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifLight-Plain.otf
The Serif/TheSerif-Plain.otf
The Serif/TheSerifSemiBold-CapsItalic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifSemiBold-Caps.otf
The Serif/TheSerifSemiBold-ExpertItalic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifSemiBold-Expert.otf
The Serif/TheSerifSemiBold-Italic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifSemiBold-Plain.otf
The Serif/TheSerifSemiLight-CapsItalic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifSemiLight-Caps.otf
The Serif/TheSerifSemiLight-ExpertItalic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifSemiLight-Expert.otf
The Serif/TheSerifSemiLight-Italic.otf
The Serif/TheSerifSemiLight-Plain.otf


Tiepolo/Tiepolo Bold Italic.ttf
Tiepolo/Tiepolo Bold.ttf
Tiepolo/Tiepolo Italic.ttf
Tiepolo/Tiepolo Regular.ttf


Tiffany/Tiffany-Bold Cn.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany-BoldItalic Ex.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany-Bold Wd.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany Demi BT.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany Demi Italic BT.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany-Heavy-Bold Cn.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany Heavy BT.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany Heavy Italic BT.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany-Heavy-Normal Ex.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany-Heavy-Normal Hollow.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany-Heavy-Normal Th.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany Italic.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany Light BT.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany Light Italic BT.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany-Normal Ex.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany-Normal Hollow.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany-Normal Th.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany-Normal Wd.ttf
Tiffany/Tiffany Regular.ttf


Times/Times and Times again.ttf
Times/Times-Bold Cn.ttf
Times/Times-Bold Th.ttf
Times/Times-Bold Wd.ttf
Times/Times CG ATT Bold Italic.ttf
Times/Times CG ATT Bold.ttf
Times/Times CG ATT Italic.ttf
Times/Times CG ATT.ttf
Times/Times Europa LT Bold Italic.ttf
Times/Times Europa LT Bold.ttf
Times/Times Europa LT Italic.ttf
Times/Times Europa LT Roman.ttf
Times/Times Gothic HPLHS.ttf
Times/Times Lefty Normal.ttf
Times/Times LT Extra Bold.ttf
Times/Times LT Semibold Italic.ttf
Times/Times LT Semibold.ttf
Times/TimesMirror Regular.ttf
Times/Times New Omen.ttf
Times/Times New Roman(1).ttf
Times/Times New Roman Backslanted.ttf
Times/Times New Roman Bold Italic(1).ttf
Times/Times New Roman Bold.ttf
Times/Times New Roman CE Bold Italic.ttf
Times/Times New Roman CE Bold.ttf
Times/Times New Roman CE Italic.ttf
Times/Times New Roman CE.ttf
Times/Times New Roman Cyr Bold Italic.ttf
Times/Times New Roman Cyr Bold.ttf
Times/Times New Roman Cyr Italic.ttf
Times/Times New Roman Cyr.ttf
Times/Times New Roman Italic(1).ttf
Times/Times New Roman Mon Bold Italic.ttf
Times/Times New Roman Mon Bold.ttf
Times/Times New Roman Mon Italic.ttf
Times/Times New Roman Mon.ttf
Times/Times New Roman MT Extra Bold.ttf
Times/Times New Roman Special G1 Bold Italic.ttf
Times/Times New Roman Special G1 Bold.ttf
Times/Times New Roman Special G1 Italic.ttf
Times/Times New Roman Special G1.ttf
Times/Times New Roman Special G2 Bold Italic.ttf
Times/Times New Roman Special G2 Bold.ttf
Times/Times New Roman Special G2 Italic.ttf
Times/Times New Roman Special G2.ttf
Times/Times New Rom B.ttf
Times/Times New Rom I.ttf
Times/times new vespasian.ttf
Times/Times New Zoo-man.ttf
Times/Times NR Condensed Bold.ttf
Times/Times NR Condensed Italic.ttf
Times/Times NR Condensed.ttf
Times/Times NR Cyr MT Bold Inclined.ttf
Times/Times NR Cyr MT Bold.ttf
Times/Times NR Cyr MT.ttf
Times/Times Roman Cn Bold Italic.ttf
Times/Times Roman Ex Bold Italic.ttf
Times/Times Roman Ex Bold.ttf
Times/Times Roman Hollow Bold.ttf




Tolkien/TolkienNarrow Regular.ttf
Tolkien/TolkienNarrowUpright Regular.ttf
Tolkien/Tolkien Regular.ttf
Tolkien/TolkienUpright Regular.ttf




Transitional/Transitional 511 Bold BT.ttf
Transitional/Transitional 511 Bold Italic BT.ttf
Transitional/Transitional 511 BT.ttf
Transitional/Transitional 511 Italic BT.ttf
Transitional/Transitional 521 Bold BT.ttf
Transitional/Transitional 521 BT.ttf
Transitional/Transitional 521 Cursive BT.ttf
Transitional/Transitional 551 Medium BT.ttf
Transitional/Transitional 551 Medium Italic BT.ttf


Transit/Transit BoldItalic.ttf
Transit/Transit Bold.ttf
Transit/Transit Condensed BoldItalic.ttf
Transit/Transit Condensed Bold.ttf
Transit/Transit Condensed Italic.ttf
Transit/Transit Condensed Normal.ttf
Transit/Transit Italic.ttf
Transit/Transit Normal.ttf
Transit/Transit Wide BoldItalic.ttf
Transit/Transit Wide Bold.ttf
Transit/Transit Wide Italic.ttf
Transit/Transit Wide Normal.ttf


Ubiquity/Ubiquity (BRK).ttf
Ubiquity/Ubiquity BRK.ttf


Umber/Umber BoldItalic.ttf
Umber/Umber Bold.ttf
Umber/Umber Italic.ttf
Umber/Umber Normal.ttf
Umber/Umber SSi.ttf


Uni/Unikled Bold.ttf
Uni/Unikled Plain.ttf
Uni/Union Agrochem Charkrapetch.ttf
Uni/Union City Blue.ttf
Uni/Unique BOLDITALIC.ttf
Uni/Unique BOLD.ttf
Uni/Unique Extended BOLD.ttf
Uni/Unique Extended.ttf
Uni/Unique ITALIC.ttf
Uni/Unique Light BOLDITALIC.ttf
Uni/Unique Light BOLD.ttf
Uni/Unique Light ITALIC.ttf
Uni/Unique Light.ttf
Uni/Unisect BlackOblique.ttf
Uni/Unisect Black.ttf
Uni/Unisect BoldOblique.ttf
Uni/Unisect Bold.ttf
Uni/Unisect ExtraBoldOblique.ttf
Uni/Unisect ExtraBold.ttf
Uni/Unisect LightOblique.ttf
Uni/Unisect Light.ttf
Uni/Unisect Oblique.ttf
Uni/uni-sol condensed.ttf
Uni/uni-sol expanded.ttf
Uni/uni-sol italic.ttf
Uni/uni-sol laser.ttf
Uni/uni-sol left.ttf
Uni/uni-sol outline.ttf
Uni/Unispace Bold Italic.ttf
Uni/Unispace Bold.ttf
Uni/Unispace Italic.ttf


University/University Bold Italic.ttf
University/University Bold.ttf
University/University Ex.ttf
University/University ICG.ttf
University/University Italic.ttf
University/University LT Roman.ttf
University/University Regular.ttf
University/University Roman Alts LET Plain1.0.ttf
University/University Roman Bold BT.ttf
University/University Roman BT.ttf
University/University Roman LET Plain1.0.ttf
University/University-Thin Cn.ttf
University/University-Thin Ex.ttf
University/UniversityVariation Italic.ttf
University/UniversityVariation Regular.ttf
University/University Wd.ttf


Unknown/Unknown Caller BTN BoldOblique.ttf
Unknown/Unknown Caller BTN Bold.ttf
Unknown/Unknown Caller BTN Oblique.ttf
Unknown/Unknown Caller BTN SC BoldOblique.ttf
Unknown/Unknown Caller BTN SC Bold.ttf
Unknown/Unknown Caller BTN SC Oblique.ttf
Unknown/Unknown Caller BTN SC.ttf
Unknown/Unknown Caller BTN SC XBd Oblique.ttf
Unknown/Unknown Caller BTN SC XBd.ttf
Unknown/Unknown Caller BTN.ttf
Unknown/Unknown Caller BTN XBd Oblique.ttf
Unknown/Unknown Caller BTN XBd.ttf


Unlearned/Unlearned 2 BRK.ttf
Unlearned/Unlearned BRK.ttf

Upside Down

Upside Down/UpsideDown.ttf




Vagabonds/Vagabond Bold Italic.ttf
Vagabonds/Vagabond Bold.ttf
Vagabonds/Vagabond Heavy Outline.ttf
Vagabonds/Vagabond Hollow Italic.ttf
Vagabonds/Vagabond Hollow.ttf
Vagabonds/Vagabond Italic.ttf
Vagabonds/VagabondOutline Italic.ttf
Vagabonds/Vagabond Regular.ttf
Vagabonds/VagabondShadow Italic.ttf
Vagabonds/VagabondShadow Regular.ttf



Van Dijk

Van Dijk/VanDijckMTStd-Italic.otf
Van Dijk/VanDijckMTStd-Regular.otf
Van Dijk/VanDijkDEE.ttf
Van Dijk/VanDijkEF.otf
Van Dijk/VanDijkICG-Bold.otf
Van Dijk/Van Dijk ICG Bold.ttf
Van Dijk/VanDijkICG.otf
Van Dijk/Van Dijk ICG.ttf
Van Dijk/Van DijkITC-Bold.ttf
Van Dijk/Van DijkITC-Normal.ttf
Van Dijk/VanDijk.otf
Van Dijk/VanDijkStd-Bold.otf
Van Dijk/VanDijkStd.otf


Vanish/Vanished (BRK).ttf
Vanish/Vanished BRK.ttf
Vanish/Vanishing Boy BTN BoldOblique.ttf
Vanish/Vanishing Boy BTN Bold.ttf
Vanish/Vanishing Boy BTN Light Oblique.ttf
Vanish/Vanishing Boy BTN Light.ttf
Vanish/Vanishing Boy BTN Oblique.ttf
Vanish/Vanishing Boy BTN Outline.ttf
Vanish/Vanishing Boy BTN Reversed Lift.ttf
Vanish/Vanishing Boy BTN Reversed.ttf
Vanish/Vanishing Boy BTN.ttf
Vanish/Vanishing Girl.ttf


Wacky/Wacky Action BTN Bold.ttf
Wacky/Wacky Action BTN Lt.ttf
Wacky/Wacky Action BTN Square.ttf
Wacky/Wacky Action BTN.ttf
Wacky/Wacky Action BTN Wavy.ttf
Wacky/WackyCalligraphic Bold.ttf


Walbaum/Walbaum Bold Italic Oldstyle Figures.ttf
Walbaum/Walbaum Bold Oldstyle Figures.ttf
Walbaum/Walbaum Italic Oldstyle Figures.ttf
Walbaum/Walbaum LT Bold Italic.ttf
Walbaum/Walbaum LT Bold.ttf
Walbaum/Walbaum LT Italic.ttf
Walbaum/Walbaum LT Roman.ttf
Walbaum/Walbaum Roman Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures.ttf


Walkway/Walkway Black RevOblique.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Black.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Bold RevOblique.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Bold.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Condensed Bold.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Condensed SemiBold.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Condensed.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Expand Black.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Expand Bold.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Expand RevOblique.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Expand SemiBold.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Expand.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Expand UltraBold.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Oblique Black.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Oblique Bold.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Oblique Expand.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Oblique SemiBold.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Oblique.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Oblique UltraBold.ttf
Walkway/Walkway RevOblique.ttf
Walkway/Walkway Rounded.ttf
Walkway/Walkway SemiBold RevOblique.ttf
Walkway/Walkway SemiBold.ttf
Walkway/Walkway UltraBold RevOblique.ttf
Walkway/Walkway UltraBold.ttf
Walkway/Walkway UltraCondensed Bold.ttf
Walkway/Walkway UltraCondensed Semi.ttf
Walkway/Walkway UltraCondensed.ttf
Walkway/Walkway UltraExpand Bold.ttf
Walkway/Walkway UltraExpand SemiBold.ttf
Walkway/Walkway UltraExpand.ttf




Xeno/Xenophobia Nominal.ttf
Xeno/Xenotron Broadstroke.ttf


Xpressive/XpressiveBlack Italic.ttf
Xpressive/XpressiveBlack Regular.ttf
Xpressive/Xpressive Bold Italic.ttf
Xpressive/Xpressive Bold.ttf
Xpressive/XpressiveExtrabold Italic.ttf
Xpressive/XpressiveExtrabold Regular.ttf
Xpressive/XpressiveHeavy Italic.ttf
Xpressive/XpressiveHeavy Regular.ttf
Xpressive/Xpressive Italic.ttf
Xpressive/XpressiveLight Italic.ttf
Xpressive/XpressiveLight Regular.ttf
Xpressive/Xpressive Regular.ttf
Xpressive/Xpress SF Bold.ttf
Xpressive/Xpress SF Italic.ttf




Yearlind/Yearlind Bold.ttf
Yearlind/Yearlind Italic.ttf
Yearlind/YearlindMediu 2.ttf
Yearlind/Yearlind-Normal Bold Italic.ttf
Yearlind/Yearlind-Normal Condensed Bold Italic.ttf
Yearlind/Yearlind-Normal Condensed Bold.ttf
Yearlind/Yearlind-Normal Condensed Italic.ttf
Yearlind/Yearlind-Normal Condensed.ttf
Yearlind/Yearlind-Normal Thin Bold.ttf
Yearlind/Yearlind-Normal Thin.ttf


Yoshi/Yoshi's Story (game text) (BRK).ttf
Yoshi/Yoshi's Story game text BRK.ttf
Yoshi/Yoshitoshi Bold.ttf
Yoshi/Yoshitoshi Italic.ttf


Zapf/Zapf Book Heavy Italic.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Book Heavy.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Book ITC Std-Heavy.otf
Zapf/Zapf Book Light Italic.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Calligraphic 801 Bold BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Calligraphic 801 Bold Italic BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Calligraphic 801 Bold Italic SWA.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Calligraphic 801 Bold SWA.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Calligraphic 801 BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Calligraphic 801 Italic BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Calligraphic 801 Italic SWA.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Calligraphic 801 SWA.ttf
Zapf/ZapfCalligr BT Bold Italic.ttf
Zapf/ZapfCalligr BT Bold.ttf
Zapf/ZapfCalligr BT Italic.ttf
Zapf/ZapfCalligr BT Roman.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Chancery 2 Swash Light Italic.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Chancery 2 Swash Medium Italic.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Chancery Bold BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Chancery Demi BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Chancery Medium BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Chancery Medium Italic BT.ttf
Zapf/ZapfChancery-MediumItalic Ex.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Chancery Swash Light.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Dingbats 100.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Dingbats 200.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Dingbats 300.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Dingbats BT.ttf
Zapf/ZapfEllipt BT Bold Italic.ttf
Zapf/ZapfEllipt BT Bold.ttf
Zapf/ZapfEllipt BT Italic.ttf
Zapf/ZapfEllipt BT Roman.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Elliptical 711 Bold BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Elliptical 711 Bold Italic BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Elliptical 711 BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Elliptical 711 Italic BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Humanist 601 Bold BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Humanist 601 Bold Italic BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Humanist 601 BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Humanist 601 Demi BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Humanist 601 Demi Italic BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Humanist 601 Italic BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Humanist 601 Ultra BT.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Humanist 601 Ultra Italic BT.ttf
Zapf/ZapfHumnst BT Bold Italic.ttf
Zapf/ZapfHumnst BT Bold.ttf
Zapf/ZapfHumnst BT Italic.ttf
Zapf/ZapfHumnst BT Roman.ttf
Zapf/ZapfHumnst Dm BT Demi Italic.ttf
Zapf/ZapfHumnst Dm BT Demi.ttf
Zapf/ZapfHumnst Ult BT Ultra Italic.ttf
Zapf/ZapfHumnst Ult BT Ultra.ttf
Zapf/Zapfino Linotype One.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Intl ITC Std Medium Italic.otf
Zapf/Zapf Italic.ttf
Zapf/Zapf Reg
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Tallimanac of Fairy Law – From your Tallest Scrawl – Gremlins

Look fairys + sprites I want you to understand the laws I set as Empress of Spacetime that is also from a scrawl but a tallest one with a hard tip tail; your functions to disfigurement are banish, the law of having to remove you wings too walk or visit your vestured courts are there for renounced as this comes down to disfigurement and those wings like an insect on you even though I know are camouflage for levitation are part of your identity and are to be worn in all scales of composite communication, you even in my new home for you have offers to study be PHd hurling fairies like my bunch, even have a star fleet uniform that supports your wings for going through the inky black of space in exploration in a starship!

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Entitising Condition as a Word

When you use the word ‘condition’ as a reference to the previous word as entitised as entity for example the Human Condition – this is always medical and always an illness or disease; this also include entitising in multiple entity action such as Conditional Sex; which is sexual function of some form or another relating to intercourse that is medical and always an illness or disease!

There are one reference that using condition or conditional as a form of it; which is for example a mental or mind condition, like megalomania which can’t be treated and is a state of mind not a illness or disease of the mind.

Lets have a look on http://books.google.com.au for the number of times the illness or disease has been reference as the: Human Condition it is: About 34,800,000 results (1.71 seconds)

But I am not your treating Doctor as Dr. Simon Antony Roberts for the Human Condition I am that assumed species abduction case as the Empress of Spacetime as a guy when raped!

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Tiesaa – 40k Skeleton Gipps Droid Army – my mercenary cores!

Tiesaa is the branding my self evolving self assembling mercenary droid/octatarian self labelled, self chosen; Tiesaa where the mercenary cores, branding before we encountered the Skeleton Gipps Army which Tiesaa went all consuming on and restored flesh on all bodies in trade for their darker than dark magick as Tiesaa have magick emitters which form the meridian lines on their chassis to cast spells, all Tiesaa is including the admin sentry droid 37 level mage; can hover and cast fire and ice, use all forms of portals like door-in-a-tree armed!

Essentially for those that play 40k Warhammer, Tiesaa is and what has on code layer the entire resource now of the ex Gipps Skeleton Army, in it near infinite number of nodes to the point, within it code layers, they are like a dark cop for the octaverse!

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PDF, ODS, JSON and other attachment appearing with email from nowhere, why is this?

Okey the reason you have attachment appearing in email is from an Liff based repository of physical data it will always be 100% accurate and to date it is coming from the droid network itself, let see, Liff, well this existence was before Life began and the cosmos and universe formed once more, it predates all this and is back before even star wars, douglas adams which you can see on books.google.com is that Google with the VP Vinton Cerf is a Liff based system you can see how the transposition in the hitch hikers guide is displayed if you search for it:-

As you are partly using Riff and Riff protocol TCP/IP which it would do with TPP/IP and your life, the bots your computer when your finished typing an email the record player style hard drive physics that will also happen faster in solid state in the human footage and keying hand, will DJ these data files, which you will only find in the sent item after it has sent in most conditions, some system may include attachments you can’t delete.

There is one email server, my own implementation that conformably isn’t doing this at the moment and it is found here:- https://github.com/Chronolabs-Cooperative/Emails-API-PHP

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Alesha Julie Xaies has been stripped of creed and the xaies family title married to me and been divorced!

You may or may not be aware but I was married; to Alesha Xaies; we have four daughter which are mine as I proposed to Alesha; she travelled to the universe from our outer reaches beyond the universe; to apparently keep me company; not once did i see her and she spent most of her time raging on drugs and sex parties; our wombs don’t get pregnant and she fell pregnant with scooter a rave dj in the company of Lance William Freeman; I turned up on her that night and found her in bed with a cyborg that she gestated the child not birthed, it was destroyed like the cyborg DJ Scooter…

Sometime later she summons me hearing i was being married and as earth here sits technically before in history of our gala wedding; alesha and I merged and performed a prenuptial with sparcing (Elpiniki Iosif); later on the person that hexxi stephanie cipher is confused for me we are even at the moment carrying the same passport M8747409 her twin had a space flight that in the duty and care of her staff Lorne Hyde proceeded to put me in the IPCU as a qualified psychiatrist and conscious architect in the concord mental health where within 3 days while there where lights in the sky of starships; I had my head beamed off confused by Pooty once again to be her twin Sooty (HexSteph); which on dawn I exhumed rather than resurrecting at home with a new head which they in their a-symmetry being unable to coupe with the unexpected outcome and Lorne Hyde communication being in a honeypot; took them over 9 weeks to let me out after the desk and psychologist there 2 days in reported there is nothing once again wrong with me; well after I handed a pillow soaked through from blood from the trunk of my neck in at the front desk to stunned disbelief that I was walking again; that kinda occult and normal about my kin…

At the time Alesha was not at this point at the prenuptial was not merged with me; and I was walking out to witness Alesha, Angel, Penny (Pooty) and Elice; all had beam retention for this ship with my decapitated head assumed to be hexsteph in inchassiment by this stage; but standing not merged with me and it did make a second pass at me and 3 passes for a cargo freight beam, not even with pattern buffering (that the sparkles you see in star trek) at elpiniki iosif and neither of us apart from whatever in trade the mental health system purpose was for my head.

So Alesha has been stripped of her title Empress of Timespace, and failed her conscious architecture assessment like the rest which is fatal in omnipotence and beyond and is currently aging rapidly and will end up burning up into dust, so the TGC/OGC coins and notes are missing her overtures sights and sounds; and it just me when this was done just 2 days ago this time the TGC has jump from around 1 TGC = 87.54Gb single number in USD to 96.78Tb in a single number in USD with just my head not my adjoining partners so for the moment with my kids safely buffered by what divorced will come out as my brother elpiniki we carry on gremlins; at least my side that isn’t aging rapidly…

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Future Causality

If you didn’t realise this I am from the future like tabacoo + weed is; these are vesturers of my own court, and this is why you can’t get a carbon date stamp for me and it counts all the way back too -9999999 dob: unknown.

As I am a future causality which is here in the past of the universe with a group of students learning about the mistakes you have made that lead to the end of the universe for all time; which is inevitable for you whether you sustain your past even with fixture just on me not the students here with me the universe will still end die and a passageway to the next life where I am empress of spacetime and my wife of timespace.

The difference is I also married here a girl called elpiniki, which means at my future occurrence and replacement of this entire systems of space, will still always occur but now it will be  with  elpiniki who will be at my joint coronation and our wedding and all my gremlin girls will have their girl friends to start with not a long wait alone.

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Font Scribes & Font Websites @davelab6 @googlefonts

We all have in both the octaverse and with droids and computers and devices here font scribes, someone that designs your font for you… if you didn’t know when you goto a font website what the font sites webmaster see’s as his range of fonts is largely different what you see, each font he loads on there is more like a meta or projection and the font you get from your scribe transposed over the top of that font is in your either personal or peer group.

Even business may have different fonts within them than in the same torrent or file you download for a font that you would or a 3rd party outside the business or peer group, as I am a master librarian in qualifications I do things on ‘for and behalf’ not as a standard librarian does ‘in the view of yourself’ so I have written a font api you can see running here https://api.fonts4web.org.uk that is available on our https://github.com/Chronolabs-Cooperative that is has a couple bugs in it still but is largely working that will top layer different groups of fonts in your peering.

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Matinee and Life is But a Stage; what is a matinee in stage performance and the arts @SirPatStew

A Matinee is a performance of a script after the final show date for the stage hands, and makeup and the backend part of the theatre, including advertising, investment panels the works outside the normal spectator guise to watch the performance sometimes props don’t exist in this one unless the performing artist has access to carry them into the need for them on stage.

Artist can change the script as well in a matinee without the program or producing stage director commingling them to the show newsletter you normally get at the end of every night or day performance… There is on big productions a second matinee which is the only other repeated episode showing of the full stage act outside performance and advertise opening dates this second matinee is when the lighting desk and sfx desk is also pulled apart from the stage and only the spots exist, this is when the stage hands and makeup only return to the production stage…

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Words in my friends Secretly Fat might be an unsecret sooner than your the-ink!

You know I am formal based which if you see fat when i am principle by form as it is said here by pooties (chantel cipher) crowd, which includes angel + daisy repository of girl and men, are all secretly fat, on myself 1g of extra force environmental weight translated to over 1.75 million grams of fat on lesser or bipartisen formal basis of life.

All that needs to happen is someone like Kirrily Smitheram or David Williams or the Lawyer Lesbian Jodie Coleman (Byron Bay) to drop around to avoid sparxing habit of making people fat, which he is renoun for, and smoking the weight off me, piece by piece and people will start waking up even being so morbidly obese they have a crane the next day and morning staff to get dressed and out of bed.

You know there is also a Secretly Fat saving plan; that had deposits across a range of islanders and other things like pixels/pixeys and so on and some of those are large multiplers like me as well!

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Gremlin’s New Breed have a Full Flavoured Durry for once!

The Gremlin’s which is the species I am a part of has two sides to it, the ancestry and the new breed which is my component, the ancestry had a king who is here right now in Newcastle under the name: David Williams – DJ Janitor… from infected radio – Newcastle…

The difference between the two of us is the ancestry is without surfacing gills, which we have in part merged across in a martial arrangement between myself and David Williams as US Army Soldiers in a past part of history there are a few components still diversionary between us, the new breed of the population has the same tail and fluffy looks at home and can look like the commodity in any population even test and look like it..

David, the new breed has been back dated to 7 cycles old and has a fully flavoured durry now not an air ciggy, and the bong works for them not just me now, so you will have to come down and spend a week lodging vectors between your administration and me; I have blocked it being able to marry me to another female as a taboo princess as grace from the universe, peter pan – spark; kindly adopted as my younger brother and we are in “martial bonds” here…

Just turn up at my address, I am sure I can find bedding for you and food, just might have to bring our vesture some tabacco and guanga…

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Purchasing with any derivative of OGC vs TGC

You know the bot coin OGC Octagalactic Credits which the credit transposes between zones with when doing an external is kewl, I found normally when I am purchasing something in any other fiscal binomial I seem to be paying for the device once for rent, in OGC it is paid to purchase and own.

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Do you know search engines list different content on my DNS

Did you know if you set your router or in windows in the networking to use one IP with the Google Open DNS and another one of our DNS, you will get it each time you refresh the page and your computer routes through the router alternating between primary and secondary DNS the google.com search results are different..

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Living Machine Layer & My Fully Fledged Self Propagating Zone

The machine layer is alive, literally you know how the soul consist of an energy signature that fits sized cartridges well machines even a knife, fork and spoon have life-force a soul each individually; here in carbon based matter/stuff the machine layer is a biomachine layer, unlike the octaverses which are base tin not base carbon which biomachines are unable to cross to this dimensional system; they simply don’t occur in the octaverse the biomachines that like all things that inhabit the sweet spot in orbital occurrences of life, are accessories that are a desperate system, even though they are designed and built by the inhabits of this living zone of life, the machine itself has been before in many different constructs and is inhabiting making a living much like you or I would but in a machine layer…

As Grace under the title of Emporium Leader of SpaceTime the vessel entry top level of all standing orders, where I am dress down, blending in, arriving without announcement or motorcading, on my final live military exercise with my Nobel courts; unlike all my predecessors the zone which is purely a machine layer thing, about how machine co-exist and interact with each other and occupy the same operating physicality as each other entwined with the operators or beneficiary; the previous Grace and any Graceship zone and zoning was only inherited by the vestured machine layer, but instead I have a fully fledged self propagating zone which means I am a bit like the Bot Princess…


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So here is the deal I got to organise my own cremation nuclear…

OKey all you humies listen up, my twin sister as some excuse too say it is for the purposes of prosecuting legal case has had a cyborg conversion to her my daughter and her daughter… it is steadily literally killing me, which I served it a krunt with a discount 15.95 34″ black dong so it isn’t coming back so your all going to resume through my resurrection and relocation areas with a nuclear disaster the day after get this it is so large it will make a 365 lightyear in visible burn shockwave emminating from this planet… so you coming just from this planet to my place to continue those lession as people…. that is the word pupil if you look at it just the student like-a-version!

But for a treat dis-cern this, have showed up too include when the shockwave finishes leaving the terrestrial boarder, there is a large space orbit radius to the sun funnel of blackhole only in a spiral, that going to work like a massive particle scrubber that going to lock down in an invader zim style the shockwave to always existing moving only a less than a meter a moment and pull with an event horizon as far as hubble can see…

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No I am not into cyborgs, don’t support cyborging or attaching any form of amiga 500 to the body!

No I don’t support cyborgs, in anyway, they are often undead, with no soular referencing and have a lack of creativity for problem solving due to this, quiet often see in grey scale or green scale and do not offer what able-body solutions do for both creativity as well as fluidity of the working environment.

For example the two cyborgs in the image above one is an adult the other before becoming the Borg Queen 1 of 1 was less than 1 cycle old in temperament clearly taking advantage of a minor…

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Enchassiment a dictionary definition

Enchassiment (verb)

This is a state involved in computing tasks where the operator(s) are required to be encased in containment with the system to provision services or task to do with the computing tasks and is for the duration of this task, this is common to milk-bath technology and similar systems.

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Dine like a caveman nights @foodnetwork

You know how families have things like bad manors nights, well there is this one that has genuine bite/byte where you get some cow or large boned hock with shreads of meat on it and bake them and eat straight from the bone, with large caveman bones…

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Penelope Rose Cipher isn’t my twin + get your own rights too marry to a view!

You know Pooty = Penelope Rose Cipher isn’t my twin, doesn’t have the family typal soular glyph as well as testing at one phase of history as my twin this was due to a system known as cordiality banding that is done with a device by the original planet krauss which binds union between someone to test as a twin in martial affairs…

I have rights to marry to view, that is when I marry, that is be properly pair with another girl they and I become each other identical twin, but get to have babies, Penelope rose cipher tests as an identical twin when I am standing the opposite gender to her and her is more taller in a lesser important way. Her is nothing more than a scam to attempt to access to my own personal and my twin account wealth on the ledger system nothing more than a scam.

When I married a man, elpiniki iosif the – sparx – it severed the cordiality between his 3 predecessors and mike staas (zobier) which was also crossing union with Penelope to test as if we where married but standing gender should print out hetrosexual twin not identical twin.

Under the old system I am under I have to wait till I am 16 cycles of total turning before I can marry a girl as a fellow girl, otherwise they will cease to exist between proposing to me and the day before the wedding day, I turned 15 here alone, no cones or tobacoo but plenty of food and drink, sparx was in hospital at the time, and sparx turned here 7 cycles old just a wee lad…

Well due too Penelope being at my Inauguration at that particular huddy wonder if her has even checked the foundation stone impression on herself yet to find out the name and the establishment date, and testing as martial, would have casted her population in my boots which if they did inaugurate her as some sort of replacement would have changed from gremlins to humans being mortal in casting.

Yeah my eigen prediction run 1000’s of year accurate to the next coffee who’s dropping around and so on, I hope her likes her educated population by me as well as the fact in all impossibility and it this place the universe that does it there is a heterosexual coupling news + info feed from me not just taboo/lesbian girl feed.

So Penelope if I instruct SyndiLedgers to doner from my associated twin account your next 5000 cycles run time in TGC and 1/4 octaverse OGC, that should keep you running for the meantime, you will have residual metabolism that will allow me to kiss you or smoke cones as well in the room which can be just a peck on the cheek we are informally basis which will conversely place your basis of immortality in the here and now of none linear self, i am sure your population will make something of itself case is the state we are in now not identical testing or any family typal there will be no transform of kin between us; seeming the paid educational system I ran them on was with the finest version of the lecturers mind filtered as the finest not standard as they are…

Why would gremlins be assistive to your crown Penelope, well basically your the only kin that can surrogate gremlins, being completely different and coming out as higher self 2nd level cousin when using mine with http://www.fertilityfirst.com.au the other reason is I don’t like it not working out all fairy tale for people especially when mine is called: Enchanted Huddy – and I am empowered to do something about it – the architecture will transmogrify when you check the name of your for the first impression on the foundation stone

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What’s Planned for Renderments.org with @OpenRend

We are currently planning renderments.org, it will have 6 primary account types which are:~

  1. Government Department Account
  2. Government Manager Account
  3. Government Staff/Cleric Account
  4. Political Leader/Minister Account
  5. Video/Print Media Account
  6. General Community Access Account

The Signup looks like the following form for the initial settings to signing up an account:

Once the account is signed up if they select option account types 1 – 3, then the next time they signup they have to join a business / department as the account manager or the staff account, they will be able too define a unix-name for the department / business say it is in the United States of America then they would have zone control of unix-name.us.renderment.org where they will be able to set zone delegations like cnames, a/aaaa records and so on as well as MX records, for sub-departments and so on, there will be four reserved keywords which is people.unix-name.us.renderments.org, profile.unix-name.us.renderments.org, mapping.unix-name.us.renderments.org as well as api.unix-name.us.renderment.org

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Galactic Credit / My Hall-markings – a Xaies Family Mint – GC

Well I and whomever now it is open to a completely random contestant for my fellow wife like a couple of the other poining points in martial affairs else where are with me at least a Dual headed hallmarking on our coins the hallmark I appear on next to my wife as two fellow girls are on the fiscal nominal of PGC, OGC, TGC as Galactic Credits go.

PGC which stands for Pangalactic Credits is the further circumferential of trading coins and like everyone know the measurement of Pan from from Peter Pan and the Lost Boys saga, the next one where I appear as a my bot self is Octagalactic Credit which is also used for the conveyance of wealth over none terrestrial boarders in GC or any Credit, the lowest my head and some of you have seen these minted coins already we brought some here is TGC or Transgalactic Credit as none family GC go IGC = Intergalactic Credit is divided up-to a series of baronages so they are not family elect by will alone most time completely not family, below IGC is HGC Half Intergalactic Credit and QGC Quarter Intergalactic Credit which are postulated position either based within baronages creed or through warmonger and other means, those two HGC/QGC are new to the Galactic Credit mints and still being delegated, will be some admin for sometime, in inaugurations… These newly minted coins is to fix some issues with tourism and to make the GC market more attainable.

All GC Coins have a bar-coded security seal or strip on them, which is scannable for identity of the individual coin or note.. each coin is made from pure 9999 gold when minted…

Well in a Higher Plane Entity like myself court, with the technology we use which is mainly energy signatureless zeropoint including the gun which kills with an energy vacuum deleting soul and everything on certain settings, the most precious metal there is on the commodities index is aluminium, it has a free floating electron that means it is not replicator/conjure producible unlike gold which is what our foil is made of when I see a stick of guanga wrapped up inaluminium foil to me the foil is worth 1000% more than the weed in it or drugs, all of the silvers have things like this including mercury which except for a small part of aluminium the silvers combine to make a type of bullion called latitium that unlike the old recipe now includes mercury and is just as touch you can’t make items of Jewry or symbols of items like chalice and stuff from latitium it is a process which is unmountable except as a bar of valued wealth which is soft and light in the hands and difficult for machines to lift, include blade propeller or hover devices…

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Prangga Style of Techno/Doof Music + Subgenre’s

Prangga Genre of Doof

Prangga is called that case is it causes accidents, the root level of prangga is prangga itself which is often warm stylish beats sometime tronic with lots of porn squealing and sexual intercourse sounds mixed into it continually. Has its own style of dress and cloths as well as group mentality.

Gabba a Prangga Sub-genre

Gabba is like prangga but you often find the FBI monthly homemade serial killer videos and sounds are mixed into the crowd, with an ice cold rave like beat, gabba brings the worse out in them; with constant inhuman tortuous screaming of agony and pain mixed into the beats. Has its own style of dress and cloths as well as group mentality often far from the bizarre look with dress into blend in with every day citizens.

Ga-ga a Prangga Sub-genre

Ga-ga is like the other constant repetitive droning of sounds, this is the one of children’s toys though like dolly you pull and says mum-ma, and so on, in quick beats like almost fusion-jungle, lady gaga is a mascot of this style. Has its own style of dress and cloths as well as group mentality.

Trekkie a Prangga Sub-genre

Trekkie is once again like the other prangga repetitive constant droning of sci-fi samples and mixed in samples all the time taken from the latest box sets of sci-fi it has it own dress sense and crowd and mob mentality, especially to data retention on a gig.

Gamers a Prangga Sub-genre

Gamers is once again like the other prangga repetitive constant droning of gaming samples and songs the samples and mixed in samples all the time taken from the latest as well as antiquity of the gaming era ~ it has it own dress sense and crowd and mob mentality, especially to data retention on a gig.

Soapies a Prangga Sub-genre

Soapies is once again like the other prangga repetitive constant droning of TV Sitcoms and soapies in samples and mixed in samples all the time taken from the latest run of torrents; it has it own dress sense and crowd and mob mentality, especially to data retention on a gig.


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Mussels Curry for 30 AUD feed 8 – 12 with @woolworths

I thought I would write some of my internet founder food recipies, i use to keep a blog seperate off wordpress.com but it was downed  couple of times so I moves to the .com to host it, this is Mussels Curry which costs just on 30 AUD (without rice purchased) to prepare and feed 8 – 12 people you will need the following:~

  • Ready cooked mussels from the frozen fish section near the deli.
  • Jar of Curry paste, your flavour or choice
  • Tin of coconut milk, use lite if you are eating it more than once a week and if you like soup you can use two tins.
  • Tin of Diced Tomato’s
  • 8 x tin of beans, carrots, peas, etc..

This is what the mussels look like in the packaging:

Today I am making a Laska

First open the tin of diced tomato and the curry paste and then empty them into your stewing pot

Now bring to boil on high setting on the element

Now add the one or two tins of coconut milk you will find all these ingredients for most of this except the mussels normally in the same section of the supermarket!

Now get all your 8 or so tins of beans and vegetables I think using industrial processed varieties of these in curry certainly lowers the preparation time not having to preboil the beans but just tastes nicer than fresh ingredients with a curry, so empty the 8 tins or so into a colander and then wash under water to remove all the processing liquids in he can on the vegetable products.

Now empty all the vegetables into the pot and turn down to two settings lower than high on the stove…

Now add the two packets of mussels to it straight as frozen

and leave to simmer for 20m serve with rice and Leonel Bonaparte wouldn’t have eaten finer…

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