What’s Planned for Renderments.org with @OpenRend

We are currently planning renderments.org, it will have 6 primary account types which are:~

  1. Government Department Account
  2. Government Manager Account
  3. Government Staff/Cleric Account
  4. Political Leader/Minister Account
  5. Video/Print Media Account
  6. General Community Access Account

The Signup looks like the following form for the initial settings to signing up an account:

Once the account is signed up if they select option account types 1 – 3, then the next time they signup they have to join a business / department as the account manager or the staff account, they will be able too define a unix-name for the department / business say it is in the United States of America then they would have zone control of unix-name.us.renderment.org where they will be able to set zone delegations like cnames, a/aaaa records and so on as well as MX records, for sub-departments and so on, there will be four reserved keywords which is people.unix-name.us.renderments.org, profile.unix-name.us.renderments.org, mapping.unix-name.us.renderments.org as well as api.unix-name.us.renderment.org


Soundorium – Blockade for @OpenRend and $or we want — bitchamond blockade!!

Of course you can’t have the end of the government it final death for Open Renderments without a blockade, I know most people have or wanted to go forest blockade but this one is for the city streets.

Part of entering Open Renderments is the discussion that happens in basis of a soundorium, which is around the world in a dance beat all synced via internet broadcasting you have a field or a suburb where the beat is constant for 12 months, you are meant to talk and walk in the beat progressions.

Part of the reason is in the pulse we have a conversation silently with each other mind like a pathic intuition if you like that allows large conversational groups to mimic and follow suit thousands of kilometres or miles from one another just cause they are experience the same for-ground and back-beat.

This is evident in any dance movement and this is the war drum itself; that the groups that experience this together continue to experience this outside the realms of the functional basis of which the primary source of the grouping in the mind exists.

I really like the idea of using http://sunnybins.com/ for the project as these can be locked up and placed on sync with wifi and a simple internet radio streaming device, the radio maybe even relocatable there; but we will need a sound infrastructure where people are able to upload their mix for it for queue, into the genre in each period allocated this will be little or no live apart from any idents which are also pre-recorded sequences that would run out of somewhere like radio.renderments.org 😉

This is not only art but a productive blockade for OR we want!!

If you want to be a supplier then fill out this form:-

Open Renderments – Check it the Portal out!!

Resized Image

Open Renderments
Brought to you by Chronolabs Cooperative


Open Renderments is a typal of ‘government’ that is from a point of history to unfathomable ahead of to now too/for refresh now!

Unfortunately most people don’t face realism an Open Government is a has-been and not possible, the word govern and meant is a double verb which is a closed system of language, there is no ability to leave it open; unlike a much better word that is not nonsense which is – Renderments.

Open Renderments the political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, or inhabitants of communities, societies, and states; direction of the affairs of a state, community, etc.; political administration from a-far to now: Renderments is necessary to the existence of ultra-modern civilized society.

An open group of people that renders a community or unit. It sets and administers public policy and exercises executive, political and sovereign power through customs, institutions, and laws within a state. A modern open Renderments can be classified into many types–democracy, republic, monarchy, aristocracy, and stewardship are just a few.

XOOPS Systems Used:-

  • Suico Theme (Modified)
  • Lawsuit module
  • Publisher module
  • XCenter module
  • XForum module
  • Tag module
  • X-News module

A Bit more about @OpenRend for @realDonaldTrump

The government is dead, it has been dead for over 2 decades, it doesn’t do anything; it is impossible to haven an “Open Government” it is the nature of the word and world of government being a closed door for self-service types of people. Renderments is a softer and not the magic harry potter wand to solutions too government roles.

The Idea about OpenRend is to firstly change the .gov to .rend, the four letter typal domain support transposition into all languages as ‘rend’ unlike ‘gov’ for an interstellar scope as well as the primary role is to drop all the .gov clerical staff for the following processes.

You install a mainframe into each department and solidify the functions of the department via a simplified REST API similar to X-REST my application for API… You would also have someone like the NSA being able to issue, document, or information identity seals; for 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20 as well as 30 years so the information is not accessable by the 3rd parties or sealed by them.

You use a decentralised structure for OpenRend, cause what the departments become is a small staffing environment unless there is public face, but even when this is it opens up a new market of departmental providers that have authorisation to update the API as well as submit and represent the department for a loading based on the ex-employee salary + bonus for collecting the data.

This opens up a whole new 3rd and 4th tiers of industries that does all the front of face representation to the Renderments and the departments are simply a few nerds that maintain the API and IT Infrastructure as well as the support staff for their 3rd party providers.

This means the API will collect a much larger and diverse spread of data than currently capable for the scope of the department to injest without blow out of budgets; the 3rd parties get loading based on productivity and support usages as well as report on representation standards, with a poll to the client of theirs from the department about services standard, in case any need to be dropped.

The sentor’s that represent the department have an ‘Honourable’, ‘Dishonourable’, ‘Rehonoured’ signature on their name which is measure in the metric of the API performances, not specified themselves, some of these systems may run for awhile on ‘Dishonourable’ until for a couple of weeks to a month or two they stay on ‘Rehonoured’ to residing back to ‘Honourable’..

So that donald, is a bit more about OpenRend, I really need a place and infrasture to assist in the design of OpenRend, I really want the old centerlink building in marrickville as it is close to home. Please add me to your skype for any further information you need!

West-minster politics in @opengov & #auspol @BritishMonarchy @Number10Gov


A number of dynasties/historical corridors when open source industries started giving close sourced industry a blade-runner in Government topology that like things do in the open fields they rebuild a number of letters went around between myself and a couple of other scientist about the best behavioural methods for things like the Hon. that appears in front normally of all politicians.

In west-minster politics traditionally the Hon. appears and is audited by the King court and the martial law it is held by, this is we’re the basis of this comes from which is the invention of politics in asia a number of thousand years ago when the martial artist that maintained the state decided to take a lesser role and came up with the asian system of the political life.

There is three TLA that exist in this now in Open Government, which is no longer just a metric that is checkable by the King were normally he/she would be able to going to somewhere like http://www.aph.gov.au or state parliaments and see the measure of what is Honourable and what is Dishonourable in the field currently. Now it is done by the wider community on a basis of footing and measure in Human aspect, which is was already but only checkable by the King Court in England, we’re now we can see if someone as they have all (hopefully) typed the Hon. that goes in the website and letters themselves when they enter the political cage. This like the way our signature change which is the King court unless they are being change or checked so no one can see online unless they are checking a document if a signature is real, the Hon. rolls between, Hon, Dis & Reh.

If you can’t see Hon. in front of the name of the minister you see on any of the websites or letters then it is likely they are in Dis. cause this is the only time it will not display, when this is the case all the documentation in their current sessions tenure should if they have everything in the human aspects of their role with Open Law in check contain a leading board of tiddlers, back-ticks and plus’ which should with (xx) afterwards to indicate the flow be able to allow them to go through their documentation to find what they need to fix in either themselves, the seat representation and it co-relation to the other seats in their school of leadership.

When it is tapered close to Hon. again it will general display to the opposition and any parties involved Reh. for Rehonorees? Which for a none-tenured period places measurement in Open Law, Open Government and the wider community that measure this, this is done but the natural human aspects of language and population, there is no way to check it, if by the basis of measure it is found the individual or seat of the individual is back in honour it will then display Hon again.

Basically if the leader of any of party see the fourth option of Un. then they are Unhonoured then the term of their employment in politics is over by the community abroad and within the measure of the population and environment they work within. Not only politics it also does this in Law Enforcement, Judicial Systems, Defence and a couple of other industries in open government.

PXE and getting into with @Ubuntu @Breakfastnews

Not only does it sound better on Ubuntu due to the way it has really apart from prints and some odd peripherals uses no drivers, it writes what it needs on the fly by on boot and run time executing a library called oscillio. This is an oscilloscope that ping’s around the board and works out what it needs to execute the system and operate. This is great cause a lot of people by form at at least if not just baby be-born have there own unique instruction sets and even models of chips in a computer that happens in transposition of the device. A lot of you by form even now with things like windows would find you get a Blue Screen of Death; the GPF fault, cause of this not handling the transposition of the device and hardware to your needs, which can also with any formicated life, change with the weather, rise of the sun or just a cup of coffee.

If you get the “System Error” dialogue box, this is a library called ‘whoopsie’ that essentially contains a run time for that dialogue box that even if something physically dials a windows or smacintosh library in the DJ or VJ of the device, they have had a “System Error” it actually Ubunny2 – Ubuntu.

The great thing is Ubuntu runs over 76% of the internet, a lot of people when they have a CPanel website etc. are running Ubuntu, and it is open source. Not closed source like Microsoft or Macintosh currently which means anything you do on it you are guaranteed to own your Intellectual Property, and unlike the previous mention it safe for children’s use and hold their IP in the retention of the family unit, not leeching via some child sex offender with the zinc based record player style hard drives into some none affiliate business chain in the physics of a Hard your discussion in the office about a concept that your business wants to do, then passing it with the fowl time mercurial-reverse effect society has been convulsion in time and spatial our lab Chronolabs, which we have gain our own traction’s  so they will go on their suicidal convulsion in time and spatial just themselves and their itself.

The Windows and Microsoft environment also contains a silent sound cop, much like that disk on the road car’s drive over and is only at the most spectra audio. Ubuntu is beyond spectrum audio it sounds and produce the best of he closest resolutions of audio delights and has a wide range of software that it has written itself with just a stupid large amount of plugins and effects. You can also run the windows software like Fruitloops or Reason, with either ‘WINE’ (The Windows Emulator) or the gaming version “Play on Linux” which both allow you to execute these windows and what most sound software is written in the Gaming platform.

How do you get Ubuntu — You need to download whatever is the latest ISO from releases.ubuntu.com and make with it a Bootable USB or DVD… If you want some help with this get in touch in my inner circles and associates… You may also want me to install a PXE service on your laptop so if anyone want to install Ubuntu from seeing what you have all you have to do is plug in with the RJ45 into their wired network and get them to reboot, pressing what is normally either F11 or F12 and it will boot over the network off your machine and allow them to check it all works then install within it or from the prompt.

Once that is done, to install the Sound and Video editing suites you will need too install a program called ‘tasksel’ this allows you to install different desktops as well as system types for production and other things, you may also want to install samba so you have windows/microsoft all networking. to install tasksel you go to your terminal and run: “sudo apt-get install tasksel“, put in the root password press Yes okey then when it is finished run the following too execute at root tasksel: “sudo tasksel“.

Thats about it 😉

Only Fraudulent money is paid by the word ‘Govern’ none Noun + Verb! @Breakfastnews @cnn

Synopses to Definitional Formalities of ‘Govern’

if you notice the capture of the definition from the URL provided the word govern has well some magnanimous error’s in the way it ‘presents’ itself especially as a ‘government’ it only has a verb used within an object none without any object and it has no placement of being any formality into a noun as the root has no definable curvature or nature to be a noun. It is also a pronoun what is called in old english an adjective and a verb, which means you can only add ‘ed’, ‘s’ and ‘ing’ to it.. You can’t add a ‘meant’ spelt as ‘ment’ it is meaning that the word ‘government’ like the printer and stenographer have a pretty big none word and can’t spell or speak english, check the alternative basis of @OpenRend below..



verb (used with object)

  1. to rule over by right of authority:
    to govern a nation.
  2. to exercise a directing or restraining influence over; guide:
    the motives governing a decision.
  3. to hold in check; control:
    to govern one’s temper.
  4. to serve as or constitute a law for:
    the principles governing a case.
  5. Grammar. to be regularly accompanied by or require the use of (a particular form). In They helped us, the verb helped governs the objective case of the pronoun we.
  6. to regulate the speed of (an engine) with a governor.

verb (used without object)

  1. to exercise the function of government.
  2. to have predominating influence.

Synopses to Definitional Formalities of ‘Render’

if you notice the capture of the definition from the URL provided the word govern has well no room for this massive magnanimous error’s in the way it ‘presents’ itself especially as a ‘renderments’ it has both a verb used within an object none without any object and also has placement of being any formality into a noun as the root has no definable curvature or nature to be a noun.



verb (used with object)

  1. to cause to be or become; make:
    to render someone helpless.
  2. to do; perform:
    to render a service.
  3. to furnish; provide:
    to render aid.
  4. to exhibit or show (obedience, attention, etc.).
  5. to present for consideration, app roval, payment, action, etc., as an account.
  6. to return; to make (a payment in money, kind, or service) as by a tenant to a superior:
    knights rendering military service to the lord.
  7. to pay as due (a tax, tribute, etc.).

verb (used without object)

  1. to provide due reward.
  2. to try out oil from fat, blubber, etc., by melting.


  1. Building Trades. a first coat of plaster for a masonry surface.