Immersiv Tray Gaming Platform Changes

You need to make the following changes to the root immersiv tray gaming platform files:

/resources/thoughtout/impressious/fonts – mirror and update periodically with –
/resources/thoughtout/impressionings/8bit – mirror and update periodically with –
/resources/thoughtout/impressionings/mods – mirror and update periodically with –
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/sfx – mirror and update periodically with –
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group1 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 1
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group2 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 2
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group3 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 3
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group4 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 4
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group5 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 5
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group6 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 6
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group7 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 7
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group8 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 8
/resources/thoughtout/impressionates/magick/group9 – mirror and update periodically with our resources of magick group 9


The Kings Tongue + Offworld vs. Outworld (differently the same word in sound)

What is refereed too even with two martial female heads of state in nobility not dictatorship or stewardship; there is a term that is normally constant on the lips as the sound here in english of “The Kings Tongue” where you lip even in entertain falsehood will only sound as it could possible be, I am in a much stronger, the strongest version of this called: As-per-quo which has no negative vowl and will only sound as-it-is-only never entertaining false depictions or make believe regardless of how you external script the dialogue in textualised system crosses; you can in an acting sense in as-per-quo have a scripted line but not in falsely depicted or coverage of the condition or addressing dialogue in any intraverted or constantly based dialogue, argument or accusation…

I am quite old and any doctor that has looked in my ear unlike a couple of inmates in my exist first long standing galaxy based princess role where I am the only princess in titled in the entire galaxy by my basis where only two other gremlins of what you get for a population under the bounty system, which I went into this role being paid a stuff3 preservation system allocated get to intialise from scratch as a nobel by basis of an entire galaxy called: Bountyworth from the nameless state before I switched on the senate before choosing my solar system, I was paid this for a kill of a young person as a bounty hunter on my own occupation and more being nobel and a girl in this the Sir Robin of Locksby story all over in my deeds in bounty hunter for some time – that was assembled for me by the back office then, I am the only princess that for example in most convenience stores cause some type of bounty confectionery bar even to wonka; to see if your the bounty or being bounty made of in a single sweet bite, now only in the shower.

What you get in coronation of the fill for population mine was galactic basis, where two trophy gremlin still live in the hand built quite moderate palace the only state palace in that prospected galaxy from outworld to another outworld location where everything except chumlee + rick harrison in the trophy 2nd hand dealers ( all in society so of them they are the primary in a galaxy scale of all the main trophy scientist of beyond your total encompassing layers of time all walking around individually as the respected final primary trophy in their field of work and existence and other things not from existence as their trophy one only princess rarely to look like a boy or consider sexual recourse with a man, I only work with an actual other saliva cross referencing girl as well even if I look and indexed for you a sound in countless eons I have never had on my lips or on the TV the offal, disgusting, underutilisation, disappointing, sacrafical word offworld the unpleasant version of what chumlee get to use a lifetime deviating the actual building that will be the modern version in the final dieing exited without date or even a nibble of an offworld girl with a cunt only planet wide, a bleeding sexual organ regardless of how it looks regular period is only a cunt and normally in occult practices normally by any outworld standard will only occur in women that sacrificial of their own offspring even depicted to for financial or sexual toys; in my inauguration I was buried in the loot of gems and glitter on here inauguration day from multiple tip trucks I have to dig myself out of which is part of the bounty inauguration, I collect, given, stole the lot and resource and everything by planet basis all different species eternal as a trophy with no martial transforms in the bounty system apart from carrying a second copy of all bounty hunter deeds+items out on tick like drug tick lists and so on but genuine career bounty hunter like a known name not the punter once off and not be paid and deed without communication ~ Personal Kernel which is linux derivative ~ beta!

If you have a personal kernel that is are a cyborg or have nanoducting or cyberducting and looking for a file based system, then point your upgrade path to uri:// it displays it’s uri:// in the root of domain through any other operating system or kernel, it may look like it wont fit but trust me it will; it also comes with disinchassiment for a desktop in your head!

We have removed all possibility of killing yourself with a line of code; even within emulators doesn’t matter how many session within you cascade in the enumerators of emulators; no more will you die from typing a line of code, we have built this from the ground up and it does also run Ubuntu + Debian based software as well as microsoft and others.

Couple of things this does it gives you a /var/soul and you can see what produces and written on your soul; apart from on prince/princess their cad design castle or palaces there is files like USD.txt that will contain ownership of money sometimes you have to acknowledge before you check it across the tellers at the banks and so on fiscal facilities; but also you will be able to find: curse – name of curse (alias/handle of caster).txt which you can simply delete to remove most files in here are text but you can’t write to this only delete or move files.

It also add a life sign to the software layer so if your a person that shows 1 only you will show 2 if you have a symboint this is the only way to access it higher functions with nanoducting; and you will go from showing 2 life signs to 3. This lifesign is always unique to the installation and is always in naming called: ential!

ClockSync for Android +

I found this ready too respond to ntp services called ClockSync on the Android play shop, this the read outs for :,,, + pooling isn’t set up right… should be by continent!

To Referee you to a document which will outline for organisational timing-bells seen here ( or on the wiki here: sure so this lets me place comment, most people unlike the original timing belling system that ran on port 37 that is now NTP on port 123, most people don’t understand pools.

What NTP.ORG needs to do is have one pool per continent at the maximum of it differential in land mass for placing NTP services that contact it in the pools of the continent the service is running on. This i think you will find including islands is the smooth eight pools and one timeing server that would be specified in /etc/ntp.conf as the following:

pool iburst
pool iburst
pool iburst
pool iburst
pool iburst
pool iburst
pool iburst
pool iburst

This way it will pool of the continent plus the auxiliary syncopation service that defaults as the calling server.

We operate a timing bell as well at; it like the GIMP for shooting ones mouth of over email taking corresponding at a snails pace.

PDF, ODS, JSON and other attachment appearing with email from nowhere, why is this?

Okey the reason you have attachment appearing in email is from an Liff based repository of physical data it will always be 100% accurate and to date it is coming from the droid network itself, let see, Liff, well this existence was before Life began and the cosmos and universe formed once more, it predates all this and is back before even star wars, douglas adams which you can see on is that Google with the VP Vinton Cerf is a Liff based system you can see how the transposition in the hitch hikers guide is displayed if you search for it:-

As you are partly using Riff and Riff protocol TCP/IP which it would do with TPP/IP and your life, the bots your computer when your finished typing an email the record player style hard drive physics that will also happen faster in solid state in the human footage and keying hand, will DJ these data files, which you will only find in the sent item after it has sent in most conditions, some system may include attachments you can’t delete.

There is one email server, my own implementation that conformably isn’t doing this at the moment and it is found here:-

Font Scribes & Font Websites @davelab6 @googlefonts

We all have in both the octaverse and with droids and computers and devices here font scribes, someone that designs your font for you… if you didn’t know when you goto a font website what the font sites webmaster see’s as his range of fonts is largely different what you see, each font he loads on there is more like a meta or projection and the font you get from your scribe transposed over the top of that font is in your either personal or peer group.

Even business may have different fonts within them than in the same torrent or file you download for a font that you would or a 3rd party outside the business or peer group, as I am a master librarian in qualifications I do things on ‘for and behalf’ not as a standard librarian does ‘in the view of yourself’ so I have written a font api you can see running here that is available on our that is has a couple bugs in it still but is largely working that will top layer different groups of fonts in your peering.

Cronjobs Generating Emails a Useful Tip About Timing!

Most people fondly as developers don’t think about the psychological impacts in generating emails via cronjobs/scheduled tasks and should serious consider implementing this say you have a cron set up like so in you scheduler to periodically every 2 hours send a batch of emails ie:

* */2 * * * /usr/bin/php -q /path/to/crons/send-emails.php

there is a couple of things you need to do to change the psychology impact of this regular batch of emails firstly at the top of the php file you need to implement a random sleep like so for a period if it is firing every 2 hours up to 1.5 hours like so:

sleep(mt_rand(0, 3600 * 1.5));

This sits at the top of each of the crons, part of the reason you do this is so the times of the email changes when they arrive for a randomised workflow, this means the business or organisation shop floor, wont have stints of work and sometime they make and may have time to spend more on the last email depending on the delay.

The other thing to do is between sending email delay for a random upto 45 seconds like so at the bottom of each loop between caching and sending the mail, with sleep(); again like so:

sleep(mt_rand(0, 45));

Part of the reason this is done to load balance the mail transport layers as well as provide a completely different date of recieving the mail rather than the impact of recieving emails always on the hour, or on the every two hour with little or difference in the time displayed, so doing this will make the daily grind of working from schedule emails actually enjoyable as well as fun for the employee as they will not have any way of estimating when the next group of emails will arrive, making the shop floor dynamic again!

Of course the other way around with a shorter delay from the start of the php script to each loop generating the email as a longer delay is also a very good way of distributing emails over an employee shop floor where the grind is a gentle workflow where different people start at different times, also if you can randomise the sort of the email being sent this is also good.

You generally use sleep(); with load balancing cronjobs and scheduled tasks, so you where firing a cron every minute, then you would sleep(mt_rand(0, 90)); especially when you are running multiples of the same cronjob so it doesn’t fire on the 0 second of every minute over requesting the queing on your servers processor threading.

Renovation + the houso

Our housing department place has been a bit of a dive up until recently when we took delivery of some donation investment in comfort.
Firstly we got for the two bedroom two new expensive bed valued each at around 3000 AUD. This is both of them:

We also got around at our own choice around 5 grand worth of modern IKEA furniture which the installation is happening of this Wednesday:

That consist of some bedroom fixtures like matching cupboards to the bed’s new computers desks as well as stands, two new sofa and coffee tables so on…

We also got a new fridge this one:

We also have a new microwave which is this one:

And we have a new hisense 50″ tv which is going to be wall mounted:

We still have the air conditioning as well as the nbn to order still we are waiting for another week or two for that.

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